Undebatable Best Folding Rebounder [When Mobility is Key]

Looking to revamp your exercise routine but need to go easy on the joints and have limited space? choosing the best folding rebounder to workout at home will not disappoint you. According to ACE, people can burn between 812 calories per minute while rebounding exercise.

This fitness equipment have compact designs and the industry is taking a lot of traction for multiple reasons:

Rebounding exercise at home
  • Rebounders provide an effective full-body workout
  • More affordable when comparing it with Elliptical Trainers or Treadmill
  • Versatile with the ability to workout every muscle
  • Does not take a lot of space in the house.
  • Moreover, you can take the unit anywhere you want.

For many people including myself, rebounding is more fun and more effective than walking. However, not everybody likes the same rebounder, which is understandable, everybody has different body configurations when it comes to weight, height, or good knees or back.

Things To Consider When Choosing a Folding Rebounder

When we talk about fitness, motivation and progress are KEY. Honestly, going cheap is not worth it for rebounding exercises. A quality rebounder uses specific materials to deliver a comfortable bounce.

You want a rebounder that absorbs most of the ballistic impact.

Spring System

Small, non-calibrated or bad quality spring systems make for a bad bouncing experience. Jumping may feel too soft or too stiff but never quite right. A quality spring will motivate you to exercise more or will encourage you to continue your exercise journey.

Bungee Cords

Generally, rebounders with bungee cords allow you to jump higher and frequently are smoother than the spring system. However, they tend to be firmer on the edges but when jumping near the center your feet often can cone especially if you are jumping without shoes.

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Top-quality rebounders today use a Permatron mat, a resistant fabric that doesn’t stretch with use and is UV resistant. Nylon, Canvas, or plastic mats will rip and stretch with use fast. Jumping on a coned mat can cause your feet or ankles to buckle or pronate, leading to injuries.

On the other hand, many top-quality manufacturers offer the stabilizer bar. This is an optional accessory, but most users found it necessary, I personally agree if you are new to jump on a rebound unit or if you have minor balance issues.

Without Further ado, let’s begin

Best Folding Rebounders Review & Buyer Guide

I am convinced that this workout equipment will revamp your existing routine and will motivate you to be more consistent.

#1 Recommendation Tri-Fold & QualityRunner-Up Quarter Folding Double-Fold
David Hall Cellerciser Rebounder with or without balance barMaximus Pro Rebounder Needak Soft Bounce
Cellerciser RebounderMaXimus PRO Folding RebounderNeedak Soft Bounce Rebounder
$$$ – Price Here$ – Price Here$$ – Price Here
Support Up to: 300 lbs.287 lbs.300 lbs.- Soft Bounce – 600Lbs. on the Hard Bounce
Best For:People looking for the same amount of comfort on the entire family and serious Workout. The unit is solid and is available bi-fold or tri-fold.Moderate Workout and people looking for the most versatile rebounder.People looking for the most gentle bounce on the knees.
Full Review Available Here…Full Review Available Here…Full Review Available Here…

Tri-Fold Cellerciser Rebounder Trampoline

Best Folding Rebounder - Cellerciser Tri-Fold

All rebounders from this brand are designed for portability and safety. The one I use and tested is the bi-fold version which folds in a half a moon. They are easy to store but a little heavy to carry on your shoulder.

However, if you are looking for the most portable, the Tri-Fold version will absolutely make you fall in love. This unit folds into thirds and fits into a carrying case with built-in wheels and a pull-out handle. The case is very chic and also water-resistant.

But that is not the most important feature of the Cellercise rebounder.

  • This brand is well-known for the quality of its rebounders and many enthusiastic reviewers confirm it. In fact, it is the best-using spring system.
  • They have a patented TriDaptable spring that adjusts itself to the movement, lift, or weight of anybody bouncing. The springs stretch from the middle so, when people bounce the weight is gently absorbed as needed through the tiered-tapered springs to allow your body to accelerate and decelerate smoothly and safely.
  • They featured a 40” solid steel frame, a Permatron mat, and support up to 300 pounds. The Permatron mat fabric is weather resistant and doesn’t stretch with use.

But there is even more,

Cellerciser brand markets that the springs will last you for a lifetime, but with either the bi-fold and Tri-Fold package, you also receive two (2) additional springs in case you ever need it.

This is what is included and the Downside of this unit.


  • Tri-Fold Spring Rebounder
  • The balance bar
  • Rolling Bag
  • Instructional workout DVD,
  • A booklet
  • Exercise chart routine
  • Two extra Springs
  • A generous 5-year warranty.


Lubrication on the springs is required twice a year to avoid Squeaky Noise. I use Lithium Grease Multi-Purpose Lubricant and is 100% effective.

One aspect that some people complain about is the metal springs because they make a squeaky noise. The truth is they do if you don’t lubricate them but, that doesn’t stop anybody to buy them. Considering that two adults and two children use the unit daily, my experience has been that I only need to lubricate the springs once or twice a year.

At home, we use a Lithium Grease Multi-Purpose Lubricant available in most places and that takes care of all the squeaky noise.

I have no doubt the Cellerciser is the best foldable rebounder on the market and that it will last you a lifetime of health benefits. Want to know more? See our Full Review Here…

JumpSport 350F

I found JumpSport 350F a great option for the entire family. It folds in half with 6 removable screw-on legs.

As the TriDaptable springs on the Cellerciser, JumpSport uses the FlexBounce connectors that allow you to manually change between 3 adjustable Settings to the desired tension.

The default setting is the softest preferred by lightweight jumpers or users who like a deeper and higher bounce. The firmest setting is preferred by jumpers who like more bounce per minute or heavier people.

If you are looking to occasionally fold or store it, it is a great rebounder to buy. The frame folds in half but the legs don’t.

You will have to unscrew and screw the legs to set up or fold for storage. I know the more you do it, the faster it will be though.

This is what is included and Not Include

In the Package:

  • Bi-Fold Bungee Cords Rebounder
  • An instructional workout DVD
  • An extended free trial to JumpSport Fitness TV which features professional fitness instructors.
  • The company is backing it up with a 3-year warranty on the elastic cords and lifetime warranty on the frame.

Not Included

  • It doesn’t provide a carrying bag for the frame itself, just for the legs.


  • Not easy to fold
  • Bungee Cords lose tension with use.

You also will like to know that JumpSport 350F uses EnduroLast-3 Cords rated for “best bounce” and on top of that are durable and capable of 800 thousand smooth bounces according to the company.

The mat is made of resistant fabric, Polypropylene, and supports up to 250 pounds. From this brand, we have also reviewed the 370 PRO NO foldable model. It has the same 39″ frame but better elastic cords, tested for 1.2 million bounces, and we absolutely love it. If you are looking for a more durable elastic cord go for the 370 models.

We found the folding capability on the 350F model is not the strongest feature but a convenient bonus and you can get the balance bar separately.

Because of their resistant bungee cords, the ability to change tension, price, warranty and safety feature, we believe JumpSport 350F is very well to consider.

Needak Soft Bounce Folding Rebounder

Needak Soft Bounce Rebounder1

The Needak rebounders are one of our top three high-quality rebounders. They are made in the USA and are also foldable.

Some people find it is a little too stiff to fold when new, but it gets better as time passes.

Needak has two versions but the most popular one is the unique soft bounce. The soft bounce is made to support up to 300 pounds while the hard bounce can go up to 600 pounds. If you are more than 300 pounds go with Needak is the best on the market.

People love the incredibly soft and smooth bounce and it’s all about the special way they use to build the springs. Anyone who jumps on the soft bounce rebounder uses the entire coils of its springs each time you jump.

However, in the same way you change the tires of your car, you will have to deal with a broken spring every two to three years to get this amazing bounce.

It is also convenient knowing that you can buy the full 36 springs set for around $80, which is not bad of a deal.

Like the cellerciser brand, Needak rebounders use a Permatron Mat and are built with a sturdy steel frame. People also like their customer service and their website is full of all the accessories you may need down the road.


  • Bi-Fold Spring Rebounder
  • An instructional workout DVD
  • Spring Lubricant
  • A generous limited lifetime warranty.
  • It includes five (5) years on the mat, two (2) years for the springs, and leg springs, for the frame is a lifetime warranty.

Not Included

The balance bar & spring cover/frame skirt are sold separately. On the most fordable version, the carrying bag is not included.


  • Lubrication on the springs is required for a quiet bounce
  • Springs tend to break every 2 or 3 years but are easily replaceable.

Overall, Needak Soft bounce is a unique rebounder on the market, top of the line in quality. Just keep in mind that the springs cover, the balance bar, and the carry bag are not included. See more on our Full Review Here…

Maximus Pro Quarter Folding Rebounder

MaXimus PRO Folding Rebounder

I found the Maximus pro is the most versatile rebounder on the market. It folds in quarters, includes the storage bag to travel and the stabilizer bar for a very affordable price.

The bounce style is not comparable with the Cellerciser or Needak soft bounce, but you still get a decent comfortable bounce. It is neither too soft nor too hard to harm your knees or lower back.


  • Quarter fold Rebounder
  • handlebar
  • 2 workout DVDs
  • 1pound sand weights
  • 1-Year Warranty on Springs and Frame and 6 Months on the Mat


  • Lubrication on the springs is required to avoid Squeaky Noise
  • Springs tend to break every year or two but are easily replaceable.

As the other top-quality rebounder, the Maximus PRO offers a 40-inch frame and has a weight limit of 287 pounds. It also includes a stabilizer bar, bands, and sand weights.

People who frequently use this unit find the included DVD a great addition to this rebounder. They also rate it as a fun, effective, and challenging exercise. This brand also offers an Online Video Membership convenient for beginners.

For a versatile home workout, all the included accessories make this rebounder unique and very good to consider. See more on our Full Review Here…

MaXimus HIIT Bounce PRO

As the MaXimus Pro, the HIIT Bounce Pro is also a good folding rebounder to consider. It works in a regular horizontal position or you can use the unique incline kit.

This versatility plus the 1lb weighted gloves will challenge your cardiovascular system even further.

Its design is focused on delivering a fun and convenient workout to anyone, especially for professionals and amateurs. The rebounder can easily fold in quarters and the legs collapse for easy storage or travel. When folded it is approximately 85 x 40 x 15 cm. It does not offer the same quality as the Cellerciser or Needak but you can get it for under $200.

The metal frame measure 40” which I found the perfect size for most exercises, the bouncing surface is 28 inches in diameter, and it stands 10 inches from the ground.

This rebounder is loaded with springs and supports up to 140kg (287 pounds). With this unit, you will get a soft but resilient bounce to train your way to fitness. The company also includes a 1-Year Warranty on the Frame and 6 Months on the springs and Mat.

Many reviewers find the included HIIT workout DVD, excellent and effective. With this rebounder you also get 3 months access to 100s of online rebound videos with a whole variety of workouts.

The MaXimus HIIT Bounce PRO is a budget rebounder, the bounce style is not as great as other top quality but still delivers all the goods of a trampoline.

Things You Need To Know About Rebounders

People love to bounce; quality rebounders are built to last a lifetime and will give you an easy opportunity to improve your overall health. I personally exercise on a rebounder and love the multiple benefits. You will surprise to see rebounders help tighten the skin meaning it reduces the appearance of cellulite. But most importantly is one of the most effective exercises for De-stress and the reason is that it’s FUN!.

On top of that, anybody can use it, beginners, senior,s or athletes. You can see an interesting list of the benefit of a rebounder for Seniors here…

Rebounding Exercise Facts

Rebounding is a low impact exercise, but the idea should not be jumping high but deep and down to gain all the benefits of G force, gravity, and weight-bearing. The way you burn a ton of calories while rebounding is by constant repetition, not jumping higher.

In a study published in the German Journal of Sports Medicine, researchers determined that with a Moderate to vigorous Aerobic rebounding effort people can reach a workout intensity of up to 10 METS. In other words, it can be as vigorous as running but gentler on the joints. 

In another study conducted by the American Council on Exercise, researchers found that jumping on a fitness trampoline is not only an effective low-intensity workout that still works all your muscles but also exerts less energy. Meaning that you can be strengthening your heart and burning fat and feel the exercise less intense than it actually is. Does that not sound great? 

Calories burned,

The study also showed men can burn an average of 12.4 calories per minute, while women burn 9.4. So if you are a woman with 150 pounds, you can be burning around 300 calories in 30 minutes. If you also create a deficit from your diet, as simple as avoiding pops, ice cream, and cookies you could be consistently losing weight and building a better shape. 

Bone Health Workout

New Your Time considered this type of workout, “the Best Exercises for Healthy Bones“. This particular up and down motion exercises every cell and muscle of your body, it alleviates stress, activates your lymphatic system, improves balance and, it’s friendly on your joints. A 2016 study shows this exercise is even better than aerobic dance on hard wooden.

However, it is your passion and determination the keys to success.

By performing aerobics bounces which include Jumping Jack, jogging and running in place, punches, back kick, abs crunch jump, and more. You can definitely GET YOUR BODY FIT AND MUSCLE TONE to become the best version of yourself.

Trampoline Workouts Channels You can Follow on YouTube

The Jumping Fitness channel team believes perfect cardio training is the combination of fast and slow jumps. That’s what you will find in their routines, fun and encouraging rebounding workouts. Recommended.

David Hall’s Cellercise Rebounder Routines is all about training your mind and body through jumping. Its rebounder is now endorsed by doctors and chiropractors worldwide. 100% Recommended.

Jumping on a rebounder unit has the potential to work your entire body. Every time you jump on a quality rebounder, “you finish landing with twice the force of gravityDr. Morton Walker, author of the book “Jumping for health”.

Doctors and Fitness Coaches Recommend Rebounding for:

  • Stimulating Lymphatic Flow to Naturally Detox Your body
  • Good Cardio Exercise
  • Weight Loss
  • Muscle Toning. You can work your abs, legs, arms, and thigh muscles
  • Build Strength in your Back.
  • Relieve Stress

  • Improve Coordination and Balance
  • Boost Your Energy
  • Release Serotonin the “happy hormone”
  • Increase Blood Circulation
  • Bone Density
  • Improve Digestion and elimination

My Recommendation:

Dave Hall’s Cellerciser

Cellerciser is our #1 recommendation. Both the Bi-Fold or Tri-Fold rebounders are great options because of their overall quality and warranty. They are suited for the entire family and anyone can feel the same amount of comfort.

Dave Hall Cellerciser rebounder supports up to 300 pounds and with all included, the solid steel frame, Permatron mat, the TriDaptable springs, balance bar, and the carrying case make this rebounder the BEST FOLDABLE REBOUNDER TO LAST A LIFETIME. I also love the fact the company treats its customer as a “family”.

Final Thoughts

Going cheap by purchasing a $60 rebounder to workout at home can lead to potential knee, ankle, or lower back problems. It can also sour your whole experience of this effective, and fun way to exercise.

I encourage you to invest in yourself by buying a quality rebounder that will last you a lifetime of benefits and will give you the strength and vigor you’re looking for.

Starting to rebound on any of these units is a step forward to becoming your better version.

Everything starts with a desire to act. You’ve seen the kids screaming on recreational trampolines. Rebounding does help to relieve stress and boost your energy. Anybody who is prepared to spend 10 minutes a day can see progress and great results.

So, what are you waiting for?

Get the Cellerciser Tri-fold Rebounder here…

If you have any questions or concerns please leave us a comment below. We are here to help and motivate you with this great journey.

To Your Success!


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