How to Get Motivated to Workout at Home – Find Out My Secret!

Let’s be honest, working out at home can be challenging when we don’t have the habit. So, how can you get motivated to workout at home? What can you do to keep the motivation going?

When I started to workout, I was at a crucial point in my life.  I wanted to re-invent myself and stop the stressful lifestyle. I have a wonderful family, a full-time job, and a clear vision to grow. But the stress of it all was putting me down. I remember having different health issues and my doctor suggested that I workout if I want a healthier life.

What’s my secret to effectively workout at home? I gave up on negative thoughts. I decided to make exercise at home a priority, so you can too.

It took me some time to realize that my doctor was right. It took me a true determination to start making progress. But I have absolutely no regrets. What holds me accountable? It was my goal, I wanted to be healthier for me and my family, I wanted to feel stronger and as a result, I wanted my body in better shape.

Exercising not only improves your physical health but also makes you feel happier and confident.

How to Get Motivated to Workout at Home

Set a Purpose

You can ask yourself why you want to workout at home, why is it important for you. Is it because you want a new beginning, a new version of you. Do you want to workout at home because you have no time and want to relieve stress, is it because of your health?

Write it down and tell your friends or family about your goals. They can help you to be accountable. Look at them as support personnel for this project.

Have a purpose that is compelling and the reason doesn’t have to be positive. It can be negative as “if I don’t finish this workout program is going to cost me the money”.

There will be days when you will start questioning your purpose. Is working out at home effective? Is it worth your time?. When that happens tell yourself_ “it doesn’t matter where I workout, I just need to train every day to reach my goal”.

Make Realistic Goals

You want to give yourself a task but make sure it is not that difficult that you cannot complete it. Make sure your goals are realistic, look at it as a big picture. Instead of saying I want to lose 10 pounds (4.54 kg), your goal should be “I will work out every day for at least 20 minutes”. Your goal doesn’t need to be something that pushes you but pulls you to it.

As a bonus, you are going to look awesome and your life energized. So, think about your WHY and stick to it every day.

Usually, people know what to do when things go right but when adversity strikes our vision tends to be blurred. To keep you motivated is a challenge but it is not impossible. To me, it is a matter of finding the energy inside and choosing the exercises I enjoy. Rebounding on my cellerciser mini trampoline is my favorite.

You already know what you want and why do you want it. So, do not allow negative thoughts. There is no doubt that you really want to workout at home because you’re here reading this post.

The days you don’t want to exercise promise yourself to workout for at least 15 minutes, go for a walk, do some jumps rope, get yourself on a rebounder, use your goal and purpose to cheer you up.

Start Slow to Keep the Motivation Going

Do not put your health and workout habits at risk. Starting a new routine can be challenging. However, having a real purpose and goals can help you follow a fitness program long term. There are many types of physical activities to choose from. Find a few that work for you and motivate you. Be sure to change them up occasionally.

The goal is to start slow, build up your fitness level, and let your body rest from time to time to prevent injuries. You don’t need to fancy equipment or supplements. My secret to staying motivated is my rebounder, its also having an open mind for the diversity of workouts.

Focus on Progress When Setting up the Criteria for Success

 Don’t discourage yourself trying to work out only looking for changes, instead, focus on progress. You may think your diet or workout is not making a difference to your body but the reality is, it does.

Every time you are thinking about eating healthier or getting up from the couch to workout you are making changes. This is the attitude of a successful workout habit. Is taking control of your body in everyday action.

Your body is going to change even if you don’t do anything. So, the secret to keeping you motivated to workout is not looking for changes in your body but continuously improving your exercises, your goals, and the way you eat.

Keep Your Workout Time in Calendar

It takes discipline to achieve success in every aspect of life. Your workout habit is no different. Put your workout time on the calendar for each day that you will exercise.

I like to rebound for at least 15 minutes every morning.

So wise up, after having a clear purpose, find the right workout program, and start scheduling your days so you can workout effectively at home.

Find the Workout that You Like and Enjoy

Rebounding with friends

Every day is different. What motivated you yesterday may not work today, so shift through what inspires you to find that one thing that will get you going. You have to find the perfect workout for you and, sometimes, that takes a little experimentation.

As I said before, I enjoy rebounding, jogging, and aerobic Rider. I like to follow training programs for specific goals.

You can even cheer you up by rewarding yourself with a new pair of shoes or workout leggings.

Push Yourself Until Seeing Progress and be Patient with Yourself

Part of the problem with working out at home is that you have no one there to actually push you harder so you might start taking it easy. Don’t let the pain discourage you.

“If you can’t fly then run if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.” Martin Luther King Jr.

Be patient with your results. Many times we are cruel to ourselves but it depends on your goals how fast you will see good results. If you want to tone a flabby body or arms, combat stress or depression, or build strength some types of exercise work better than others. Sometimes it may take weeks, often months before changes start to show

It is also OK to skip some workout days if you are truly not feeling well or still feeling sore after a hard workout. Understanding that your body needs time to recover and to adapt to the new habit is also key to your enthusiasm.

Workout with Friends or Loved one

If you arrange to meet a friend for a walk or together follow a workout program, you’re more likely to keep that commitment. Not wanting to let your friend or loved one down can be a great motivator to stand up from the couch.

I am not a weight lifting fan and I follow a strength workout program with my husband to ensure success. When I am not in the workout mood, he is the source of energy that cheers me up and vice versa.

Sharing your workout progress and strategies with a partner, whose fitness level is around the same as you, are an opportunity for competition and for training harder. You can share what workouts you are doing, the progress you are getting, or even the new workout gear you get so you keep the motivation going.

Now it is your turn,

Have you tried to workout from home? what type of exercises or machines motivates you the most. Do you follow any workout program?

I will love to hear from you so we can help each other.

To your workout success,


4 thoughts on “How to Get Motivated to Workout at Home – Find Out My Secret!”

  1. This article is especially timely, since some gyms remain closed, or open with limited capacity due to the pandemic. I am guilty also of not getting an at home work out routine underway. Doesn’t it always seem like life gets in the way? Of course, procrastination is also a big culprit here! All we can do is, well, do better!

    • Thank you Marsha for reading the article.
      You need to get back on the routine again. It is a great habit for boosting your energy and mood. Build Perseverance is as simple as that. To Your workout success!

  2. I used to be a complete fitness fanatic and needed no motivation to get my exercise in each day; it was just part of my routine. A couple of years ago I had a serious cycling accident and couldn’t exercise for some time, and ever since I have struggled to get into a routine again. I was just making some progress with working out at the gym when it closed due to Covid-19. Your tips have given me some great ideas to incorporate some home routines into my gym schedule, which will work well also when I’m travelling.

    • Thank you Emma,
      I am glad to hear that my tips and suggestions have helped you find some motivation for your home routines. Remember, we don’t need to be perfect, we just need to get started.


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