Cellerciser VS Urban Rebounder – This Will Make Your Life Easier?

Rebounding, a killer of an exercise is gaining more and more ground these days thanks to its efficiency. After NASA and the American Council for Exercise (ACE) proved it is as efficient as any other cardio exercise. Many people including fitness experts have been jumping into rebounders. You might have decided to get one but the options seemed too vast. Here we will be comparing two giants of the rebounding world, the Cellerciser vs Urban rebounder.

Before we begin, let me tell you that can use any of these rebounders to improve your body composition and quality of life. This form of exercise will boost your strength, mobility, and even mood. Personal experience. You can find more of its benefits here.


Cellerciser Rebounder
Urban Rebounder
Cellerciser vs Urban rebounder - cellerciser with balance barCellerciser vs Urban rebounder - urban rebounder Equipment
Rebounder measurement10.5”10”
Diameter40” 40″
Frame materialElectro plated Solid steel Heavy-duty steel
Ability to InclineNoYes
Weight limitSupport up to 300 poundsSupport up to 300 pounds
Warranty5-year warranty for all parts plus a 30-day money-back guaranteeA 1-year warranty covers the frame, spring, and mat.
6-month warranty on all other parts.
30-day money-back guarantee.
Streaming workout videosComes with an instructional workout DVDComes with a mega DVD which includes 6 motivational workouts. More can be purchased on the manufacturer’s website.
Weight34 pounds29 pounds
Mat materialWater and UV resistant Permatron mat with double stitches & threads as the seat belt in your carUV Resistant Permatron mat
PriceCheck the current
price here…
Check the current
price here…

What makes a rebounder good?

Getting a bad rebounder can have jarring consequences. A good rebounder must have the following:

Quality mat

A good rebounder must have a quality mat that would not wear or tear easily. Investing in a rebounder with a low-quality mat can lead to severe injury if anything were to happen during use.

At the moment, Permatron is the best mat in the rebounding world. Avoid a BAD quality mat, it will rapidly stretch with use becoming not safe for your exercise.

For added durability, re-enforced stitches in the mat also play a huge difference in the longevity of your rebounder. It prevents the mat from starting to rip in the connection between the mat and the frame.

Sturdy frame

A sturdy frame would also contribute largely to your safety. You don’t want to fall off of a rebounder due to wobbly legs, or weak steel frame, do you?

Quality spring system

The spring system of a rebounder has to be of high quality for the rebounder to be considered comfortable. A bad spring system would not only prevent you from getting an effective exercise, but it can also lead to severe injury if it malfunctions during use.

Both rebounders in this review comply with this feature but one offers a superb experience.

Spring covers

A good rebounder must also include spring covers that would protect the exposed parts of the spring system. This would make the rebounder safe to use for everyone including children and seniors.

Both rebounders in this category have a spring cover at no extra cost.

Which one is Better?

The Cellerciser was created by David Hall, a certified trainer, and was released into the market in 2009.

It is designed in the United States and manufactures in Taiwan. The frame comes in a steel material that has been thoroughly tested for quality. The manufacturer is so confident about its quality that he placed a 5-year warranty on the product. The Cellerciser is very easy to set up and it is built for durability, as it is built entirely of steel.

This is the rebounder I use in my home and have never regretted my purchase. My husband and I use it for our cardio workout so trust me when I say it is very efficient. Plus, with two little boys constantly bouncing on it, quality has been tested.

If you are looking for the best in terms of low impact on the joint, the Cellerciser is the way to go.

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The Urban rebounder on the other hand has been around for a long time. It was created by JB Berns an established author who once appeared in Fitness Magazine’s top 10 professional trainers of the US. The Urban rebounder is made in China but their specialty is in their Workout DVDs. It comes in a quality steel frame that might require up to 2 people to set up.

There’s a 1-year warranty on the steel frame and the mat. If you are looking for an entry-level rebounder, the urban rebounder is more affordable.

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Both the Cellerciser and the Urban rebounder offer good customer service. Both companies can be reached by email or phone. However, Cellerciser has a live chat system to improve the customer experience.

I have personally used it several times and have always received a superb and quick response. Don’t underestimate good customer service, they can be a lifesaver when facing any issue with your purchase.

Legs and storage?

Luckily, both the Cellerciser and the urban rebounder have been constructed in a way that permits easy storage. The legs of both rebounders can be easily folded when not in use. However, I recommend leaving the rebounder easily accessible. As I always say, out of sight, out of mind.

Anyway, for your peace of mind, a person 6 feet tall with an eight-foot ceiling has plenty of room to bounce in either Cellerciser or Urban rebounder.

The Urban Rebounder can incline and its competition doesn’t.

With Urban rebounder, you can choose from two different positions – flat or incline. By using the longer trampoline’s legs, you can easily control the incline level. It is a great feature because it challenges your workout even further.

On the other hand,

The two models of the Cellerciser (i.e., the bi-fold and the tri-fold) are so compact you would think the manufacturer had sojourners in mind when he was making the rebounders.

Both come with a bag for carriage, but if you have a question about which of the two is more compact, the answer is, as its name implies, the Tri-fold Cellerciser. The tri-fold Cellerciser can be folded three times so you can even carry it with you on an airplane without worrying about carriage section extra fees.

Ease of setup?

Setting up the Cellerciser is quite simple. No technical expertise or tools are also required. The instructions on setting the Cellerciser up comes with the product on purchase.

The Urban rebounder is also easy to set up but might require up to two people to open. There is a video instruction on how to set it up on the instruction packet that comes with this product. This rebounder might be stiff on at purchase, a little lubricant can go a long way in getting rid of that problem.

Overall, no special tool or technical expertise is required to set up any of these units.


Both rebounders come with a warranty and a 30-day refund policy however there’s a slight difference in their warranty.

Cellerciser RebounderUrban
Frame5-year warranty1-year warranty
Mat5-year warranty1-year warranty
Other parts5-year warranty1-year warranty
Additional detailsWarranty is extendable to 2 years at an extra cost.
The 2-year warranty covers only the frame and the mat.

Spring style and bounce style?

Both the Cellerciser and the Urban rebounder use a spring system, unlike other rebounders that use the bungee cords. Even though both rebounders use the same system, there’s still a difference.

The Cellerciser uses patented Tri-daptable springs which have 3 tiers instead of just dual-tier like other rebounders in the market. 

These special springs adapt to your body weight and give you a bounce that’s equivalent to that weight. I was 140 pounds when I started to bounce on the Cellerciser and my husband was 237 pounds. As we lost weight (I am currently at 127 lbs. and my husband is 227 lbs.) we did not need to adjust anything, the Tri-daptable system did it automatically. We both feel the Cellerciser bounce suits everyone’s comfort level. The company advertises that the springs can last for a lifetime but includes 2 additional springs nonetheless.

In my experience working with rebounders, the Cellerciser bounce style provides great resilience as well as comfort. You truly get an effective home workout.

The Urban rebounder uses a dual-tier semi-tapered spring system that is very effective but few users report springs tend to break in the first two years of use. Overall, the Urban rebounder springs get the job done but it does not come close to the soft and smooth style of the Cellerciser.

Note: All rebounders that use the spring system have always been notorious for their squeaking sound when in use. However, for your peace of mind, this can be solved by adding lubricant to the springs. I lubricate my rebounders with lithium grease twice a year for a more pleasant quiet bounce. You can use w4 but it will fix the issue temporarily and not for an extended time.

The mat?

Both rebounders use a Permatron mat. We all know that Permatron denotes quality but not all Permatron are made equal. The mat that Cellercise uses is not only water-resistant but UV resistant as well. That means you can leave your rebounder outside permanently without the worry of damage by the elements of nature (however, that is not recommended).

The mat is friendly on the foot and does not cause ankle pronation. To prevent injury due to abrasion, it is recommended to wear socks when rebounding on the Cellerciser. You should wear tennis shoes if you are planning to workout using the Urban rebounder.

On the Urban rebounder, a few people find the bounce a bit too firm for jumping exercises, but good enough for running or jogging in place.

If you are a senior citizen, I will go with the Cellerciser with the balance bar to avoid back, ankle, or knee pain in the long run. The last thing you want is to compromise your joints, muscles, or bones.

How easy are they to use?

The manufactures of these rebounders have made them very easy to use. They both give you videos on how to use the rebounder on purchase.

With Urban rebounder you have the option to purchase extra workout DVDs for more extensive exercise programs. The Cellerciser on the other hand, has an app you can access for extra workouts for monthly fees as well.

At purchase, the Cellerciser comes with a personal exercise chart for you to track your progress. You can purchase this unit with or without the balance bar. On the other hand, the urban rebounder comes with a stabilization bar to help beginners maintain stability.

With both, you can jog or run-in place, but I don’t recommend doing aerobic exercise that requires jumping on the Urban rebounder because of the jarring effect. It can cause you pain if you don’t have a strong back.

If you are looking for a rebounder to do the healthy bounce and activate your lymphatic system, Cellerciser is your best option as it also allows you to do multiple aerobic movements without a jarring effect.

Please note, fitness trampolines are not meant to jump high as a recreational trampoline, with a rebounder or mini-trampoline your job is to push down the mat. To get an optimum result, the more bounce per minute you get the more calories you burn. So, there is no point to jump higher, the time you are in the air is pointless to achieve your workout goal. But,… It may be fun to do it sometimes.

My #1 Recommendation and the Biggest Difference

The Cellerciser and Urban rebounders are both good trampolines but my #1 recommendation is the Cellerciser. The reasons are straightforward.

  • First, the Cellerciser has a 5-year warranty as compared to the 1-year warranty of the urban rebounder.
  • Second, the patented tri-daptable spring system of the Cellerciser gives you a lot more comfortable bounce. This also translates into your ability to workout for a longer time as well as to allow you to work out more efficiently, no matter your weight or height.
  • Third, the durability of the Cellerciser is superb when compared to the urban rebounder. The Cellerciser springs are gentler on the joints, the frame is made to last a lifetime and the company even includes two extra springs in case you ever need it.
  • Lastly, the Cellerciser is easily foldable and can be carried along with you while traveling. What’s more, it comes with a bag for that.

However, the workout DVD from Urban is simply better. It comes with more variety of workouts to suit a bigger audience. This is important to keep you always challenged and motivated. The workout DVD from Cellerciser is a bit old school. The good news is that you can buy the Urban rebounder workout DVD separately.

Note: Quality spring systems are better and safer than bungee cords in the long run as they provide a more effective workout (you have better control in your up and down movement). On top of that, rebounders with metal springs tend to last longer.

To sum up,

we all know how effective and beneficial rebounding is for everyone including seniors. Truth be told, the benefits by far outweigh the money you’d spend on it. Not to forget that rebounding is also fun to use, and this makes your workout experience more enjoyable.

Both the Cellerciser and the Urban rebounder are good rebounders. Even though the Urban rebounder has been around longer than the Cellerciser, I’d still pick the Cellerciser before it any day because of reasons already mentioned.

This type of exercise is fun to follow which will help you keep your motivation going through your workout journey. Rebounding has been tested to improve your balance and functional mobility, this is great especially for the elderly and people in rehab.

Jumping on a trampoline reduces cellulite and helps your body to naturally detox while boosting your lymphatic system.

In my experience, it reduces stress like any other workout I have tried. Please try to see the benefits yourself.


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