Is everyone living as tired as I was? 8 Proven Ways on How to Improve Your Energy Levels

In today’s world, how to improve your energy levels is a common concern. With all the tasks that people are involved in during the day, it is no wonder why we all end up always tired with zero energy. There are rushing meals, work, and family responsibilities, financial worries, relationship problems, poor sleep, and other things that need to be accomplished. 

For many years I picked up my kids after work feeling exhausted with zero energy to play while still having pending responsibilities and chores at home. The feeling is terrible, I know because I was there. You want to be able to give more to your family but simply your body is running out of fuel.

However, I truly believe our habits determine our destiny. If you want to change your energy level, you have to be willing to make some changes to your habits. But there is one thing, changing habits is easier said than done.

Before jumping straight to the list, let me explain the fundamentals before you start taking action.

The Things You Need to Know Before Trying to Improve Your Energy

Find Your WHY, Find Inspiration:

You have to be aware of what is at risk, is it your health? Is it your quality time with your family? To succeed in any goal, you need to have a clear understanding of the WHY you want to make some changes in your habits.

 Everything valuable in life requires that you have an abundance of energy, that’s the reality. And, living with extreme fatigue kills the essence of who you are and deprives you of enjoying how beautiful life is. 

You need a lot of energy to become successful, to accomplish your goals, and to enjoy and love your family. 

You can’t get used to that life, the reasons to fight against fatigue are too many to count. If that relates to you, keep reading.

But Ria, how can I get the inspiration? 

You can find inspiration in a good book, in a movie, or even while talking with your friends.  You can maybe find inspiration on this blog and from my personal experience. Inspiration will make you change your habits.

Look at this analogy, you need the proper fuel to power your dreams. You can’t put propane gas, kerosene, diesel, olive oil, It won’t work unless you use gasoline!. To make sure you come out of extreme fatigue you need to start with the right fuel.

By now, you may have the inspiration to get out in a rocket ship but where will you go?

_NOW, you need a destination and a route to get to it.

Destination’s Route:

The idea is that you start taking actions and find the resources you need as you walk toward your goal. As you start making progress you are going to move not on a predetermined route but in your own path charter by you.  That’s the best way to find the things that you’re missing.

Many times we wish to change habits magically and effortlessly, we may think that just finding the perfect list of what to do will be enough. In reality, this does not work like that. We may have common habits but often our bodies react in different ways. 

Your priority is to find the engine that encourages you to move to follow your own route. And if the inspiration is already within you, then it’s a matter of taking action.

Are you ready to learn how you can beat extreme fatigue and start getting your energy back?

8 Proven Ways on How to Improve Your Energy Levels

Unfortunately, What causes you to run out of energy is certainly a challenge to figure it out. The good news is everything in your body is connected to give you some clues and you can learn from my experience.

1. Do Not Skip Meals

You may feel that you may not have enough time to eat breakfast or you may want to work through your lunch break. This is not a good habit for a healthy and balanced day. 

 People that eat breakfast have reported being in a more positive mood during the day and were able to keep their energy levels stabilized. Breakfast will help give the body the fuel it needs to stay alert. Other meals will help keep the fuel supply of the body up so it is not a smart decision to skip any meals.

2. Reduce Sugar Consumption And Eat Healthier Food

Eating is our first source of energy but if you feed it with junk food it is reasonable to expect an imbalance, your body is not receiving all the good nutrients it needs.

If you have an unbalanced diet, diversify your diet. Start eating more fresh nutrients. Add vegetables, fruits, and don’t forget whole grains to your list

Eating at home may help, we all love fried food but with technology, we now have access to modern chicken equipment such as an air fryer or instant pot where you can prepare your meal faster and healthier. On top of the healthy benefits, you also could be saving some money.

3. Increase in Magnesium Intake

Magnesium is needed to help with over 300 natural reactions in the body. It will help break down glucose and will change it into energy. You may question if there is a negative effect of overdosing magnesium in your body. According to the Mayo Clinic when you are getting Magnesium naturally from foods isn’t a  concern. However, the result can be different if you are getting it by supplements.

If your magnesium levels are low you will see a decrease in your energy levels. The body will need to work harder to get things done and this will make you tired easily. 

Women should take 300 mg of magnesium a day while men need 350 mg. To avoid supplements you can have a bowl of grain cereal or add some almonds to your diet.

4. Get Moving

The human body is made to be moving. Your body composition is an amazing organism, but it responds better when it’s active. I didn’t know that until I started facing its symptoms. 

Working out at home is a great way to increase your energy levels and a great habit to share with your family. While it may not seem like it and the thought of moving around may make you feel more tired the opposite effect will happen. 

Believe me, I’ve been in your situation and just jumping in my rebounder for 10 minutes can greatly reduce your stress level and fatigue as well as boosting your energy.

Doing a little bit of cardio exercise even when you are feeling exhausted will actually increase your energy levels. Don’t believe me, please test yourself!. 

  • Avoid exercises that may feel boring to you or you don’t like.
  • Pick an exercise that you enjoy. 

I personally love rebounding and strength training with resistance bands. I find it fun, I can do it from home and I get effective results. There are also several advantages of jogging in place on a trampoline and resistance bands, jogging on pavement is more time-consuming and can be too hard on your joints. Rebounding on a quality trampoline absorbs up to 90% of the ballistic impact of jogging and you don’t have the excuses of weather change. You can also

As I told you before, choose and exercise that you can be consistent

Even working out for 10-20 minutes can increase your energy intake as a result you will feel recharged and invigorated again. It will also improve mood and help you have a more positive outlook on things.

In the words of, co-director of the Mayo Clinic, James A. Levine’s, “you need to move your body more because your chair is killing you”. In his book Get Up!, he talks about the health consequences of a sedentary life and what you can do about it, his book is highly recommended. 

Some other Benefits of Physical Activity 

  • Reduce the Risk of Depression and Anxiety
  • Increased muscular strength and endurance
  • Better management of body fat
  • Improved immune function
  • Increase Blood Circulation
  • Boost Mood and Happiness
  • Boosts Your Longevity
  • Detox and Clean your body

5. Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is essential for overall health and will help allow the body to have additional levels of energy. I was guilty of having bad health for many years and suffered many of its consequences such as headache, inflammation, and extreme fatigue. I wasn’t drinking enough water until I started observing my husband and my doctor started reminding me to drink more water.

Be aware that your body uses water in all its cells, organs, and tissues to maintain its functions. It uses water for digestion and gets rid of toxins through urination. According to Mayo Clinic, the amount of water you need For your body to function properly, it will depend on your physical activity and overall health.

If your body has become dehydrated it will make you tired and fatigued. Water is the best thing that you can drink for all of your cells. If you are feeling tired try having a glass of cold water you will feel better and more energized.

6. Try to Sleep More

I know this is easier to say than to do. I personally still struggle to get at least 7 hours of sleep but the more caution you are about its negative effect on your body, the more opportunity you have to improve it.

If you have ever noticed you are not thinking fast enough, it could be your brain telling you to rest. Get your body the opportunity to recharge properly with more hours of sleep.

7. Prioritize Your Goals 

Priorities will help you manage and organize your days according to what is really important. It will also give you the confidence to say “no”, no to what others feel is important.

Having clear goals for you and your immediate family will diminish stress and will save you some time and energy. You will be focused only on the task that really matters. 

If you don’t have time to keep certain habits, eradicate them. Talk to your family about your energy concerns and ask for help with certain chores, they may be willing to help with some task.

8. Take it Easy

You should know that stress is one of the worst things for your health. Stress can have many negative impacts on the body. You may feel anxiety and this feeling will use up a lot of the energy levels. 

Even if you are getting enough sleep, stress can make you feel tired. You will not only be physically exhausted but mentally too. There are many things that you can do to fight back against high-stress levels.

 You can practice relaxation techniques such as deep breathing. Exercise will also help decrease stress levels. You may find some coping skills that will help. They can include listening to music, deep breathing, or another activity that you enjoy.

When you reduce the feelings of stress and tension in your body your energy levels will start popping up.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, my eight proven ways to fight back against the feeling of extreme fatigue. I hope it can also help you to recharge your body fuel throughout your days. Increasing your energy levels is vital for your personal success and will help both your body and your mood. 

It truly does not take much effort to take action but by learning from my experience you may be compensated to get your life back and a healthier body and mind.

Now is your turn, have you had extreme fatigue before, what do you do to get your energy back?. Please share your experience so we can learn together.

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