The Truth Revealed Cellerciser Rebounder Review – Is it Really Worthy?

The Rebounder market is increasingly growing in the fitness world. Rebounding is a great way to revamp your workout, is fun and effective, and has multiple benefits. But we all face the same challenge when looking for the best rebounder. In our Dave Hall Cellerciser Rebounder review, we are going to discuss if this rebounder is really worthy.

We will reveal if all the hype is a scam, what customers are saying about it, and the material they use. We are going to show you what makes it a top-quality rebounder and the most common customer complaints.

Our goal is to keep you motivated to workout at home so you can become your better version.

Let’s begin,

Cellerciser Rebounder Review (Summary)

  • Brand: Cellercise
  • Owner: Dave Hall
  • Product type: Rebounder
  • Weight Capacity: 300 Pounds
  • Size: 40″ Solid Steel Frame
  • Best for: Everyone who wants to gain the benefits of a home workout
  • Recommended: Yes

With this brand, you get the best package of comfort, performance, and durability. The Cellerciser uses patented Tri-Daptable springs which have 3 tiers instead of just dual-tier than most other high-end rebounders. This feature is important because now everyone in the house can enjoy the same comfort level.

There is no cost-cutting, you will not find any plastic piece on this unit. This trampoline is also safe for both pros and beginners and even seniors since it also comes with an adjustable bar to accommodate people who may need extra support.

My personal Success Story

Before I discovered rebounding, I struggled for years to keep myself more active. With all the responsibilities, my stress level was always through the roof to the point of affecting my physical and emotional health.

Lack of time and motivation was a daily problem and finding an exercise that I enjoyed and wanted to do consistently was like looking for treasure.

After having my third baby I started feeling bad because I was overweight and loaded with many responsibilities leaving me with zero energy. Now, I can proudly say, with determination and perseverance, you can lose a ton of weight with a mini-tramp and manage your stress level.

Please note that I have used cheap mini trampolines, but is nothing close to the comfort of a quality rebounder.

So, is cellerciser a Scam?

NO!, The Cellerciser rebounder brand is Legit. I own one of its rebounders and I personally lost 8 pounds in the first month. I feel more enthusiastic than ever and my energy has increased drastically. I am now free of muscle pain. But please be aware, cellercising can help to detox your body but I suggest you drink plenty of water for optimum cleansing. Otherwise, you will feel more fatigue and more pain than ever. Personal experience!

Rebounding exercise at home

This is me and my husband rebounding 🙂

During the worst part of the COVID-19 quarantine, you cannot imagine how useful the cellerciser was for my family. A quality rebounder at home helps your kids to safely have fun while exercising at the same time. It is a win-win!

Who is Dave Hall?

Dave Hall is the founder of the Center for Cellular Health and one of the most acknowledged entrepreneurs on the rebounders market. With more than 30 years of experience, David Hall has delivered more than 2000 lectures inspiring physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional health to people of different ages. His rebounder is what we are going to review.

Why Should you Consider Rebounding for Your Home Workout?

The problem is that we are not getting enough exercise throughout the day. We all live a pretty busy lifestyle. Between work, meals, kids, and many other responsibilities we end up with almost no time for exercise.

Unfortunately, our modern and sedentary lifestyle, and not doing exercises regularly, has a devastating effect on everyone’s health.

But how jumping on a trampoline can help you.

This Rebounder Could Help You If

  • You’re looking for effective fat burn equipment that gets you results
  • Want to reduce stress and its symptoms
  • Manage Diabetes
  • You’re looking to boost your mood
  • Exercising every muscle and cells of your body
  • You’re looking to strengthen your heart and your lungs
  • You want to tone your body to improve confidence in yourself
  • Improve Your Energy Levels
  • Want to naturally detoxify your body by activating your Lymphatic System
  • Increase bone density and blood circulation
  • If you are tired of being tired and sick

What to Expect From the Cellerciser Rebounder Family?

You’ll be pleased to know that both versions of the Cellercise rebounder (bi-fold and tri-fold) have outstanding customer feedback. The quality is superior to many other high-end rebounders.

When compared with its main competitor, the price is also very affordable. If you cross-check price with other cardio workout equipment such as a treadmill, cellerciser it’s even a better deal.

What Cellerciser Rebounder Doesn’t Do

It doesn’t hurt your joints or back because it’s a very low-impact exercise; Anybody can do it and take advantage of it from children to seniors.

Bouncing on a Cellerciser never gets boring, quite the opposite, its actually fun. You can do it from the comfort of your home and it maintains your routine fresh due to the different workout variations.

Having this rebounder you don’t need to get out of the house to exercise, you can do it from the comfort of your home.

Cellerciser Main Specs

Frame: 40″ Solid Steel
Springs: 36 Patented TriDaptable
Rebounding Surface: 28″ Diameter
Available Models: Bi-Fold & tri-Fold
Legs are 8.5″ Long. the mat is 10.5″ above the ground

Is Cellerciser Benefits Legit? Rebounding Facts

  • According to a 2016 Study from the American Council on Exercise, rebounding on a mini-trampoline allows you to burn the same number of calories as running at a pace of 6 miles per hour. That’s exactly what you can expect from the cellerciser without the jarring effect of jogging on the pavement. 
  • The NCBI 2011 published Mini trampolines improve the ability to regain balance in the elderly. But please know, not all mini trampolines are created equal you need a quality rebounder.
  • Specialists in New York time have called “The Best Exercises for Healthy Bones”
  • According to the European Society of Cardiology, regular jogging exercise as jogging on a rebounder has been proven to prolong life expectancy. “The first data was collected between 1976 to 1978, the second from 1981 to 1983, the third from 1991 to 1994, and the fourth from 2001 to 2003″.
  • A 2019 study by the International Journal of Preventive Medicine found rebounding exercise (therapy) improves the quality of life in patients with Parkinson’s disease.
  • A 2017 Study by J Sports Med Phys Fitness show post rebound exercise, significant improvements in insulin resistance.

You have seen it, Cellercesing is not a scam. Exercising with this unit has multiple benefits. It is one of the best cellulite busting exercises women can do. A lot of customers vouch for the Cellerciser quality and performance and share its testimonies.

Here is one of them,

See more Testimonies Directly from the Manufacturer in the link below

<<<More Cellerciser Testimonies HERE>>>

What Makes the Cellerciser Rebounder Stand Out?

In this review, we can simply testify that Cellerciser delivers a good workout. I like it! and, what makes it stands out is the Patented TriDaptable springs that adjust itself to the weight, movement, and lift of any person bouncing. The 40” solid steel frame, and the 28″ bouncing area. The “weather-resistant Permatron mat” doesn’t stretch with use. All their rebounders are portable with the legs and frame easily foldable.

This brand eliminates up to 7/8 of the “ballistic impact” while jogging on. You can smooth bounce down into the mat with ZERO worries about throwing you off balance during stronger workout sessions. Rebounding on this unit you won’t have a jarring effect.

There is no cost-cutting with Cellerciser, you won’t find any plastic piece either.

In the package, Cellerciser includes an instructional workout DVD, two extra springs, a booklet, and the exercise chart routine for the wall.  The bar can be purchased separately but the majority of users found it necessary, I personally agree if you are new to rebounding.

This brand is popularly known for its quality and the proven effective workout program. You also get a generous 5-year warranty for all the parts and outstanding customer service. You can contact the company via email, phone, or even chat and the people who used it are treated like “family.”

This unit is designed for safety and durability. No doubt, it is a purchase that will last you a lifetime of health benefits.

Common Rebounders Complaints

  • The rebounder uses low carbon steel on its frame (Landing high & close to the edge causes the frame to bend).
  • The hooks go directly into the frame (cause the frame to warp out of shape making that customized hole out of shape and noisy.
  • A bad quality mat that stretches with use (causes feet and ankle pronation).
  • The bouncing style is too hard or too soft for certain types of people
  • The spring-based rebounders are noisy and customers cannot do anything about it. But, is it true? Later in this review, you will find this can be easily remedied.

What do Customers Say About Cellerciser Rebounders?

In general, users who regularly workout on a Cellerciser are very happy with the quality and smooth bounce of this equipment.

More Reviews? Available Directly from the Manufacturer Website. CLICK HERE…

Based on our test and experience Plus a vast of research, the Cellerciser Rebounder is our #1 Recommendation. Hands Down!

Let’s explain in detail the main reasons,

Cellerciser Rebounder Frame:

The Cellerciser’s frame is all-Steel construction and the heaviest frame of any rebounder I have come across at 34 pounds. It measures 40 inches in diameter and 28 inches in the bouncing area.

Many people think the bigger the mat the better to maneuver different exercises. The reality is, the bigger the mat the smaller the sweet spot. The wider the diameter of a mat, the less support is in the middle, and the more the feet can pronate. As a result, your bounce becomes more unpredictable.

Another problem with a bigger mat is that you might end up landing with one foot on the edge and another on the center of the mat, impacting your balance. This happens frequently with people above 200 pounds bouncing brings them pretty fast to the center making it hard to maneuver.

Cellerciser is also robotically welded. This is important because it removes possible cold spots in the weld and the frame has an electro-plated finish.

Bouncing on a 40” frame we found to be a perfect measure for either short or tall people. My husband is 6.4’ and I am 5.3’ and we both feel the 28” bounce area of the Cellerciser works wonderfully.

I can say only good things about the bouncing quality of the Celllerciser. It is not too soft to cause feet and ankle to ankle to buckle or pronate, and not too stiff to cause you lower back pain.

Another feature that we like is the fact the frame and legs are foldable and you can do it pretty easily. The six legs are spring-based with a clip-in design, meaning no screwing is required. With this brand, you will have ZERO issues for either portability or storage.

The Hook on the Frame

Most springs hooks break with use making that initial hole to become out of shape. This is often related to the rub being directly into the frame and getting hot with friction.

The Cellerciser has a special spring system where the hook is not directly hooked into the frame. The steel of the hooks seems to be pretty strong too because I couldn’t find anybody complaining about the hooks breaking.

The UV Resistant Permatron Mat

All rebounder mats will stretch with use unless they are made of Permatron Fabric. However, many rebounder brands, to keep the cost low, use canvas, nylon, or even plastic for their mats.

This inferior material causes the feet to sink in the middle or pronate toward the middle, leading to ankle problems, knee problems, and lower back problems.

The Cellercise unit uses Permatron fabric on the mat. It is good to know this is the same fabric often used for swimming pool covers. Permatron material is highly resistant to the elements, so you can even leave it outside in the sun, rain, snow or wind.

For added durability, they also started to use the same thread and stitching used on the seat belt in your car. The cellerciser is really built to last.

Frame and Spring Cover

Some quality rebounders such as Needak sell the rebounder without the spring cover, you have to buy it as separates accessories. If you think about it, that’s completely OK to make the price more accessible or even more attractive to people.

However, to me, this is a must have accessory especially if you have little kiddos jumping on the trampoline.

The cellerciser includes the spring cover and is up to par on the quality. The material they use looks very nice and durable.

Make sure you follow the folding instructions to avoid accidental damage to the cover. When you unfold the unit, you MUST pull the spring cover flaps away from the hinge area, OTHERWISE, the hinge area will bite into the cover as you unfold the rebounder and you will be very upset like me.

Cellerciser Bounce Style 

The Cellerciser mini-trampoline uses the patented TriDaptable spring that stretches from the middle so, when you bounce the pressure is gently absorbed as needed through the tiered-tapered ends allowing your body to accelerate and decelerate smoothly and safely.

I was 140 pounds when I started to bounce on this unit and my husband 237 pounds. We both feel the cellerciser bounce suits everyone’s comfort level for both the healthy bounce and the aerobic bounce.

The company advertises the springs can last for a lifetime but they also include two (2) additional springs in the package in case you ever need it.

To take the most advantage of the Cellerciser:

It takes resistance to create the pressure changes to activate your lymphatic system and to develop muscle tone. So, the harder your bounce is, the more strengthened and toning effect you receive, and the more the lymphatic system activates.

Many people get confused and expect and even tries to jump up like they would on a recreational trampoline.

With a rebounder, the good work resides on the down motion. The calories you burn are because of the weight-bearing with high repetition meaning more bounce per minute. Not jumping higher.

Is the Cellerciser Rebounder Portable?

All Cellercise rebounders have a built-in foldable capability. The one I use is the bi-fold which folds in a half a moon and is easy to store or travel.

If you are looking for the most portable one, they have a tri-foldable version which is even better to carry. This one folds into thirds and comes with a chic and nice case with wheels and a pull-out handle. The case is also water-resistant.

The tri-fold rebounder makes it easier to travel on airplanes. It has the perfect dimension to carry on so you don’t have to pay for extra luggage on commercial flights.

If you are looking for the best Foldable/Portable rebounder that does not harm your ankle, knee, or back when time by, investing a little bit more money at the front, cellerciser in my #1 recommendation. Hands down!

Professional Tri-Fold Model

Cellerciser Review - Tri-Fold version

Folds in thirds 21-1/2 x 21-1/2

Approx. 10 1/2 inches height from ground

Home Base Bi-Fold Model

David Hall Cellerciser Review - bi-fold case

Folds in half to 40” x 21 1/2″

Approx. 10 1/2 inches height from ground

How is the Cellerciser Warranty?

They offer 5 Year Limited Warranties, plus 30 Day Money-Back

You maybe are now wondering,

Where Can I Buy a Cellerciser Rebounder

Like all high-quality rebounder manufacturers, Cellerciser has an excellent and well secure website where I suggest you purchase your rebounder to make sure you are receiving the latest model for the same price.

Their website is also packed with top quality content about rebounding. It also includes multiple Free and Nice workouts you can take advantage of.

There are numerous websites for Cellerciser products out there, but the manufacturer is only one.

>>> Click here to buy straight from Cellerciser Manufacturer <<<

What We Liked and Didn’t Like

Based on our experience with this rebounder and the vast research we have things that we like or dislike. Here are our thoughts:

What We Like

  • Top Quality rebounder
  • Smooth and Comfortable bounce
  • Ability to Auto-Adjust to anybody’s weigh
  • USA Made
  • Durable and resistant Mat
  • Competitive Price
  • Ability to Fold
  • Very easy to setup
  • Instructional workout DVD
  • Outstanding Customer Service
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

What We Don’t Like…

  • Springs Lubrication is Required for a quiet bounce (at least twice a year). We use Lithium Grease Multi-Purpose Lubricant and that takes care of 100% of the squeaky noise.
  • Some people will say that the squicky sound goes away for a week or two and then it returns. My experience has been that I only need to apply it twice a year and that is with two adults and two children using the unit daily.

Cellerciser vs JumpSport

These two are my favorite and highly recommended rebounder brands. Cellerciser uses the triple-tier springs that self-adjust to anyone’s weights. JumpSport uses elastic bands with FlexBounce connectors so you can adjust the correct resistance manually.

The Cellerciser springs are built to last but they require lubrication at least twice a year to avoid squeaky noise. JumpSport uses endurolast bands which allow a quiet bounce without maintenance.

You will find the solid 34 pounds frame of the Cellerciser is quite heavy to move around the house, the JumpSport however, is lighter and easier to move with just 22 pounds.

All cellerciser units are extremely foldable and portable, the JumpSport comparable price does not fold. To get the foldable version you will have to pay around $200 more. It is not that easy to fold and does not include the carrying bag.

If you are new to rebounding and want the auto-adjust resistance bounce, go with the cellerciser. This unit has a bigger mat, it is foldable and more affordable.

However, if you are an experienced bouncer, your balance is good, and don’t want to do any maintenance at all for a quiet bounce, then you will be happier with the JumpSport 370 pro model or higher version.

Cellerciser vs Needak

We found Needak and the Cellercise rebounders have a similar bounce style and both are top quality.

Needak’s soft bounce has a deeper and softer bounce than what Cellerciser provides. A lot of people like the soft bounce but don’t realize they are also getting fewer bounces per minute.

The Cellerciser activates the tier 3 of its spring coils just when more G-force is applied. People jumping higher or heavier people tend to use tear 3 as well.

Needak on the other hand uses the entire coils of the spring every time you bounce to provide the softer and smoother bounce but less resistance.

With Needak you have to change springs every year or two upon use. Cellerciser springs are more durable, the company advertise are built to last for a lifetime.

The Cellerciser has a maximum load capacity of 300 pounds while Needak can go up to 600 pounds on the hard bounce model and 300 on the soft bounce one.

People heavier than 300 pound are better serve with the the hard Bounce model of Needak.

Final Thoughts

We all need to exercise more and the solution is simple. Get up from our chairs and have our body moving. One of the best and fun ways to do that is to rebound.

The Cellerciser is a high-quality rebounder with multiple benefits for your health and fitness goals. The mat prevents ankle, knee, hip, and back injuries. The springs auto adapt to anyone’s weight and height so everybody feels the same amount of comfort.

The rebounding exercise will tone and strengthen your body by consistently moving up and down against gravity. It will increase circulation and blood flow throughout your whole body.

It is a real energy-booster…no coffee needed! And the best part is that you will become happier and healthier.

Don’t wait. Don’t fear. Get into the habit of a healthier life.

So, what are you waiting for…?

NOW is your turn, have you use a Cellerciser or any other rebounder before? how has been your experience? please share it, your testimony can help others improve their life.


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  1. Thank you so much for this incredibly insightful review, Ria! I love to jump on trampolines, love to stay physically active (I’m a spry gal in my 20s. Haha), and I care for my disabled mother (she is 60 years old), whom I also want to keep physically active. I love the fact that the Cellerciser Rebounder is so sturdy, so versatile (especially in its’ ability to accommodate older individuals and individuals with disabilities), it’s quiet (I don’t mind greasing it up a couple of times a year. Haha), and it has such great effects (I’m currently trying to get rid of some nagging muscle pain). This trampoline is an excellent way to lose weight, stay in shape, relieve muscle and joint pain, and have fun! I am definitely going to look into the Cellerciser Rebounder further. Great read! God bless you!

  2. Can u imagine… I had never heard of a Rebounder. Oh dear!
    Well, this review of the Cellerciser Rebounder is great. Very educative and informative. Thanks so much.
    I really love the way you write.

    • Thank you, Aparna. I am glad you have found my review. The idea is more people have access to a variety of ways to keep your self active. Rebounding is convenient, affordable, easy on the joints, and most importantly effective. You can use it at home, especially if running outside is not your thing.

  3. I’m losing bone density in my spine. I went from -1.4 to -1.8 in 2 years . How will the Cellerciser rebound help built bone density in spine and hip ? I’m 59 years old post- menopausal with osteopenia.

    • Hi Rose,
      Thank you for your comment.

      God Bless You. I am not a doctor but multiple articles sustain that Before science assumed all form of exercise was good for the bones. Then a University of Colorado researcher made the surprising discovery:

      READ THIS…

      According to Mayo Clinic weight-bearing exercises like running can actually improve bone density. With THE Cellerciser Trampoline, you can jog and run but in a more gentle way because it absorbs much of the impact. Dave Hall has also plenty of information on his website about Osteoporosis. I hope my input can help you.


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