Best Resistance Bands for a Home Workout

There are so many reasons why every home gym should have a set of resistance bands. These exercise tools are portable and more versatile, and safer than weights. If you are having a problem finding the best resistance band for home workouts, we have reviewed the top ten best bands to make your decision easier.

But, how do you choose the best resistance band for home use? This is very important to make an informed decision.

Before we jump into the review, let’s explain:

Things to Consider Before You Buy a Resistance Band

Consider the Resistance Level

The effectiveness of the bands is determined by the resistance levels they offer. The majority of the bands are packed in multiple colors, whereby each color offers a certain resistance weight to use when working out.

If you need resistance bands that you can use for a very long time, consider a brand with multiple bands. The more the bands are in the pack, the more resistance level you get.

Easy to Use

In this case, the materials and the design of the bands determine how comfortable and easy they will be to use. A good set of resistance bands should have ergonomic handles to provides a good grip for when your hands get sweaty.

If you opt for the model that requires you to use the same handlebars when exchanging the bands, ensure the handle disassembles easily for consistent workouts. The bands should have a good stretchy effect while still giving reasonable resistance.

Consider other accessories

Some home resistance bands are packed with other accessories such as handlebars, a base, a door anchor, and others to aid you when working out.

Please note the more accessories the bands have, the better support you will receive in achieving the results you want.

The Best Resistance Bands For a Home Workout

1. Bodygym Core System

Designed for weight loss and toning the body, this resistance band kit is all-around workout equipment worth investing in. The best part is that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to buy the band as the system retails at an affordable rate (around $50). The package comes with bands with varying resistance levels, a collapsible bar, and a DVD from Marie workouts with multiple guides.

The lightweight crafted nature of the bands ensures you are comfortable working out even outdoors. Besides toning your body, the bar and resistance bands can be used in different workout forms like Pilates and yoga. The resistance band system comes with a 30 days money refund warranty.

2. Lifeline Jungle Gym Suspension Trainer

Best resistance bands for a home workout -lifeline jungle gym

Since you are not limited to work out in one place, this resistance band is a great choice for people looking for training outdoor. This design is will allow you to attach the strap to tree limbs or bars.

These bands are extra special because it allows you to anchor the straps from the center and separately allowing to workout multiple muscles which then translate to a more versatile workout.

The material it uses is light in weight for easy portability when moving around. I found these suspension bands a great alternative for anyone who wants to have a serious strength training workout since the material and the strength tension are built for commercial use.

Many athletes are lining to perform resistance bands training instead of weights, they are more versatile and safer to use. The resistance levels are adjustable and give you room to grow so you can start small and increase the resistance level once your body gets used to a certain weight.

The lifeline jungle resistance bands are great if your goal is losing weight, increase strength and stamina, or for rehabilitation purposes. If you are healing from an injury the quality is top of the line.

The kit also include:

  • Inline buckle that allows changing the strap length in a matter of seconds.
  • Door anchor

3. Gymwell Portable Home Gym

You don’t have a large space to place multiple gym equipment? Don’t worry, as this resistance band system from GymWell is a great choice for those with limited space. The accessories packed in this kit are ideal for weight, cardio, and rehabilitation workout purposes. They also mimic weight equipment like dumbbells, cable machines, and barbells essential for targeting many upper body muscles.

The bands provide magnificent resistances ranging from 30 to 120 pounds such that even a beginner can get a comfortable workout. Is it your first time working out with a resistance band kit? The package comes with a tutorial video with over 70 videos showing how to work out with this system. Note that the kit also comes with ankle straps and a collapsible long handlebar for easy lower body workout moves too.

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4. Tension Toner

One feature that stands out on this resistance band is the handlebar that also includes approximately 15 pounds of force within the bar itself for a more effective workout. The goal here is to create strength and endurance and the added tension in the center of the bar adds this extra challenge to your home workout.

If you are just starting you also will appreciate the multiple workout videos on their web site so you can take advantage of the different workouts and movements. Unlike some strenuous bands to hold when working out, rest assured this model is quite comfortable to use. Also, the handlebar helps for excellent full-body workouts.

This workout tool only weight two pounds and is TSA compliant meaning you can easily put in the carry-on bag for traveling

Other feature, you may like:

  • The manufacturer offers 12 weeks workout program to help you start making progress
  • The material is latex-free and the handle is sweat-resistance

5. Empower Pilates Resistance Band

Get the perfect balance so you can engage all body muscles when working out with this resistance band. The bands are great for multiple workouts, including Pilates and yoga moves as well. You can use the resistance bands to build muscles and tone the body in lower and upper body areas.

So if you are looking to revamp your existing workout routine, strengthen your arms as well as back and abs, and add fun to your exercises at home, the Empower Pilates band is for you. The bands are crafted with a purely elastic material that is

smooth to stretch and is comfortable to the skin to prevent irritations.

You also enjoy:

  • For easy transporting, you can detach and fold the handlebar.
  • The package comes with workout guides and streaming videos.

6. Gymbee 3 Fabric Resistance Bands for Legs and Butt

If you are looking to just work your legs and butt, this set of resistance bands are also a great option for the price. Training with it will literally take you just a few minutes before you feel your legs and glute on fire. Many enthusiastic customers rate it 5 stars and find it very well-made and easy to use.

The bands come with a convenient and durable carrying bag and workout cards to help you start. The package also includes a 10-day leg challenge to help you start. You get three types of resistance bands and as you start making progress you can switch them from light to medium to the high resistance setting.

Overall, the Gymbee bands are great for strength training and toning your legs and glute. If you live in a dorm room in college or an apartment these bands are great to consider.

Special Features

  • Durable and Comfortable to use
  • 3 resistance Level to grow with your fitness level
  • A 1-Year full refund warranty
  • Affordable price

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7. Exercise Ball with 15lb Resistance Bands and Stability Base

This is 2 in 1 workout equipment that consists of a gym ball and resistance bands. Gym balls are quite versatile, and you can use them for various workouts, mainly ones that target the lower body. In conjunction with the resistance bands, you can get magnificent results from the workouts. The resistance bands provide a resistance level of around 15 pounds, plus the entire unit can support up to 600 pounds.

These resistance bands plus gym balls are also recommended for pregnant women to use the set for simple workout moves. For beginners, stream videos to learn how to work out with the system, especially for pregnant women, to maintain a safe form.

8. Super Exercise Band USA 7 ft

This kit comes with three resistance bands, with each band offering a different resistant level. The package comes with a carrying bag so you can tag the resistance bands even when traveling. Besides, the bands are foldable to fit in the bag. Note that other than the resistance bands, the package comes with a door anchor so you can focus on cardio workouts like resistance boxing and other workouts involving the upper body.

The resistances range from 5 to 20 pounds, and you can combine all the bands for extra effective workout results. The pack also comes with an eBook and instructions for accessing YouTube videos that you can use to learn different movements.

9. Cardio Stair Stepper with Adjustable Resistance Bands

This exercise equipment can help you simulate the motion of climbing stairs while also exercise your arms. If you want to add extra cardio while strengthening and toning your legs and arms, this cardio stepper with bands is for you.

The stair-step is versatile since you can utilize it for multiple workouts, mainly involving the lower body areas. You don’t need to strain to hold the resistance bands with your feet when working out since the package comes with a great and stable stair step. The stand is quite sturdy and durable for a weight capacity of up to 400 pounds. So, it efficiently accommodates most people.

Other features from this equipment:

  • Comes with an LCD that displays the workout results ranging from the steps, calories burned, and time.
  • The stair-step is adjustable in height so you can increase the resistance level,
  • The bands have handles for convenient holding to exercise.
  • The package comes with Bluetooth smart cloud fitness and MyCloudFitness App compatible with both android and iOS devices.

10. TOGEDI Core Trainers Ab Crunch

A ten-minute workout with this system will leave you looking great. This equipment supports up to 280 pounds, and the construction and MBF materials guarantee its stability.

The trainer Ab Crunch is an excellent exercise home equipment because it provides a comfy way to workout. You can change the resistance level so the equipment gives your room to grow. I recommended especially for seniors who often time demand more cushioning since the seat and the handles have padding so you can comfortable sear and get a firm grip when working out with it.

The entire crunch system really helps you exercise your abdominal muscles, with it, you can do hand lifts, bridges, push-ups, core twists, and many others. As a result, you will be straitening your core muscles, back, thighs, hips and calves, and arms.

What I also like is that it doesn’t take almost any space in the house. You could even put it under the bed when done with your workout or easily travel with it if needed since it comes with foldable capability as well.

Other accessories included in the package

  • Workout DVDs with more than 20 different exercises
  • Resistance bands
  • A sports towel.

Advantages of Resistance bands vs traditional Weights

  • Resistance bands are the most affordable gym equipment, yet quite versatile since there is no exercise you cannot perform with the bands.
  • The resistance bands are comfortable to use and since they have varying resistance levels, they offer a lot of room to grow
  • The resistance level can be easily adjusted to your need and according to your fitness goals.

Final Thoughts

These are great and reliable resistance band kits to use when working out at home. The resistance bands are quite reliable since they can be used for multiple types of exercises and for various results. This type of equipment is versatile and can be used anywhere, indoors, and outdoors. We strongly recommend resistance bands for many of your workout needs.

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