How Do Working Moms Find Time to Exercise

How do working moms find time to exercise if the time is just not there? You have to tend to the kids, do household chores, then attend to your job. When you finally get a free time, you’d quickly use it to catch your breath or nap to regain energy.

But, do you know with all these, some moms still manage to pull through and find the time to workout?

First of all, welcome to this blog. I am happy to help you start on this awesome journey.

When the issue of working out is raised among working moms, so many are fast to assume that exercising drains them of their precious energy. This cannot be farther than the truth.

Exercise leaves you feeling refreshed and in fact boosts your rapidly depleting energy. I would know because as a working mom myself, I work out regularly and I know how difficult it is to combine wife, mother, and professional duties.

How Do Working Moms Find Time to Exercise

Let me start with my personal experience,

How Did I Do It?

After I gave birth to my second little angel, I knew that my life was changing in tremendous ways I never imagined. I didn’t feel confident with my weight and stress was rapidly accumulating. My last pregnancy sure took its toll on me and my angel didn’t take it easy on me post-pregnancy. Because of waking up and all, morning exercise was not even an option for me. You could also be in that situation.

After the kids started sleeping well and also allowed me to get a decent sleep, I started waking up early to exercise.I felt I needed time for myself. I lie if I say it was easy but with time, I got used to it.

Your goal and determination is a key factor.

What helped me?

  • First: The goal, the idea of taking time for myself and relieving stress.
  • Second: having fun home exercise equipment, and a workout program that I enjoy.
  • Third: Getting the family involved in the workout journey has been a source of fuel for my motivation.

Now, when my children are grown enough, we do work out together. I have the cellerciser rebounder and I and the kids use it for cardio exercise. I’m glad I could take them through this journey with me.

My workout routine: Rebounding 10-15 minutes in the morning then I do another 20 minutes of strength training when I get back from work. I work out with my husband, so we motivate each other.

The Main Idea is to help you find your way.

I understand juggling motherhood and professional life is not a simple task, but exercising at home does help. 

Working Moms must find time to decompress! The quality of your life is also important.

Recharging energy, fighting de-stress and a balanced lifestyle where you take time for yourself is fundamental for your emotional health. Moms, workout boosts your mood!. Try it!

If today, you want to feel invigorated, stronger, sexier, or even just more relaxed take time to exercise. 

How Can You Do It?

To integrate exercise into your already packed life you should follow the steps below:

Create a Vision to Motivate You

Before you start working out, you should write down the reasons why you want to start. Do you want to lose the weight gained while carrying your baby? Do you want to stay healthy for the kids? Or do you just want to get fit? Whatever the reasons may be, you should write them down because they would serve as a source of motivation for you in the future. 

Besides, writing down the goals helps you tailor your workout to fit your goal. Since you’d barely have enough time for a workout, a more precise workout would ensure that you get the best of each workout session. 

Create a Schedule and Stick to it

Now that you have a vision and a goal in mind, the next step is to add exercise to your schedule.

You should not only add it there for fancy, but you should also take the exercise as seriously as a business meeting. Your physical and emotional health matter. Do not jeopardize it for anything.

I would advise you to carefully study your schedule and add exercising to a very suitable time for you. That worked for me. I knew that I am more willing to do something right away after work. Waiting to rest a bit becomes more difficult to exercise on that day. So find what works best for you. 

If you decide to wake up very early to exercise, there will be no distractions since the kids are still asleep. This is just a suggestion and might not work for all, especially a nursing mother who has to wake up in the middle of the night to breastfeed.

The best advice is to START testing out the ideal time.

If you are a night owl, you can shift exercising to the night when everyone is asleep or chilling from the day’s activities.

Include Your Family, They Will Benefit and Enjoy as Well

Grand Mom and Kids Rebounding

Instead of avoiding your family to exercise why not include them. You can include your kids and spouse in your workout. Make them see you as the strong mom that you are.

You’d be strong, your kids would be strong, and everybody would be happy. You could even start by walking a mile or two around the neighborhood but walk fast if you want to effectively relieve stress. You could even get them a mini trampoline to work out with them. The rebounder delivers a myriad of benefit which anybody can take advantage of, no matter their fitness level or age.

Consider Home Gym

A home gym is also an important step that should be thought of if you want to exercise as a working mom. Since you’d be home most of the time, why not bring the gym to your home?

Pieces of gym equipment like resistance bands are very affordable and portable to get your strength training done. You can use them at home or even carry them with you to work if that’s where it would be opportune to workout. 

You could even get home gym equipment to target specific muscles like glutes, legs, or abs. I personally like the body boss system because you can work out the whole body moreover it includes training classes for less than $5 a month. 

You can see our BodyBoss Full Review Here

Find the Right Exercise Program and Enjoyable Equipment

You don’t need scientific evidence to know that when you do something you enjoy; you would always find time to get back to it. Finding an exercise program you enjoy would make sure you never miss a session because the workout would look like fun to you instead of work.

You can also have success without a training program but personally, it helped me a lot to create the exercise habit. There are many free guides on the internet that you can start with but if you want to use your time effectively in the beginning, sign up for a workout program.

Aim High But Never Aim Too High.

Another mistake you want to avoid is setting far-reaching goals for yourself. When your goals are not easily surmountable, you would feel frustrated and angry. This might lead to you forsaking your goal and quitting exercise in general.

Instead of saying I want to lose 10 pounds in a month, you could say “I am going to workout 15 minutes a day”. You should set a goal that will depend on you and can be easily accomplished by taking baby steps.

If you are a beginner you must start slow.                                         

Track Your Progress

You should get a calendar to track your workout progress. You should tick each day you work out; this would keep you going when you see how far you’ve come.

Besides, your fitness progress should also be properly monitored. This would make you know if your workout is effective and the results would gear you up to exercise when the determination starts to decline.

Join Communities

You can join gym communities to make you stay committed to your workout. You can even form a community with other moms in your neighborhood to hold each other accountable. The community can even be online. Or better still, exercise with your husband like I do, that way you’d be able to motivate each other.

Get Help if You Can Afford it

You can decide to get help if you can afford it or better still take your kid to a daycare center so you’d have time for yourself.

Don’t be too Hard on Yourself

If you miss a day or two, that doesn’t mean the end of the world. Remember that you are human so it is fine if you miss a day or two, the most important thing is that you keep going. Don’t give up right away and say you can’t do it because you missed some sessions, just keep ongoing.

Remember Why You Started

Whenever you feel like giving up, you should remember why you started. Envisioning your goal in mind would keep pushing you.

How would you feel when you finally lose that targeted weight? How would you feel if you can run as fast or even faster than your toddler? How would you feel if you are so strong that you can lift all groceries at once?

Try to imagine how you would feel when you finally achieve those goals you set for yourself at the beginning and let those feelings keep you going.

Reasons For Working Moms to Work Out

If you are wondering why you need to work out as a working mom, below is a list of reasons.

  • For strength: increase flexibility, bone density, and reduces the risk of fractures and unnecessary pain.
  • To de-stress for boosting emotional health
  • To regain your sexy look
  • To fight diseases
  • To boost energy

The Exercise Parents Should Not Miss, “Aerobics”

Even if you would not be engaging in a wide range of exercise programs, the kind of exercise you don’t wanna miss is aerobic. The aerobics packs a lot of benefits from elevating your mood to easing your stress. All of which are very beneficial to you as a working mom since you could be dealing with stress and frustration oftentimes. There are different varieties of aerobic exercise. We have running, jogging, walking, rowing and so on.

The one I engage in is rebounding. The rebounding exercise is a low-impact cardio workout and the good thing about it is that you don’t need to leave home to do it, you can stay with your kids at home and still enjoy the great benefits of aerobics thanks to the rebounder. Rebounding is also joint-friendly and a great way to help your body detox naturally. 

The rebounder I use is the Cellerciser, the best spring rebounder on the market for many years now. The unit is durable and an efficient piece of equipment meant to last for a lifetime, my family and I use it and we’ve never had a reason to complain. Besides, the manufacturer has good customer service. Check our cellerciser full review here.


Working out is not easy, especially when you are a working mom. The time is just not there, you barely even have time for yourself.

The key is just to start, when you start, you’d be more likely to keep the ball rolling. And remember that something is better than nothing at all. You might be an all-or-nothing kind of person but that would not help you here.

Remember that you have less time so you should get the most out of the workout you do in that little time.

Don’t give up! START TODAY!

To Your Success!

– Ria

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