Fit Bounce Pro vs Bellicon – Which Brand is Better?

We’ve all heard of how efficient and superb rebounders are, coupled with the fact that they can be used anywhere even at home. Maybe you’ve decided to get a rebounder and you’ve narrowed down your choice to fit bounce pro and the Bellicon. To help you out, here is a comprehensive comparison to make your choice the right one.

Choosing a rebounder to buy could be the most important decision you would make for your health and fitness life.

I am a true fan of jumping on a fitness trampoline so I get it if you tell me you want to revamp your workout routine with it. Over the years I’ve seen many people rebounding for different reasons so I know the importance and how a single mistake can lead to a ton of regrets.

Here is a comparison Table of the Fit Bounce Pro vs Bellicon.

Fit bounce pro II
Rebounder Measurement:40”39”, 44”, and 49” depending on the model
Bouncing area measurement:28”27”, 32”, and 37” depending on the model
Frame material:High-grade steelBlack, powder-coated steel
Weight limit:330 lbs.Up to 440 lbs.
Mat material:PolypropyleneWoven polypropylene (PP)
Warranty:*Frame: lifetime
*Mat: 3 years
*Cords: 12 months
*Frame: lifetime
*Mat: 5 years
*Cords: 12 months
Bounce style:Tension is preset to one setting ideal for the average customers of this brand. Allow to consider your weight while buying so you get the right customization to get an optimum workout experience.
Include streaming workout videos or DVD:Free 3-month free video membership plus DVD30 days free access to Bellicon home online workout video platform then you have to subscribe to continue.
Foldable Capability:Yes, legs and frameNo, but you can get the collapsible spring leg for an extra $80
Price:Check Latest Price HereCheck Latest Price Here

When we talk about exercise as a habit, enjoyable equipment or the type of exercise you like is really key.

Before we start let’s discuss the fundamental,


If you want a rebounder with the hope of using it for a very long time you should ensure that you are getting quality material. Even though it might cost you a little more at the front, I assure you it will be totally worth it for a long-term workout habit.

Ø Ensure the rebounder you get has a reliable spring system and frame.

Rebounders can either have bungee cords or a metal spring system. Regardless of which spring system you would be choosing it is advisable to get spring/bungee covers. This would ensure your safety and those of your kids if you have any around.

Ø Why the Quality of the rebounder Mat is Important?

A rebounder mat with low quality can lead to injury. The mat can rapidly start coning in the center also will tear and rip apart with little use. Ankle and foot pronation is one of the effects of bad mat material.

For a good rebounding experience, avoids getting a bad quality mat material. The best mat in the market is made of polypropylene material that can support you even if you are barefoot. This means your joints and back are safe. You also can find rebounders made of Permatron polypropylene which is even better because is UV resistant, anti slid, and does not absorb moisture.



All humans are wired to rest and spend a great deal of time on TV or their phone rather than work out. Yeah, most of us are lazy when it comes to exercising. But with the rebounder at home, the story can be different.

From personal experience, I observed that having a rebounder at home pushed me to push myself to exercise more. There are thousands of online reviews of different people attesting to the fact that having a rebounder at home is a smart way to force yourself out of your cozy couch.

Rebounders generally make it easy to work out and the manufacturers are even making it easier in their own unique way.


If you choose the Fit pro bounce II, you will get a 3-month free video membership access plus a DVD. The video membership access would guide you in your workout routine and show you the basic moves you ought to know. With Bellicon you will get a 30-day trial subscription to their Bellicon home online workout video platform.

People love the Fit Bounce Pro DVD is very well rated online which contains a lot of videos that would show you how to work all the parts of your body using the rebounder. The Bellicon training platform in the other hand, contains over 400 training videos that you can choose from.

Like the Fit bounce pro II, the streaming service of Bellicon will show you how to use the trampoline in your daily routine. You also will like the platform has an additional personalized dashboard where you can track your progress.


Some customers are frightened by the prospect of assembling pieces of equipment. Lucky for you, both rebounders in this category require no technical know-how to arrange.

The Fit bounce pro comes already assembled and it comes with a metal locking bolt for safety. The rebounder is half-foldable and the legs are folded in. All you need to do is open the rebounder, unfold the legs, and jump your way into better health.

 The Bellicon on the other hand comes arranged with the bungee cords in place. All that is needed of you is to screw the leg in place and you can start jumping.


The Fit Bounce Pro Folded

Both the fitness pro bounce II and the Bellicon facilitate easy and fast storage but they use a quite different storage method.

With the Fit bounce Pro, the rebounder is completely foldable. You can fold both the legs and the frame in a matter of seconds permitting easy and fast storage.

This brand is cheaper than Bellicon but is really very well-made.

Now, how easy is it to store the Bellicon?

Even though Bellicon is a top-of-the-line rebounder, unfortunately, is not foldable and it uses the screw system for its leg. If you are interested in the foldable capability, with $80 more you can get the newest system which is a collapsible spring leg system that allows you to easily store in a flat position.

I personally think the foldable option is better because it guarantees easy and fast setup and storage. Besides, screwing and unscrewing can be taxing and tiring especially if you leave in an apartment or do not have a lot of room.


Both rebounders in this category use bungee cords which are trending in the industry. However, with this type of system, you need the right tension on the elastic cords for a safe, effective, and comfortable bounce.

Some brands are picking the ideal tension based on the average weight of people while others have an adjustable setting that allows you to choose the most comfortable bounce.



The Fit pro bounce II does not require weight standardization, bungee has been set up to the middle setting tension. I personally found this setting ideal for people between 150-250 pounds. If you are in this rage you don’t need to worry about ankle pronation to get the Fit pro bounce II.

As I said before, bungee cords do not last as metal spring systems but with the Fit Bounce Pro II, you get 2 spare bungees on purchase. Overall, all members of the family can benefit from this brand.


When you are getting the Bellicon, you would be required to choose the right strength and tension of cords before placing your order.

This is IMPORTANT to ensure that you get a perfect bounce calibrated to your weight and height so your bounce is safe and your feet don’t buckle while exercising.

In other words, you want the bungees with good resistance so your feet don’t pronate or touch the ground if you jump high. Because of this feature, the rebounder will be attuned to your weight. It also means other people of varying weights would not get the same smooth bounce style.


Warranty is part of the ways of determining the quality of products. Superior products tend to have an extended warranty than their regular counterparts.

How long is the warranty of the Fit Bounce Pro?

The Fit pro bounce II has a lifetime warranty covering the frame. The mat has a 3-year warranty and the cords a 12-month warranty. Besides that, all parts of the rebounder are replaceable at a fairly economical price.

How long is the warranty of the Bellicon Rebounder?

The Bellicon rebounder company provides a lifetime warranty for its frame, a 5-year warranty for the mat, and a 12-month warranty covering the cords. Just like other rebounders, the parts are replaceable at a low cost.


The Fit bounce Pro or the Bellicon Rebounder?

The answer to this question depends on your choice, needs, and pocket size.

Both rebounders can be used by everyone (kids, pros, beginners, and seniors) and they also both have a sufficient warranty which means they are of great quality. If your family is comprised of a wide range of individuals, you are going to be well served by buying any of these two brands.

However, Bellicon is ideal for people looking for a personalized rebounder. I also recommend the Bellicon since you can customize everything from the color to the weight it can support. The rebounder is a little bit pricey but worth the investment since it will last you longer and will give you better support in your joints.

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How high does my ceiling have to be to jump on a trampoline?

It is recommended that your ceiling be 2 feet taller than you. That is, if you are 5 feet, you need a 7 feet ceiling.

Can a bungee rebounder support my weight?

A rebounder cannot support all weight. If the weight limit is too much compared to your weight, you might not get enough resistance. And if your weight is higher than the weight limit, your feet can touch the ground when jumping high, also the bungee cord will break sooner and overall the rebounder might break and injure you in the process.

Properly consider the weight limit of the rebounder, make a proper comparison with yours, and then decide. Most manufacturers give the weight limit of their product on their site.

Why should I rebound?

Rebounding offers a lot of benefits from flushing the lymph to reducing cellulite to easing stress. Seriously, you’d be missing out on a lot if you are not rebounding. To see more about the benefits of rebounding, click here.

How many calories can you burn with a rebounder?

You can burn between 300-500 calories in 30 minutes on a rebounder.

Is rebounding safe for seniors?

Yes! Rebounding is not only safe for seniors but very beneficial. You can click here to read more about the benefits of rebounding for seniors.

Will rebounding help me lose belly fat?

Yes! Rebounding is an effective cardio workout that would torch your body fat in no time.

How do I know if the frame is stable enough for my weight?

A sturdy frame is as important as other parts of the rebounder, if not more. The frame size and material would determine the support the rebounder can offer.
A material made of steel is more reliable than that made of chrome or plastic.

Difference Between Metallic Spring System vs Bungee Cords Rebounders

Metallic spring system

Are the most common rebounders. Usually offer more resistance than elastic cords and because it is metal lasts longer time. It tends to produce noise so lubrication is required. Bad quality springs tend to be too stiff and this leads to not a much fun workout.

Bungee cords

Are the newest trends on fitness trampoline, but the quality is also essential. Bungee cords deliver a smooth and quiet bounce and allow for a higher jump. People love to jump on the trampoline with elastic cords but please be aware that they lose tension with use.


According to ACE, rebounding will give you an exercise that is very effective but less intense. With rebounding, your joints are safe.

Both the Bellicon and the Fit pro bounce II have been in the market for a long time which means they have been delivering quality products for a while, no wonder their loyal customer base is growing more and more.

Whichever you decide to choose, be sure to make the most of it.

If you have any questions, addition, or subtraction let us hear from you in the comment section.

Enjoy rebounding exercise!

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