FitTrack Smart Scale Review – Does it helps you Reach Your Fitness Goals?

There is no denying that being overweight is one of the most significant concerns in the world today. It is a devastating issue that no one would wish for anyone. Thanks to the various conditions and untimely deaths excessive weight can cause, it is incredibly important to keep it in check. But did you know that a smart scale would be the easiest way to monitor and track your progress?

In our FitTrack smart scale review we have explored if this unit is worth the money, how does it work and, how accurate and reliable is. We have also researched what other users and saying about it.

But, before going deep into the review, let’s explain the fundamentals.

What is Smart Scale in the First Place?

Thanks to the technology we have today, smart scales have come way beyond a simple typical digital scale. From measuring weight and body composition metrics to recording results, the benefits will hardly be overlooked.

They offer a more complete picture of your body composition in order to assist with weight loss. They can track your effort over weeks or even years. They even provide an app where you can record your complete weight loss journey.

Why Smart Scales are Trending in the Fitness Industry?

Thanks to the myriad of benefits these tools provide, they are essential in your workout journey to have a clear picture of your overall health progress. Typically, these smart scales come in handy in the recording of your weight, but most importantly other body composition metrics such as muscle weight and body fat.

The data is helping many people understand if they are losing fat or gaining muscle. I personally love features such as hydration, bone mass, and BMR which are all comprehensive measurements that give you an inside look into your body.

A smart scale will undoubtedly help individuals and families keep their health initiatives in check and effortlessly so.

How FitTrack Dara Smart Scale Can Help You?

This scale will comfortably measure and monitor up to 400 pounds. As if that is not enough, you will have access to seamless records and your body weight history. In the case of many users, the smart scale will automatically discern who is who, providing you with unparalleled precision. All you will need to do is create different profiles on the app.

Further, having this smart scale will be helpful to your family doctor as well. It will allow them to note any significant changes in your health, ensuring that you get medical attention when needed. Did you know that you can pair them with your fitness trackers too?

Why FitTrack Smart Scale is a Real Deal?

The FitTrack is a great deal because you can comfortably monitor and check up to 17 health insights. It will provide you with instant results, allowing you to analyze and make logical decisions.

In the convenience and privacy of your home, you can have accurate data you can work on. Smart scale devices have become a necessary tool for any health-conscious individual. It also connects with the Apple Health, Google Fit, and Fitbit app.

Now, let me show what this high-tech and very cool device can measure from your body composition. Here are a few insights.

-Body Weight-Bone Mass-Subcutaneous Fat
-BMI (Body Mass Index)-Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)-Standard Weight
-Body Fat Percentage-Protein Rate-Weight Control
-Muscle Rate-Metabolic Age-Weight Without Fat
-Hydration Levels-Visceral Fat IndexMuscle Mass
FitTrack Smart Scale Measurements

Not long ago I thought those types of body composition measurements will only be available from very expensive professional equipment common in a high-end fitness club or doctor office. Bioelectrical impedance analysis technology is here for our benefits and convenience.

Help You Monitor Your Health and Overall Fitness Progress

The scale will comfortably tell how healthy your fat % is. The fat percentage will tell whether you are underweight or overweight, depending on what you will measure. Remember, the ideal fat percentage should lie between 2% and 5%. I also love the ability to send this information to your smartphone. This function is also useful for when you have to visit your doctor or fitness coach. You can address concerns with real data.

According to the company the scale uses Bioelectric Impedance Analysis technology, a common method for estimating body composition, particularly body fat. Thanks to this technology its why it is much easier to measure bone and body mass these days.

In our research, FitTrack Dara gives you an accurate insight into your workout progress. The scale will also show you the changes in your muscle weight, whether it is a loss or gain.

NOTE: Muscle mass should be about 60% of your weight and your bone content needs to be around 3%-5%.

It Can Even Monitor Your Water Composition

This has always been one of my biggest challenges, not being hydrated enough to completely detox my body. A hydrated body is a requirement for a healthy body.

The data provided by this device will help you understand whether you are hydrated or not. On top of that, it can even alert you via the FitTrack Pro app if your hydration level is too low.


The accuracy provided by this device will readily get you smitten. This product assures you of a +/- 3% accuracy level, which is impressive.

While you will experience a few inconsistencies when measuring your weight, it should not be the biggest worry. To this end, ensure that you are light-clothed or even naked when getting on the scale. It assures you of better a measurement.

However, it’s also worth mentioning that BMI could not and should not be used to indicate the level of fatness in an individual. It is not considered an accurate measure for your overall fitness progress, so even correct BMI information should be taken with a grain of salt.

Sleek Design

You will fall in love with the design. From its robust construction to the unmatched elegance, it is a sleek, futuristic product you cannot miss. It is light and portable, meaning that convenience is assured.


In terms of price, I found the FitTrack Data is offered at a competitive price comparing it with other high-end smart scale devices (under $90). But it is always dependent on your budget if is worth the money or not.

How Does FitTrack Dara Work?

Nothing beats the satisfaction that comes with ease of use. Fortunately, that is what you get from this device as it functions impeccably.

This product comes with metal electrodes, which, when you stand on the scale, send signals through your feet. This signal goes through hydrated muscle tissues, and any resistance gets measured. By measuring this resistance, the device can comfortably calculate your body composition.

It will suffice to mention that the measurements get recorded instantly. That means you will be free to follow the progress via your FitTrack app which is very user-friendly. Operating this device is reasonably straightforward, giving you an enjoyable time in the long run.

What Consumers Say About FitTrack Dara?

Thanks to the reliability and functionality provided by this device, you will be confident of the best results in the long run. The positive user reviews on this smart scale indicate how much value you will get for your money. The following are some pros and cons most users point out.


  • Convenience, as it measures up to 17 health insights
  • Robust construction, assuring you of enhanced durability
  • Sleek design
  • Lightweight, compact, and portable
  • Relatively straightforward to use


  • A few inconsistencies, with the data being inaccurate at times

Common FAQs

Is FitTrack Accurate?

Mixed reactions have surfaced regarding the accuracy of this device. However, generally, you will be sure of impressive accuracy levels at +/-3%. While there are a few inconsistencies, you will be sure of the best results.

The company states this unit is FDA-approved and performs as accurately as a medical DEXA scan (dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry).

How long do you have to stand on the scale to get results?

Few seconds.

What is the cost of FitTrack?

This product is relatively pricey, as it will cost you about $90. However, you will be confident of enhanced value for money in the long run.

Does the app alert the user to an abnormal number such as your BMI is too high or if your hydration level is too low?

YES, it alerts you via the APP. To do so you just need to install the FitTrack Pro app on your phone and log in. The app is free.

Does the scale sync with apple watch?

FitTrack Smart Scales do not currently sync with the Apple Watch. It can sync with Apple Health, Google Fit, and Fitbit app.

How do I re-calibrate the scale?

The scale has the ability to automatically re-calibrate and indicate 0.0 pounds. To do so, step on the scale for 1 to 2 seconds and then step off.

Final Thought

Even though smart scales, in general, are not perfect with their calculations, they do provide value to your workout progress. Especially if you are into data tracking and like high tech gadgets.

Reviewing the FitTrack Dara we found the scale overall effective and accurate. It is a handy device and completely worth the money. Moreover, delivers up to 17 body composition measurement so you can have a complete insight into your health and overall fitness progress.

From its connectivity with other tools to how durable it is, this sleek, smart scale is the way to go.


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