How to Workout at Home Without Weights – Versatile & Safer Alternatives

Today more and more people are incorporating exercises in their routines and many are wondering how to workout at home without weights. It is common to hear that a proper workout cannot be achieved at home either at the gym without the use of weights.

Let me tell you, this notion is wrong on many levels. Exercising without weights, when done properly, gives you similar and sometimes even better results.

Let me give you some insights,

Strength and Bodybuilding

When we talk about the topic of strength and Bodybuilding, the stereotype image of a muscly man lifting dumbbells immediately comes to mind.

While it is generally true that weights are mainly used for body-building and gaining strength, it should be noted that there are other equipments that can serve the same purpose effectively. One of them is the resistance band, which is suitable for anyone at any fitness level.

Option #1. Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are brightly color-coded elastic bands that provide resistance (hence their name) and can be used for a variety of workouts including, strength training and cardiac rehab. Many gym instructors have attested to the fact that resistance bands do the same work of strength gaining, toning, and bodybuilding as weights.

Resistance bands have many advantages overweights and this makes them the recommended equipment by more and more experts these days.

Just to let you know, let me give you some benefits,

  • It is generally known that resistance bands are lightweight, this makes them portable and gives them the advantage of being used anywhere (a weight cannot be used that way).
  • Resistance bands are also convenient and safer to use by anyone, elders, those rehabilitating, those new to fitness, fitness pros, you name it.
  • The resistance bands are versatile and can be integrated into other different kinds of workout.
  • Lastly, they are generally more affordable and easier to manage.

When all these factors are put into consideration, it can be concluded that resistance bands are the best alternatives to weights.

However, if you do not want to acquire resistance bands, you can consider another option. This option does not involve the use of any equipment to offer resistance, instead, it uses one’s body as the resistance.

Option #2. Weight Bearing

Our body acts as resistance when we engage in exercises like push-ups, bench dips, sit-ups, squats, and the likes. The best thing about this form of exercise is that no equipment is needed, only enough space and you’re good to go. Some common household materials can also be used to make the workout more challenging (an example is the use of a chair for bench dips).

A part of strength training other exercises should be taken into consideration.


For those who work out to attain flexibility, there are many options too. You can decide to go big and purchase a stretching machine, there are different types of stretching machine, or you can go the old and true way and stretch yourself away using some stretch exercises and techniques.

There are many stretching exercises but the one most of us have heard at least once in our lifetime is yoga. To perform yoga, all that is needed is a mat and the ability to concentrate.

Beginners do not usually get it right the first time but there are many guides online that you can take advantage of. You can get a personal trainer or just search online for virtual trainers. Some apps offer help with yoga, some even offer the option to provide soothing music to make users enter the “zone” easily.

Maybe yoga is not your thing and that is completely fine.

There is another option, you can just stretch your body using basic stretching exercises. There are many stretching routines you can choose from, so just go with what works for you.

Cardio and Endurance


Cardio and endurance are aerobics that requires intense body movement. The treadmill is the first option when it comes to this topic. A treadmill is a machine you can walk, run, and jog on. Yeah, it does the job but not everyone has the space to accommodate it at home and not everyone can afford it. Many can’t stand the jarring effect on the joints.

An excellent alternative to treadmills is the elliptical trainer machines.

Elliptical Trainer

The elliptical does the same work as the treadmill just in a different way. It is more compact when compared with the treadmill and can be more affordable.

There are different types of elliptical but they all basically do the same job. The elliptical machine offers the best cardio workout to those with a compromised back or bad knees as well as people rehabilitating.

If you cannot afford the elliptical machine, there are still some more choices for you, the rebounder.

This type of cardio equipment is also a very effective way to workout but most importantly, as the elliptical trainers, exercising on a rebounder is extra fun and does not cause the jarring effect that a treadmill would cause.

Exercising on a Rebounder or Mini Trampoline

Maximus Pro reboundeR

The rebounder is a mini-trampoline that can be used to perform multiple exercises. Some of them can be walking and jogging in place, you can do sprints, twist at the waist, forward and back kick, and more.

Every time you jump and land on a rebounder mat you finish with twice the force of gravity and this acceleration and deceleration provide incredible benefits to the body.

To name a few:

  • It activates the lymphatic system to naturally detoxify your body.
  • It is excellent for weight loss. In fact, the American Council on Exercise (ACE) study concluded that a 20-minute rebounding burns the same calories as running 6 miles on flat ground. So, expect to burn around 10 calories per minute. To get the most result, while running lift your legs up as much as you can and you will get a pure HIIT.
  • It is Friendly on the joins, part of the reason I stopped using the treadmill and jogging outdoor was because of the jarring effect on my joints. Rebounding on a quality unit can absorb up to 90% of the ballistic impact caused by running or jogging on the pavement.

If any of the above cardio exercises entice you, you can engage in cardio workouts and build endurance the traditional way.

Jogging or Running Outdoor

This is a tried and true way of exercising; it is also a weapon for stress relief. Some people prefer this exercise because it allows them to be outside and be in the open while working out.

Weight Loss

The best workout for weight loss is jogging and running, you can choose to do this outdoor or you can opt to use a treadmill, elliptical machine, or a quality rebounder.

Incorporating a proper diet to your home workout can make a big difference when pursuing a weight loss goal, tremendous changes would be observed when you decided on a healthier diet.

Balance Training

Balance training is underrated and most people don’t like adding a little balance workout to their routine. Balance is very key especially in seniors; many advantages come with balance training. For one thing, it improves sitting, standing, or walking posture. Everyone can benefit from balance training.

There are many exercises you can do for balance; one is single-leg balance. You perform single-leg balance by lifting one of your legs and trying to remain balanced with the other. Weight shift, which is very similar to single-leg balance can help incredibly as well. Yoga too helps improve balance and so does Tai-Chi.

If you are new to exercising for balance and looking for a form of physical fitness that is easy on your body and benefits your mind, Tai-Chi is the answer.

Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese tradition based in martial arts that is now a popular low-impact exercise method involving slow movements combined with breathing techniques.

The fun thing about Tai Chi is that it requires no equipment. You can receive instruction from trainers or from resources online, like online instructors and online communities that would be happy to assist.

Final Thoughts

Exercises have been closely associated with weights which are not supposed to be so. Weights are only a few of many types of exercise equipment and have dominated the workout market for a long time.

So far, we have seen that there are many exercises we can engage in that would increase our general well-being without involving the use of weights. These alternatives are not only better in case of versatility, portability, and convenience, they are also pocket friendly.

Now it is your turn, what have you been using to workout? do you use weights or have a different alternative, do you workout at home or at the gym?

If you have any questions please do so in the comment area below. We are here to help.

To Your Workout Success


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