Best Portable Home Gym Equipment for Women

One thing to take into account is the portability of gym equipment. It would help you stay focused on your New Year’s resolutions if you are part of the few who travel a lot. The best portable home gym equipment is something that more and more people are looking to deck their homes with. With the occurrence of the global pandemic, there has been a surge in the purchase of home gym equipment.

As more and more people are discovering the advantages of having a gym right in the comfort of your home, many brands have been improving and marketing their products in a bid to make them stand out above the rest. With so many varieties of gym equipment out there, I know you might be having some trouble deciding which to invest in. To help you out, I have prepared this list.

Best Portable Home Gym Equipment

LifePro’s Vibration Plate Exercise Machine

A vibration machine is an amazing therapeutic exercise that is sure to help your circulation flow and relieve pain. You can also perform multiple exercises such as squats, pushups, or crunches while muscles are vibrating for optimum results.

Product description

LifePro’s vibration plate exercise machine is 48-pound that comes in 31.1 x 18.11 x 7.28 inches dimension.

There are researches[1,2,3] that prove the effectiveness of this machine for weight loss, strength, and muscle gain. The way it works is, your muscles contract rapidly under-own without your input. The number of calories you can burn will depend on the frequency and strength of the vibrations.


  • The product comes with built-in Bluetooth speakers to make you stream your favorite music while using it.
  • You can set the type of movement you want depending on your goal.
  • The machine can be controlled with a wristwatch that comes with it. This reduces the effort of trying to hold the remote.
  • Amazing lifetime warranty. When you register after buying, you get a chance to repair the device 100% free for a lifetime.

For whom this is for?

Everyone can benefit from the relaxing vibrations of the vibration plate exercise machine. People looking for weight loss after pregnancy, increase strength, body composition, and more.

The therapeutic vibrations supplied by Life Pro’s vibration plate is sure to help you recover from injuries, drain the body of toxins, increase bone density, shed body fat as well as tone the muscles.

You can also read other users’ reviews from the Amazon Store here.

TRX Go Home Gym – Portable Suspension Trainer for Strength

When you purchase a TRX Go suspension training kit, you get a Suspension training strap that does what the name says, indoor and outdoor anchors that allow users to use it anywhere. Includes 2 workout guides to help you master basic moves, a training poster, and a mesh bag for portability. They all weigh one pound altogether.

The TRX Go suspension trainer system was originally created for military personnel on missions to places with no gym facility before being sold commercially. So, it was created to efficiently deliver different varieties of exercise. Not to forget that it must be portable.


The TRX Go suspension training kit is the best travel companion you could ever ask for because:

  • First off, it has a collective weight of one pound which is very light compared to other equipment of the same category.
  • Secondly, the indoor and outdoor anchors make it easy to be used anywhere.
  • The manufacturer really had itinerants in mind because on the purchase of this trainer system, you get a mesh bag that can contain all equipment in the kit and is so compact that it can fit in a briefcase.

The trainer system is also a perfect addition to your home gym as its compactness ensures no extra space is needed in your home. So you need to worry less about space if you stay in a small apartment. Besides, it requires no other equipment to use, just a door and you are good to go.

Asides from the training poster, this equipment can also be used along with the digital app. This app has been stacked full of different workouts to help you achieve your goals. The workouts range from strength building to flexibility.


The handles are made of absorbent material so it soaks sweat while working out. This may later start to smell in the long run but you can barely notice it during your workout session. Remember to clean it from time to time.

For whom is best for?

The TRX Go suspension training kit is created to be used by anyone of any fitness level and any goal in mind. Whether you want to lose weight, tone your muscles, or just want to stay in shape this equipment is your best bet.

The TRX Go is a multipurpose, compact, and efficient kit that should not be missing in your home gym or travel bag. On top of that, it comes with a 30-day free trial app with 100s of workouts.

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Bodyboss System 2.0 – Versatile Portable Home Gym

This game-changing equipment has changed the way a lot of people think about gyms and working out in general. The equipment really came in handy during the global pandemic as it literally brought the gym into our homes.

Product description

With a dimension of 15.9 x 2.8 x 20.1 inches, this equipment literally takes no space in your home. And asides from that, it weighs 15 pounds, which allows you to move it easily.


  • This equipment can be used to perform a wide variety of exercises saving you a lot that could then be used on other equipment.
  • It comes with a VectorFit Platform which sets this system apart from its competition. With this platform you don’t need to step on the band, the platform can hold the band so you can improve posture.
  • In the package, you also get a bar for added resistance and versatility. The compactness of this equipment saves a lot of valuable space, and its versatility makes it everyone’s favorite.


  • Only one band in the package, for extra resistance you will have to order more bands separately.

For whom is best for?

Bodyboss 2.0 can be used by anyone. Whether you are a beginner or a fitness pro, the Bodyboss would actually help you attain your different goals.

The Bodyboss 2.0 is a compact, versatile, and portable home gym equipment that can be used for different varieties of workouts. It is a home gym equipment that would save your pocket and still deliver efficiently at the same time. When buying the product read the reviews of other users to further understand how good this product is.

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The Tri-fold Cellerciser – Portable Home Gym Fitness Trampoline

The benefits of rebounding cannot be emphasized enough. With this in mind, David Hall the creator of Cellerciser came up with a piece of efficient equipment to help us enjoy the benefit of rebounding. Dave revolutionized the fun activity we all did as kids and turned it into an explosive workout. A person under 150 pounds can be burning around 225 calories in 30 minutes workout.

Product description

The Cellerciser is a 34-pound foldable rebounder that can be carried like a bag when fully folded. The Cellerciser tri-fold comes with a balance bar to help support you while you are working out. On purchase, you get a DVD to show you the proper use of the Cellerciser.


  • Unlike other cheaper rebounders, the cellerciser is built for safety and durability. Starting from the carbon steel springs which are so special that they are patented and the Permatron mat stitch which is strong enough to support a heavy bodyweight without injuring the user, the cellerciser is totally built for durability.
  • The cellerciser can support a weight of up to 300 pounds making it usable for those interested in “rebounding for weight loss”.
  • The tri-fold can be packed and carried along when traveling. It fits perfectly into your car boot or even for carrying on if you are taking a flight.


  • Might seem a bit pricey but the price is totally worth it as the equipment is built to last a lifetime.

Who can use the Cellerciser?

Practically anyone can use it. With an adjustable balance bar and a mini-trampoline that can support up to 300 pounds, I see no reason why you are not springing already.

Whether you want to flush your lymphatic system, lose weight, relieve stress, tone muscles, or smoother skin, the cellerciser is a good investment. You can buy it directly from their website or get it from Amazon and read comments on how amazing the product is alongside.

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Quarter Fold Maximus Pro – Home Gym Fitness Trampoline

Maximus Pro reboundeR

Maximus Pro rebounder is another great mini-trampoline that also delivers the benefits of rebounding for a more affordable price.

Product description

The Maximus Pro rebounder comes in an almost assembled form, black in color. It is round and weighs about 33 pounds. The rebounder comes with a resistance band to get an extra workout and a sand weight for extra resistance. It also comes with a balance bar for those rehabilitating, seniors, and beginners.


  • The product comes in an almost assembled form. With just a little tweak here and there, you can start using the equipment.
  • The rebounder supports 286 pounds, which is fair if you ask me.
  • You would enjoy the sturdiness of this equipment as you bounce your way into fitness.
  • The equipment folds into quarters for easy storage and for use on the go. In fact, it comes with a carry bag at no extra charge.


  • 33 pounds might be a little too heavy to carry around on a senior back but that shouldn’t stop you from getting the rebounder.

Who can use this?

Anyone can literally use this equipment. It is friendly on the joints, flushes the lymphatic system, and delivers all the benefits of a rebounder. Anyone of any fitness level can use it to achieve any fitness goal.

Asides from the steel frame and quality mat of this rebounder, there are also many accessories to love about it. It also delivers efficiently so why waste time. Read what other buyers’ are saying about it on Amazon here.

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Stealth Core Trainer Home Gym

The stealth core trainer is an innovative killer-exercise machine made in the USA that literally brings fun to working out with the addition of games. All you need to do is dedicate 3 minutes a day. Yeah! You read that right! 3 minutes and your core would never remain the same.

Product description

The product is a 14.9-pound machine that comes in two forms, the professional and the personal trainer. The professional (green) is made in the USA and is more “comfy and pricey” than the personal (red/orange) made in China.


  • The Stealth core trainer is well-built to engage your whole core and back. With its 360 degrees micro features sphere, your core would be on fire (not literally. lol!) a few minutes into your workout.
  • The professional version can support a weight of up to 400 pounds. So you need not worry about being overweight.
  • This product comes with a free mobile app with exciting games that are guaranteed to keep you coming for more. There are also features like daily challenges, progress tracking, and many more in the app. This is meant to spur your competitive spirit.


  • At a whopping price of close to 300 dollars, the device might seem pricey but I tell you that the machine is worth every cent spent on it.

Who can use it?

The machine can be used by both beginners and fitness pros. However, always discuss with your doctor first. Especially, if you’ve had a history with injuries (especially the arms!) and you think you might have difficulty using it.

The Stealth core trainer is a hell of a machine that strengthens the core and back giving you the sculpted core you’ve always wanted. It also strengthens your back making it easier for you to flex your core without any hassle. You can also read what other users are saying about this product Here…

Odoland Kit Home Gym – Great For Core Strength and Abdominals

Odoland 4-in-1 AB kit

When you think of the perfect abdominal core carver, think Odoland. This kit contains a variety of equipment specifically tailored to carve that core of yours.

Product description

The Odoland 4-in-1 kit contains a 2-wheel Ab roller, a push-up bar, a jump rope, and a very helpful knee pad.


  • All pieces of equipment in this kit are padded to prevent injury due to intense pressure from pushing against the floor.
  • The equipment in the kit can be disassembled and it is less than 3 pounds altogether which makes it portable.
  • The push-up bar is really sturdy on the floor. With rubber padding at the bottom, there’s no need for you to worry about falling.


  • The knee pad seems a little bit thin but it is better than none.

Who can use the Odoland Ab kit?

Anyone of any fitness level can use this kit. It contains different gym equipment that can be used depending on individual goals.

The Odoland 4-in-1 Ab kit is totally the best ab sculpting equipment to buy if you want a carved core. Efficient, simple, easy-to-use. Get one if what you are looking for is target the core. Order now on Amazon where you can also read consumer reviews.

The essential BalanceForm’s Exercise yoga mat

BalanceForm’s yoga mat is not limited to yoga use only, it can be used for different varieties of exercise too.

Product description

BalanceForm’s yoga mat is 24 x 6 x 6 inches (L X W X H) in dimension and it has a lightweight of 1.8 pounds. It comes in different varieties of color, so you can choose the one you prefer according to your taste.


  • This yoga mat is half-inch thick, with proper padding to cushion your butt, spine, knees, and elbows against the hard floor.
  • The mat is very easy to fold and it, in fact, comes with a strap for portability. You don’t have a car? You need not worry, the carrying strap makes it easy for you to take it with you on a public bus.
  • The mat is 74” long making sure anyone can use it no matter how tall they are.


There have been durability issues, however with more than 45,000 reviews giving 5 start tells me is an insignificant worry.

Who can use it?

The yoga mat can be used by anyone. No matter your fitness level or the exercise you want to engage in, you should definitely get a mat.

BalanceForm really did an amazing job on this mat. The thickness gives comfort like no other mat. Get yours now. You can read other consumer reviews here.


Depending on what goal you hope to achieve, these are the best portable gym equipment you can use from the comfort of your home or whether you are a traveling type.

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