Gorilla Bow Resistance Bands Review – Is it Truly Worth Your Money?

Having compact and multi-functional gym equipment for your home workout is convenient and cheap. One of the most versatile gym equipment for home use is a resistance band set. However, which home gym resistance bands are better for your fitness goal is the key question.

In our gorilla bow resistance bands review, we are going to reveal if this equipment is worth your money. We are going to show you what it is and how it can help your fitness goal. We will outline the different packages in a comparison guide so you can make an informed decision.

It is not all about getting a resistance band, it is about getting a quality and reliable unit so you can train safely while keeping your body stronger and healthier.

Without further ado, let’s begin

What is Resistance Bands and How Gorilla Bow Can Help you with Your Fitness Goal?

Resistance bands are elastic bands ideal for people looking for strength training. Some as the Gorilla Bow bands can provide a full-body workout while having portability and flexibility to work out indoors or outdoors. By stressing your muscles while working against a force, your muscles become stronger and as a result, better toned.

You do not necessarily need weight for improving strength or toning your body, this resistance band does a pretty good job by adding enough resistance to offer a comparable effect on your muscles.

Gorilla Bow bands feature a compact and lightweight style for convenience if you need to take them with you anywhere you go. This is suitable for multiple workouts such as power weight lifting workouts, building muscles, and even toning the body.

Gorilla Bow will help you save some money as you don’t need to buy various workout equipment to train all major muscles. Depending on which package you choose (the original or lite version), you can receive up to eight resistance bands, and when you combine the bands it gives you up to 350 pounds of resistance. It is amazingly powerful.

Why Buy Gorilla Bow Resistance Bands?

Multifunctional Workout Equipment

If You love simplicity and functionality, the gorilla bow resistance bands should be high in your list for consideration. You will not be limited to working out specific muscles but a full-body workout is available for you. You can work out the lower and upper body for significant results. You can also use the resistance bands for weight lifting, stretching the body, and toning to build muscles.

Adjustable Resistance Bands

The heavy package (original Gorilla bow) comes with 8 bands with a maximum capacity of 330 lbs. of resistance.

The lite bow comes with 4 resistance bands color-coded by different resistance levels.

Whether you are a beginner or a more advanced fitness user, these resistance bands will provide the best resistance for significant workout results. The bands are also comfortable to use by anyone.

Easy to use

The bands come with a handlebar that provides a comfortable and perfect gripping surface. Also, the handlebar has hoop points for easily hooking the bands when working out.

Notable Features

SpecsGorilla Bow OriginalGorilla Bow LiteGorilla Bow Travel
Gorilla Bow Resistance Bands Review basic bowGorilla Bow Resistance Bands Review Travel bow
Bow weight:6 lb3 lb6 lb.
Length:56 inches48 inches56 inches
Resistance bands:8 resistance cables3 resistance cables4 resistance cables
Bow Resistance Level:Handle up to 300 lbs. of resistanceUp to 120 pounds of resistanceUp to pounds 350 of resistance
Total resistance weight:330 Pounds60 Pounds110 pounds
Note:Allow you to add up to 4 bands at a time for combining resistanceAllow you to add up to 2 bands at a time for combining resistanceAllow you to add up to 4 bands at a time for combining resistance
BuyCurrent Price- $$Current Price – $Current Price – $$$

Lightweight & Easy to Travel Bow

Gorilla bow systems are pretty lightweight, it is not the lightest (see the TRX that only weighs 2 pounds) but it is pretty comfortable for most people.

The travel Bow version has foldable capabilities and allows for disassembly into three 21-inch sections so you won’t have any trouble traveling. It literally fits in any backpack.

Either the original, lite, or travel version are easy to carry on and allow you to workout from anywhere you imagine.

Varying Resistance Levels

Gorilla Bow bands come with varying resistance levels to choose from based on your ability and comfortable resistance level. The best part is that you can increase the resistance level up to 300 pounds.

Heavy-duty material construction

The Gorilla Bow resistance bands come with heavy-duty and premium materials to accommodate heavyweights. The Bows are made of aircraft-grade aluminum to handle a considerable powerful tension.

Many customers find Gorilla Bow Resistance Bands quite comfortable to work out with as they come with a handlebar for gripping when stretching the bands.

So, rest assured to get a comfortable grip of the band even when your hands get sweaty. Also, interchanging the resistance bands is easy for everyone.

Who is Gorilla Bow Resistance Bands Good for?


These resistance bands are crafted to accommodate all people, including those learning how to use it. The package comes with resistance bands with varying resistance levels so everyone can get the best work out level.

The 3 resistance bands that come with the lite version I found them ideal for most beginners. But please note, if your fitness goal is more ambitious, it is a smart move to go for the heavy-duty original bow that allows for more room to grow.

If you are a beginner or senior, choose the lite version as it will save you some money and will give you some room to grow as your fitness level progress.

Pros or Power weight lifters

Besides accommodating first-time users, the Gorilla Bow equipment is suitable for people who work out with heavyweights and those looking for bodybuilding as well. If you are in this category, I will recommend choosing the heavy original bow version. Gorilla Bow level can use up to 8 resistance bands for a maximum capacity of 330 pounds of resistance. All to fit people who demand higher power when working out.


Even seniors can use these resistance bands to increase strength and tone their body, especially the arms and legs. This exercise tool is portable, so seniors can easily pack them and workout from different locations. Also, they have user-friendly resistance levels to choose from.

People who want to lose weight

If you are working hard to lose weight, get this resistance band to aid you in the process to achieve a toned body.

With Gorilla Bow resistance bands with either the original or lite version, you can definitely burn some calories as it involves using your body energy which, in return, facilitates weight loss. Moreover, and most importantly, you will develop rock hard abdominal and gluts as well as a more defined body.

How Does it Work?

To help you achieve your goal, Gorilla Bow bands have plenty of workout videos available on their website so you can start increasing muscle strength right away.

For safety, please be aware of having proper form in order to reduce the risk of injury.

The bow is equipped with hooks, while the bands have a loop for easy connection to the bow. For even more resistance you can add up to 4 bands to the bow.

Is it worth it?

If you are skeptical about acquiring this resistance band set, many enthusiastic users confirm its effectiveness. You can also try it for 30 days for free. To me it is undoubtedly worth your money, I see it as an investment for your overall health. Gorilla Bow band is one of the best alternatives you can have to supplement the gym since it offers multiple workout options. The bands are comfortable to use either indoor or outdoor.


  • The resistance bands are quite versatile
  • Portability
  • Has varying resistance levels to choose from
  • It is easy to use
  • Comes with a handlebar to hold on to when working out
  • Helps to tone, lose weight, and build muscles.
  • The cost of the resistance band is affordable.


· The handlebar can be too long for some people

· The handlebar does not have padding and may often slip when working out.

Final Thoughts

Gorilla bow portable home gym resistance bands are quality workout equipment worth investing in if you are looking for versatile workout gym equipment. The set comes with varying resistance bands that provide multiple workout levels to challenge your body for better results.

I found beginners and seniors can improve their strength by choosing the lite version of Gorilla bow. For advanced users, you will be better served by choosing the heavy original bow since you get more bands and as a result, added resistance for a powerful result.

Overall, Gorilla bow resistance bands meet and exceed our expectations. It is offered by a reasonable price when we compare with other quality home gym system. It is suitable for anyone who wants a full-body workout at home. Highly recommended!

To Your Workout Success!


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