How Many Calories do you Burn Jumping on a Trampoline?

Exercising on a trampoline is a very effective way to boost your cardiovascular health. Exercise can be used to improve endurance, balance, coordination, and weight loss. When it comes to weight loss though, you want to burn more calories than you consume which brings us to: How many calories do you burn jumping on a trampoline?

Let me give you some insight,

How Many Calories do you Burn Jumping on a Trampoline?

To know how many calories you can burn, let’s explain the different types of trampolines: Outdoor trampolines and mini-trampolines.

The outdoor trampolines can also be referred to as recreational trampolines. As the name implies, they are mainly meant for recreational purposes. They are usually bigger, giving the user more space to bounce, and most times they are covered with a net to ensure the safety of the user. Because of their big size, they are generally put outside. They can be used by more than one person at the same time.

Mini-trampolines on the other are meant for individual use only. They cannot accommodate more than a person at a time. Mini-trampolines also goes by the name of rebounder or fitness trampoline.

They are small, sturdy, and closer to the ground ensuring stability. Mini-trampolines can be used both indoors and outdoors, and they are generally very easy to move around. And as you might have guessed already, they are primarily used for fitness purposes.

Read on to learn how many calories you can burn with this machine.

What are the Different ways to use a fitness Trampoline

The fitness trampoline can be used in various ways depending on your age, fitness level, and the goal you have in mind. The calories you burn vary due to the types of bounce users can engage in. The bouncing style can be grouped into three main categories.

Basic bounce (healthy bounce)

Basic Bounce on a mini trampoline

The basic bounce involves slow and light bouncing. The intensity is very low and it has little to no impact on the joints and lower back. Because of its joint friendliness, the basic bounce is, as a rule, usually engaged in by seniors and those rehabilitating or with any joint injury.

The healthy bounce is just a way to ensure you stay healthy without hurting your joints in the process. The healthy bounce is also used as a warm-up before doing more vigorous exercise.

Examples of a healthy bounce include light jogging-in-place on the rebounder, light bouncing on the rebounder, and so on.

Aerobic bounce

Aerobic bounce using a mini trampoline

It has a higher intensity level and demands more energy. Beginners, teenagers, and fitness pros are the ones that commonly engage in this type of exercise. Examples include running on the rebounder, fast jogging on the rebounder, and so on.

High-intensity bounce

This kind of bounce is usually engaged in by fitness pros but if you want to lose weight and are capable of handling high-intensity workouts you should consider this type of bounce. It is usually fast-paced and would leave you short of breath in no time.

Examples include jumping jack on the mini-trampoline, fast running on the mini-trampoline, and so on.

Burning Calories on a Trampoline by the Numbers

When calculating the number of calories burned by an exercise, we take the following factors into consideration.

  • The Metabolic Equivalents (METs) of each Exercise [1]
  • The weight of the person working out
  • How vigorously the person is moving
  • And other factors such as the rhythm, consistency, mood, and motivation to exercise.

To determine the METs value of the mini-tramp, we are using the following studies:

  • A 2018 Study published in the German Journal of Sports Medicine. The study revealed that jumping on a fitness trampoline (not a recreational trampoline) has an average of 8.9 METs (6.6-11.1 METs).
  • The Biology of Sports institution in 2018 also found the following intensity ranges training with a mini trampoline, which is also important to know different calories you can burn by changing the intensity of the training.

From the above data, we can conclude that training with a fitness trampoline will give:

Healthy Bounce: – Very light (<37% of VO2max, <57% of HRmax, or <2.4 METs);
Light bounce: (37%–45% of VO2max, 57%–63% of HRmax, or 2.4–4.7 METs);
Moderate Aerobic Effort: (46%–63% of VO2max, 64%–76% of HRmax, or 4.7–7.1 METs);
Vigorous Aerobic effort: (64%–90% of VO2max, 77%–95% of HRmax, or 7.1–10.1 METs); and (e) near-maximal to maximal (≥90% of VO2max, ≥96% of HRmax, or ≥ 10.2).

Now that we have gotten the METs values of using the rebounder, we can go on to calculate the calories burned using the mini-trampoline. But, because not everybody has the same bodyweight, we decided to use the METS to Calories Calculator to generate calories burned for six random body weights.

  • Activity time used 30 minutes
  • Light bounce –Aerobic Jumping using a fitness Trampoline at (MET=4)
Weight120 lbs.135 lbs.175 lbs.200 lbs.220 lbs.250 lbs.
Cals 163123159182200227
  • Activity time used: 30 minutes
  • Moderate Effort –Aerobic Jumping using a fitness Trampoline (METS=7)
Weight120 lbs.135 lbs.175 lbs.200 lbs.220 lbs.250 lbs.
Cals 191215278318350398
  • Activity time used (minutes): 30 minutes
  • Super Vigorous Effort – Aerobic Jumping using a fitness Trampoline (METS=10)
Weight120 lbs.135 lbs.175 lbs.200 lbs.220 lbs.250 lbs.

Feel free to check on this link to find the number of calories you would be burning specific to your own body weight.

How do I lose weight with a rebounder?

To lose weight with any exercise program, you have to burn more calories than you are consuming. A little reduction of calories in your diet can go a long way in your journey to reduced weight.

For example, reducing your soda consumption by 2 cans and then burning 300 calories through exercise would automatically give you a 600-calorie deficit.

Why should you train with the trampoline?

The fitness trampoline offers low-impact cardiovascular exercise that people of all ages can benefit from—yeah! Seniors and children as well. Here are a few additional benefits of rebounding.

  • It flushes out the lymphatic system of toxic materials.
  • It improves balance and coordination.
  • Works the lower leg, thigh, abs, and lower back.
  • Gets rid of cellulite
  • Improves endurance

And many more,

If you want to know more about the health benefits of rebounding, click here.

How to get started with mini trampoline exercises

To get started with rebounding, you should get a mini-tramp first or join a gym that has one. If you’ve decided to get yours, remember that there are various models out there so proper care should be taken before purchasing anything.


How often should you rebound?

There is no specific set time for rebounding and as little as 20 minutes on the rebounder can give you various benefits. You should work with your schedule and fix a time for rebounding.

The America Heart Association recommends 150 minutes of moderately intense aerobic exercise and 75 minutes of intense aerobic exercise per week.

How to avoid injury using the trampoline?

  • Maintain a proper posture while rebounding, ensure to keep your spine, neck, head, and back straight and aligned.
  • Always jump with slightly bent knees instead of locked ones.
  • If you are new to rebounding, you should use a balance bar for support.
  • You should talk to your doctor if you have underlying health conditions before engaging in rebounding.
  • You should stop immediately if you feel any discomfort. It is normal to feel slightly light-headed when you just start the exercise. When that happens, take a break and continue when you’re feeling better.


Jumping on the trampoline can be an effective way to burn calories and keep fit. Asides from those mentioned benefits, rebounding is also great for your lungs and heart. You should maintain proper form while rebounding to maximize the benefit.

If you ask me what is the best fitness trampoline, the answer will go along with your weight and purpose.

If you are looking for an entry-level rebounder go with the JumpSport 250. It provides a quiet bounce and a stable bounce style and workout DVD. JumpSport is also a reputable company in the rebounding industry.

But, if you are a senior, and you weigh more than 200 pounds, and you are serious about rebounding workouts choose the Cellerciser. You will get premium quality and a comfortable bounce independently of your weight.

Remember to go slow and be consistent. Most of all, have fun and enjoy yourself!


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