Serious Question: Are 20 Minutes Workout Effective?

Regular physical activity is a vital element of a healthy lifestyle, but how to exercise when you really don’t have time? Are 20 minutes workouts effective? Can you really lose weight?

In a changing world that now includes social distancing, working a full-time job, being a parent, etc. taking the time to exercise is a challenge.  You may have the desire to keep yourself in shape and healthy but it feels impossible to find the right moment to exercise.

If you have doubts about achieving weight loss, toning your body, building endurance and strength, or boosting your mood by doing 20-minute workout routines, KEEP READING because this article is for you.

Before we go deep, let’s start talking about its effectiveness

What is an effective 20 minutes workout?

An effective 20 minutes workout must be crafted around your unique goals and body. Needs to be performed with high-intensity training with short breaks in between.

Science confirms this type of workout not only helps your body but also your mind. As you work out the brain produces endorphins that make you feel good and happy.

When it comes to changing habits or routines it is never easy. But it is achieved by having clear objectives. If you are consistent and put in the effort for at least 20 minutes workout, I assure you will see progress. Start taking action today and thus achieve a healthier life both physically and mentally.

Now, you might be asking if 20 minutes of constant workout is enough.

The answer is that experts advise to have an objective and/or a goal.

For who is the 20 minutes workout effective?

  • Regular people that are looking to keep themselves in good shape.
  • Young people who wish to create endurance and increase strength
  • Busy people who need to increase their energy levels.
  • Anyone looking to lose weight
  • Busy moms who wish to tone their body
  • For people that are looking to add variety to their life
  • Anyone who is looking to increase their creativity
  • People looking to raise their self-esteem and overall mood.
  • People looking to relieve stress and depression.
  • Anyone looking to improve their sleep quality
  • People who want to improve their overall health

 Can you lose weight and tone your body with 20 minutes of Intense workout?

Can you burn fat with 20 minutes workout

If your focus is to develop physical strength, reduce stress, build resistance, or Weight loss, then the experts recommend following a training program that might as well be a 20-minute one, three times a week. Two to three times per week for strength and/or two times per week for cardio.

For optimal results, a workout routine must be done according to your age and physical condition. Also, commitment and perseverance are key.

Science tells us that committing to these types of training—like Aerobics, Zumba, HIIT, TABATA, Circuit, weight lifting as well as boxing can help with your strength, endurance, and body weight.

Eating healthy and a balanced diet cannot be forgotten.

When constantly doing Exercises that are part of a HIIT program, which allows 60 to 90 seconds of rest you will see incredible results.

In 2019 research by Lehman College in the Bronx measured weight training needed to improve overall strength and the results my friends, were surprising and controversial at the same time.

Using three groups of healthy young men, the study demonstrated that working out with seven common exercises, doing 12 repetitions each for 13 minutes, three times a week you can achieve the same results in muscular endurance as by working out for 70 minutes doing the same type of exercises.

If the short workout from home gets you excited, there is a whole range of online training available. Fortunately, we have researched and compiled the best 20-minute workouts you should consider.

Types of 20-minute workouts you should consider

Jumping Rope or Rebounding on a mini-Trampoline is as effective as Jogging or running and still a low-impact workout

 According to a Harvard study jumping rope for about 10 minutes to intense speeds is as efficient as jogging 30-minutes for cardiovascular health improvement. Plus, it burns more calories per minute than jogging and you can do it in the comfort of your home.

Another alternative is rebounding on a mini trampoline which is as effective as running based on NIH research. This type of workout is fun! It doesn’t feel like an exercise, is a low impact on your joints, and still a perfect workout for weight loss.

HIIT – Workout

HIIT training is designed to save you time. There’s usually no equipment required, and to me, it is perfect for our daily lifestyle. It will be exhausting. It consists of combined intense cardio, strength, and mobility training in a short period.

I assure you that if you incorporate this type of training into your routines you will experience a lot of increased energy and an endorphins-filled brain.

According to Daphnie Yang, ISSA certified personal trainer and creator of HIIT IT! This type of workout has the power to help you with Weight Management and muscle-building. It also improves HDL cholesterol and doctors even use it for cardiac rehabilitation therapies.

You can even try mini trampoline HIIT Workout routines. They are ‘fun’ to do and less time-consuming than traditional exercise. You can find a variety of HIIT workout programs such as TABATA STYLE and CIRCUIT TRAINING, BOOT CAMP, all scientifically studied for their effectiveness.

Aerobic Dance

Taking aerobic or Zumba dance classes have great benefits when speaking about short time workouts. This style usually offers a combination of dance and aerobic movements at an accelerated rhythm. It is one of the most motivational programs you can try for both men and women alike.

In 2015, a study conducted by the American Journal of Health Behavior found that women trying the Zumba dance training had managed to keep themselves motivated for far longer than other types of training during a 16-week period. Besides motivating them, the study found that the participants had lost weight and improved their physical condition.

So, whether Zumba is your style or not, for sure it will put your mood up in minutes. Don’t be shy to try It, it is a great routine for beginners and pros alike and you don’t need any special equipment.

High-intensity Tabata-style workouts

TABATA is also perceived to be a pretty darn tough exercise. It consists of 20 seconds of all-out effort followed by 10 seconds of rest. You can do regular exercises like push-ups, burpees, split squats, jumping rope, and more.

Putting this in perspective, Tabata is a great short workout —only 20 minutes—and it incorporates every muscle group you can think of. Note that it’s the intensity part of each session that gets you into shape, not the 20 minutes.

Research shows if you train at high enough intensity—you can get in shape in a very short period and if you’re in good shape there is no doubt, you can maintain your fitness.

Circuit Training

Circuit weight training (CWT) is also another trend for a 20-minute workout. The reason that is so popular is the time efficiency of this style of exercise.

As a HIIT Method, it targets strength building, muscular endurance, and body composition.

Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research” found that a circuit can also have cardiovascular benefits because of the minimal rest between exercises. An average circuit training session only takes 20 to 30 minutes but you have to rest the same muscle group at least 48 hours.

So, if you could get fit in less time and at your own place, why wouldn’t you? 20 minutes of workout is effective and I will outline the benefits for you.

How 20 Minutes of Intense Training Helps Your Body

Increases fat burning with 20 minutes workout

* Makes Your Body stronger and fitter. Its importance is obvious but you must know that is also a necessity for your muscles. When living a sedentary life, your body tends to lose muscle strength and your bones may get weaker, because you are not using them as much. In addition, to have the flexibility and avoid lesions is important to exercise.

  • Increases fat burning Even After working out. High-intensity resistance or strengthening training accelerates your metabolic rate keeping your metabolism active even after a workout.(1)
  • Boosts Energy Level. 20 minutes of intense training will elevate your level of endorphins (natural chemicals produced by the brain), which lift energy levels.
  • Relieve Anxiety and Depression. The ADAA (Anxiety and depression association of America) considers that 15 – 20 minutes of daily workouts are better than waiting until the weekend and doing a 3-hour fitness marathon to achieve positive changes in our mood and well-being.
  • Improves your mood and happiness. Studies show that as little as a 10-min physical activity per week can improve your overall happiness.
  • Increase muscle mass. It’s natural to lose muscle mass as the years go by, it is the normal course of growing old. But this does not mean that you can’t stop it or slow it down.
  • Sleep Better. According to Oxford academic, stretching for at least 15 minutes can help improve sleep quality.

8 tips to start working out for 20 minutes

  1. If you are a beginner take it slows, do not work out the same muscles every date as it can lead to physical injury.
  2. Start building up your strength and then complete your routines two to three times a week and again don’t work out the same muscle group without proper rest.
  3. Establish the number of repetitions and then if you would like to increase the difficulty, cut back on the time between resting.
  4. Choosing a training program that has variety will help keep you motivated.
  5. Create a weekly schedule and stick to it.
  6. Be patient with yourself. Losing weight, gaining endurance, or building strength takes time and perseverance is key.
  7. Add music or motivational audio to your routines as it will help you do the best you can.
  8. Log your progress. Having a record of your progress will help you, in the long run, to realize how far you’ve come.

Final Thoughts

“Exercise not only changes your body, but also changes your mind, your attitude, and your mood”.

High-Intensity workouts take up way less of your time than other types of training. It will help you with the “I don’t have time” excuses, will reduce stress, and improve your overall mood.

If you are looking to lose weight, increase strength and endurance or tone up your body, a 20 minutes workout two or three times a week is definitely a good and effective way to reach your goal.

Science has proved its effectiveness; you can do it from the comfort of your home and no equipment is required.

Keep at it! Good things come to those who sweat. 🙂


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