How to Choose a Mini Trampoline – The Right Way!

Mini trampolines are great pieces of equipment because they can improve your fitness and overall well-being. However, many are asking how to choose a mini trampoline, and is because choosing as to which is the best for you can really be a bit tasking. Without the right information, making the right choice might be a challenge.

Quality is a major factor you cannot toy with.

Jumping on a cheap trampoline can be as jarring as running on the pavement. Without the right construction materials and properly calibrated springs, it can cause feet to pronate and this leads to injuries causing more bad than good.

If you are looking to improve your health, you cannot afford to compromise quality and safety. This is the reason why we are taking the time to look at the things you need to know before choosing a quality mini-trampoline.

Let me give you some insight,

How to Choose a Mini-Trampoline- The Right Way

Comfort, safety, and durability are the major factors to consider in a good trampoline rebounder. Please know that there is a big difference between fitness trampoline and recreational trampolines.

In a fitness trampoline, certain features will add value and motivate you to exercise longer. Overall, it might just look like it is all about being able to jump, but the reality is you need to pay attention to some features described below:

Running or Jogging on a Trampoline Should be a Pleasurable Experience

Jumping on a trampoline should be smooth and comfortable to use. Without a proper bounce, it would be more challenging than motivational to use.

With a good bouncing surface, anyone either seniors, beginners, or pros should experience a stable, safe and fun exercise. This is important so you can look forward to exercising with the right motivation.

Every time you jump up and down on a trampoline the fun and enthusiasm should be there instead of feeling a jarring effect on the joints. To find the best style will depend on the quality of the rebounder, your weight, and often the strength of your back and knees.

Your Investment Should be Durable:

A good-quality trampoline can support you with every exercise routine you want to take on. Your investment should provide no worries when jumping up and down. That means it should be stable enough to support your weight. Most manufacturers provide a maximum weight capacity on the description as well as a warranty period.

Many brands claim being noiseless while trashing others from the competition with no reason. You may hear spring trampolines are very noisy and that you cannot do anything about it.

I personally have owned both, a Cellerciser (springs) and JumpSport (bungee cords) both good quality rebounders. Even though it is true that spring rebounders need lubrication from time to time to make the springs noiseless, they are also way more durable.

Bungee cords are the quietest but they wear out losing elasticity and this can cause your feet to pronate PLUS, you need to replace the whole set of bungees from time to time.

Choose a Solid Steel Frame:

Some frames made from low carbon steel would cause the edge of the trampoline to bend when jumping near the edges, leaving it useless. So, the better construction materials, the better stability it provides.

A Mat that Does Not Wear, Rip or Stretch With Use:

Mats made of polypropylene fabric will NOT stretch. Since they don’t stretch, the jumping experience is uniform and the spring system can boost you up effectively. 

Rebounders that use other types of materials do not offer the same quality of jump, and you often end up having one foot on a firm spot and one on a significantly softer spot and this is what leads you to uneven jumps.

Avoid Mats Made With Canvas or Nylon Materials.

The mat material is as important as the spring system, the best is made of Polypropylene but Permatron polypropylene is even better because they are UV resistant.

Please also note: You can have a good quality spring and mat but if the connection between the mat and the springs fails you are in a similar boat than if you had bad quality materials.

Cheaper rebounder mats do not have seared stitching. Searing prevents the fabric edges from unraveling. Permatron mats are the best quality but having a seared Permatron stitched mat is even better.

Now let’s see the two different types of rebounders in existence today:

Bungee vs Spring Fitness Trampolines

Both versions provide an excellent way to improve your health and reach your fitness goals. It all comes down to choice depending on how you want to use it.

What really matters on a rebounder, is the quality of the product and your desired bouncing style. But this can be tricky because not everyone has the same strength in their knees or back. And we do not perform all the same type of bounce exercises, we also have different weights.

Choosing a Bungee Cord Mini-Trampoline

When choosing a bungee trampoline it is very important that you choose the bungee tension according to your weight so your feet don’t touch the ground when bouncing high as well as to avoid ankle pronation.

These types of mini-trampolines are the new trend and are the favorite of many to perform aerobic exercises. The units often provide a quiet bounce and tend to offer a very smooth jumping experience.

Choosing Spring Based Mini-Trampolines

If you prefer going with springs rebounders, this type of trampoline often provides you a long-term value and more years of healthy bounce. The springs need lubrication at least twice a year in order to have a quiet bounce.

Springs trampolines are also known to be the best for the lymphatic system since it delivers more resistance to support your exercise effort. It also helps you burn more calories when you use it for running or jogging in place.

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You can Also Choose a Trampoline From Different Shapes

Because mini trampolines are an increasing trend in the fitness industry, the competition is causing innovation. The goods they offer are similar in nature but come in different shapes and sizes. The enticing packages are comprised of added accessories.

The variety of designs where the focus is simply for your comfort, help you improve your health so you can start making progress toward your fitness goals.

Here are the three most popular.

  • Circular: these are the most popular types of trampolines with different sizes depending on what you want.
  • Hexagonal: this is a six-sided trampoline designed with bungee holders for achieving a more variety of aerobic fitness goals.
  • Oval: these are new trend trampolines with protections on the side for achieving exercises such as jumping jack easier without fear of reaching the edges.

Other Factors to Enjoy Using Rebounders

Portability and Easy Storage

Many rebounders come in small sizes, and the majority can be used indoors so you can work out with them in smaller rooms. They are also foldable options to choose from like bi-fold, tri-fold, and even quarter folds which means that if you live in an apartment or do not have enough space in your home, you can still fold and storage when you are done exercising.

A foldable trampoline adds versatility and it allows for traveling and the ability to take it with you on a plane, to the office, or to a gym facility.

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Handlebar for Added Stability

Another added feature you can enjoy is the handlebar when jumping, running in place, or doing advance moves on the trampoline. I do recommend that you get one if you are a beginner or need help with balance.

What Type of Rebounder Should You Choose?

There are a lot of rebounders in the market coming in different shapes, sizes, and spring systems. This means that your selection has to be streamlined alongside a lot of factors related to your like:

Age – older individuals should buy round rebounders with handlebars for safety. If you have a balance issue, spring trampolines provide better support and a more predictable bounce.

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Space – Go for a smaller shape if you are planning to run and jog in place, the smaller the mat, the more stability, and less probability to cone in the middle causing ankle pronation. However, if you are planning to perform different aerobics exercises then a bigger frame will offer more space. Go for a bigger frame if space is not a concern.

Certain Exercise routines: some routines require different materials, with bungee allowing a higher jumping and being softer on your joints while the springs provide faster response meaning more repetition per minutes as well as providing more durability.


A trampoline is a great tool for achieving fitness as well as improving your health. One of the biggest challenges is to get one that provides a perfect bounce style but it will depend on your weight and the aerobic bounce you want to perform.

The bungee cords units will deliver a quieter bounce but require cords to be replaced every time it loses tension. Its counterpart, quality spring trampolines are also a great option. They give you more bounces per minute and your investment will last you longer.

Get into the habit of a healthier life and if you any questions leave us a comment below. We are here to help you become your best version.


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