How Long Does It Take to Bike 5 Miles? Is it a Good Idea?

Whether you want to get off the couch, adopt a healthy lifestyle in your hectic routine, cycling a couple of miles might just be the right routing for you. But, time changes thing that’s why you are probably wondering how long does it take to bike 5 miles?

In this technology-driven world, sitting in front of a screen the whole day, whether for leisure or work, has become the new norm. So, picking up cycling as a hobby/workout routine might just be what you need in life.

In addition to helping include a short workout in your day and toning your body, bicycling for 5 miles could help boost your spirits. Riding in a natural environment can help you appreciate the beauty this world has to offer. Inded, it will positively impact your well-being.

Normally, 5 miles is a relatively easy commuting distance which is great for beginners. It is the perfect amount of time that is both manageable and effective. But of course, you will need an estimate of how long it takes, before including this in your schedule.

How Long Does it Take to Bike 5 Miles? Is it a Good Idea?

The easiest way you can determine how long it will take you to bike any distance is to first measure how long it takes you to bike 1 mile. Applying the rules of estimation, it normally takes about 5-6 minutes for a person to complete a single mile. So, it would take about 30-35 minutes for a beginner to cover 5 miles. Biking is an excellent activity that can change your life for the better. It will boost social connection and your health goals.

But as you are soon about to see, determining how long it would actually take for a person to cycle 5 miles by basing it solely on the time is taken, is not the most feasible approach. Please note, the math gets pretty complicated when you add the necessary variables.

It is no surprise that a lot of variables come into play when cycling an average-sized distance of 5 miles. Let’s take a look at the different variables that will affect your cycling time. We will also help you calculate your own 5-mile time.

Ø Your Fitness Level

How Long Does It Take to Bike 5 Miles - Your Fitness Level

The most important variable that comes into play when cycling any distance is the level of fitness of the person performing the activity. If you’re not too active it might take longer. But, don’t be intimidated, just take it slow and work your way up to better speeds and time averages.

If you’re a relatively active person, it might still be hard for you to bike a consecutive 5-mile lap. Don’t be afraid to take breaks and enjoy the view along the way. Remember, we’re here to have fun, not make cycling tedious or getting tired of it.

For those who have experienced bicycling before, you are more capable than you give yourself credit for. Compared to a beginner, you might be able to knock off a good 5-7 minutes from your total cycling time.

For a brand-new bicycler, give yourself some time to stop and catch your breath, averaging the cycling time to about 40-45 minutes. Cycling is really easy and you’d be surprised at how long you can cycle without getting tired or wanting to go back.

The feel of the wind in your face is the perfect motivation you need to keep going.

Ø The Bike You Use & The Weight You Carry

This may not come to mind unless you’re an avid biker but, the bike you choose for cycling may have a significant impact on your riding time. Additionally, it will also control how comfortable your 5-mile ride is going to be.

As you may be aware, there are a ton of different bikes out there, all with different purposes and usages. So, choosing one that might suit you the best, is the key factor in giving you a pleasant and time-efficient ride. The three main categories of bikes for regular bikers include Mountain bikes, Road bikes, and Hybrid bikes.

Mountain Bikes

As the name suggests, if you plan on riding 5 miles on your bike over varying terrain such as; gravel, dirt roads, etc., this is the bike for you.

Road Bikes

If you plan on cycling on the pavement there is no better bike than a road bike. It is built to be lightweight and aerodynamic. But they might take longer if you plan on riding them anywhere else.

Hybrid Bikes

A well-rounded option, a hybrid bike is exactly as the name implies, a hybrid of the above two options, and is popular among bicycle commuters.

Ø The Position of Your Saddle or The Saddle Itself

The seat or the correct position of your seat is also decisive when pedaling at your maximum speed. There is nothing worse than riding 5 miles on bikes with a pain in the butt, back, or knees.

The saddle is one of the three points of support on a bicycle. It is also the one that has to support the most weight. So if your bike does not have a comfortable seat, then one with the appropriate width could be a nice upgrade.

In another word, get a saddle that suits your physiognomy to boost your comfort. Moreover, always lean your body against the back of your seat. Failure to do so can cause some problems and thus slow down your speed.

If the front of your knee hurts, it is probably that your saddle is too low so you will not be able to pedal at ease. But if it is the back that hurts you, lowering the saddle a little could be of great help. Biking with the proper saddle position will help you pedal with more comfort and as a result, will allow you to improve your speed.

Ø Terrain

Basing your 5-mile time calculations on speed alone may not be the best idea, as riding on a flat route will be quite different than riding a bicycle on a hilly route. Biking an uphill route may double or triple your average biking time. In the same way, going downhill or riding on a flat route may lessen your biking time immensely.

The terrain may present many challenges that affect your average riding time. If you have to cross on a path of gravel, your time increases since you might take your time in crossing the path, similarly, if you encounter a slippery slope or road, you may take your time in order to avoid the risk of falling.

All these instances increase your average biking time but this increase cannot be blamed on your level of fitness or the bicycle you chose as it is solely dependent on the path you traveled on that day.

A good way to overcome this would be to map your route beforehand, as it would allow you to avoid any uphill or rough-terrain areas, decreasing the time it would take you to bicycle 5 miles.

Ø Weather Condition

Chances are, you really wouldn’t want to cycle on a snow day. Weather will play an important part in the average time you take to cycle 5 miles. This is because it affects the terrain you ride on and most importantly, your mood.

Riding on a dry, sunny day might just be what you’re looking for, as it boosts your mood and may prompt you to ride faster, consequently enjoying the breeze and the passing scenery.

Alternatively, riding on a hot sunny day would not be of your preference as the chances of getting sunburnt would be too high. If not, you might bike slower as you might sweat a lot and as a result get tired early. However, I am not saying you cannot do it. You can always counteract the heat with good hydration and adequate clothing.

You might avoid biking on rainy days altogether to avoid slippery roads and puddles, but if you do go out, or it rains when you were cycling, your riding time may increase due to the change in weather.

Final Thoughts

There is no hard and fast rule that would tell you how long it takes to bicycle a 5-mile route but it can be said that terrain, the bike you use, the weather that day, and your own level of fitness may affect the average in a negative as well as positive manner.

But we would say that 35 minutes is the average standard.

If you’re just starting out on the bike, you might take longer in cycling the 5-mile route but as your fitness increases and you get used to the terrains and the changing weathers, the same route may take you almost half the time it did in the beginning.


even if there are people who are faster and more avid bicyclers, they’re not the competition, you are.

Be your own competitor and make the next day better than the last, and slowly but gradually, you’ll get better and improve in many ways.

Now is your turn, how long does it take you to ride 5 miles?, please share your experience. Doing so can motivate others to improve their lifestyle.

To Your Riding Success!



1. Are 5 miles of cycling a day enough for burning calories?

A steady, moderate ride can burn about 300 calories in 5 miles, but as the intensity increases, you can burn more. According to the Harvard Health Letters, when pedaling a bicycle at a speed of 12 to 13.9 mph, a 155-pound person can burn up to 298 calories in 2.5 miles. However, you can always lose weight more quickly by cycling harder or riding more often.

According to Harvard Medical School, pedaling an exercise bike for 30 minutes burns about 260 calories for a 155-pound person. In the same workout, a 125-pound person will burn 210 calories, while a 185-pound person will burn 311 calories.

If you keep working hard, you will notice that your aerobic capacity has improved so that you can ride longer or more intensely.

2. Is it necessary for cyclists to wear helmets?

it is strongly recommended you wear a helmet when bike riding for the obvious reason that you wish to avoid any and all head injuries.

3. Shouldn’t cyclists be required to pay road tax?


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