15 Different Types of Bikes For Women – Which Will Better Suit You?

If you are looking to get a bicycle for a lady or you’re thinking of upgrading from your previous one, the key is to have a clear understanding of the different types of women’s bikes to make an informed decision. 

At first, this seems like a relatively easy thing to do, but trust me, it’s not as simple if you want a bike that adapts to your needs and goals.

Considering that, what’s important to know is each type of bicycle is designed differently to cater to a large population of both women and men and their different demands.

We all have particular needs, some women are interested in weight loss while others are more oriented to adventure or family trips. Bicycle Manufacturers know all that. Hence, many types of women’s bicycles exist and we are here to help you find the one that best suits you.

Something that can help right out of the box is asking yourself the following: Where would you like to ride and, with who? The first one will determine the bike you need but the last one is because you will want to buy something similar to what your cycling friends have.

You will be left behind if you have a beautiful women cruiser bike and your friends are riding a speed bike such as a road bike. The same if all your friends enjoy riding on the mountain and uneven terrain and you get a bike specifically designed for the road.

You got the idea.

15 Different Types of Bikes For Women

Taking into the variety of bicycles in this world, we have listed them below according to the requirements you may have and how they would cater to your goal.

Road Bikes

This bike is perfect for a lady looking to ride out in paved areas, or for small commutes to the grocery store or the park, road bikes may be the way to go.

With thin tires and long suspensions, road bikes allow you to feel more in control as well as have a better handle on their rides. These bikes are lightweight so they allow you to go faster compared to other types of bikes. In fact, they are known to be the sports car in the bicycle world.

Therefore, road bikes are perfect if you like speed and feeling the wind in your hair.

Mountain Bikes

For a woman into off-road cycling, for the love of thrills and a knack for pushing herself to the extreme, mountain bikes are the way to go.

If you like the feel of riding through a forest, the mountain bike is the way to go. Traditionally, this type is loaded with a sturdy frame and a wide range of gearing so riders are prepared for the hilliest of mountains.

Cargo Bikes

For women with children or generally for women who intend to reduce the number of times they take out their cars, the cargo bike is the way to go. The strong design is perfect to carry heavy loads around towns and cities quickly.

Cargo bikes allow women to carry groceries, different miscellaneous items and cut back on the use of their cars when going out on short trips. It is perfect for your daily exercise but also is the bike ideal for faster deliveries.

City Bikes

If you’re looking to join cycling groups or simply want to tone up with cycling in the evenings, this type of bike may be the way to go. Almost all the new models come with mudguards, chain guards, lights, and integrated rear or front racks for small luggage or shopping bags.

City bikes are the perfect choice for those looking to join a community cycling group and want a bicycle fit for the activity. They offer more grip on paved areas, such as roads in the suburban parts of a city. For city commuting and for long distances and areas where you can’t go off-road, city bikes may allow you to feel fast and have fun along the way.

Hybrid Bikes

For women looking for versatile rides. The upright position allows for a comfortable ride and good control. If you are looking to ride bicycles for weight loss and toning, the hybrid bike is the way to go.

A hybrid is a mix between a road and mountain bike and allows for a woman to take them out on the road for everyday rides that include visits to the park when they want to appreciate the views.

Ideal for women who’ve just begun cycling, a hybrid bike can allow both daily use or shorter and casual rides.

Cruiser Bikes

A great option for women looking for a city ride, light trails, or shorter rides along the beach or to the coffee shop. It is also suitable for both dirt paths and paved bike lanes.

Many women chose this type of bike because it is simple, fun, and comfortable to ride. However, they are not suitable for longer rides.

You can get it in a variety of colors to add some fun to your life.


For women who want to commute different routes and not get sweaty, e-bikes are the way to go.

They allow for longer commutes to the office so you can ride for longer and faster. An easier way to climb hills as well as tackle those nasty headwinds.

E-bikes are eco-friendly and you can ride up to 30 miles per hour. They’re rechargeable and greatly reduce the carbon footprint, making them great for the environment.

Cross Cycle Bikes

This one is a special form of a road bike and is designed for people looking to take part in cross races, cross bikes, or cyclocross. They have a bit wider tire so it allows more off-road traction. You would want this type of bike if you plan to navigate in different conditions such as gravel, grass, mud, or pavement. 

It’s feasible to use them for riding through the mud and grass, allowing its use in parks and muddy areas as well.

BMX Bikes

For women looking to take part in different events at the skate park and learn new tricks, BMX bikes are a good choice.

If you have children and want to engage in fun activities with them, BMX allows for cross-functional use allowing you to integrate playtime and indulge in different sports activities.

Gravel Bikes

Great for use in national parks and recreational areas. Gravel bikes allow women to feel as if they are a part of nature. They are essentially road bikes commonly built from steel and designed to tackle a variety of surfaces.

They are faster than a mountain bike when you use them for uphill riding. However, the mountain bike can be faster on downhill terrain.

Gravel bikes or adventure road bikes often feature carry luggage making them ideal for commuting or even multi-day bikepacking trips.

Moreover, allow you to take in great views at different locations around a park that are too tedious for trekking.

Recumbent Bikes

These bikes allow the women to lay back and ride in a seated position. Moreover, is ideal for women facing any kind of problems in their knees, hips, or back this is a suitable choice.

For women who cannot ride traditional bicycles due to physical discomfort and need ergonomic positions for riding, a recumbent bicycle is a good choice.

They are a little hard to ride in traffic intense areas due to their low positions and instead are fit for riding in suburban areas.

Tandem Bikes

If you and a friend are looking to go out riding or are a couple looking for a fun bonding activity, tandem bikes are the best fit for you.

Tandem bikes may be in the form of mountain, road, or hybrid bikes, depending on the use of the women who wish to ride them.

Track Bikes

For women looking for track racing, these bikes are the way to go.

They may look like typical road bikes but are specially designed to be used on a velodrome. They are breakless bikes with no gears.

If you are looking to become part of this exciting sport, these bikes are the best choice.

Folding Bikes

Just as the name suggests folding bikes are easy-to-fold and carry about when women are looking for easy storage.

They are great for commuters looking to ride to work, as well as for women living the van life or small apartment. This bike is a great choice that allows for easy storage and higher accessibility in hard-to-go places for cars or vans.

Three-wheeled bikes

These types of bikes are a great option for older folks, especially those who have concerns with their balance. Tricycles are known to be senior-friendly because it reduces the risk of injuries related to loss of control.

The three-wheeled or strikes’ main purpose is for recreation, shopping, and exercise. They also offer a good experience for riding with kids.

So, if you do not feel confident enough to use a traditional bike, a tricycle could be your best ticket. However, please know they are not easier or faster to pedal especially on sidewalks.

Final Thoughts

There are a wide variety of bikes that may exist, but at the end of the day, the only thing that can help you determine what kind of bike to buy is the type of need you have for the bike.

So instead of going out to choose what kind of bike to buy just by looking at them in a shop, a better way is to first determine the type of riding you want to do and then head for the shop.

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