Is Rebounder JumpSport 370 PRO Worthy? [Full Review]

In our experience, not everyone likes the same rebounder and we understand why. Everyone has a different weight and height, plus NOT everyone has strong knees or back. With that said, what should you expect from this article? In our JumpSport 370 PRO review, you will find all the clues you need to decide if this rebounder is for you.

Rebounders are a trend in the fitness market because of its multiple health benefits and the competition is big between brands. Today, we have taken the time to share our experience with bungee rebounders and what we have learned about the Jumpsport 370 PRO.

Finally, we will explore what should you take into consideration before deciding on this piece of equipment.

Let’s start,

Why Would You Consider a Rebounder or Mini Trampoline in the First Place?

Truthfully, the best workout equipment to own, is the one you actually enjoy and use. The rebounding market is growing but it’s because it is an effective and fun way to workout at home PLUS allow to workout your entire body.

What should you consider in a home workouts equipment?

  • It should be low impact but effective to achieve a full-body workout
  • Easy on the joints, ankle, back, shoulders, knees, etc.
  • Easy to get a good cardio exercise
  • Effective to activate the lymphatic system to detox
  • Safe and fun to use so you can keep motivation up
  • Convenient and affordable
  • Portable and easy to store

I love rebounding, it cost you way less than a treadmill, it is gentler on your joints and twice as effective.

Without further more, lets show you what I have learned and researched about the JumpSport 370 PRO Model.

Are JumpSport 370 PRO Rebounders Worthwhile?

If you are looking for the Overall Best BUNGEE Rebounder, Jumpsport 370 PRO is our top pick. It simply gets the job done in a safe and fun way for an affordable price.

Getting this elastic bands’ rebounder will not break your bank and it still a top-quality product on the market. Although they are not just focused on fitness rebounders, they are one of the largest trampoline company in the US.

This particular model is used for both home and fitness clubs which speaks to its professional construction. I love the innovative adjustable tension capability. It makes this rebounder unique on the market.

With the FlexBounce connectors feature on the elastic bands’, you don’t need to find the right band that is suitable for your weight. Instead, they give you 7 different settings using the same band so you can adjust to your convenience.

We find this a great feature because everyone in the family can jump with the comfort level that best suits them.

Many enthusiastic reviewers confirm its quality and rate it online at 5 stars.

When you first receive your JumpSport 370 PRO rebounders it comes with the softest tension which is ideal to perform deeper aerobic bounce or for people under 150 pounds. The firmest, on the other hand, we found to be even better for most people.

It allows you to do an optimum healthy bounce where the more bounces per minute is the goal to get all the health benefits.

The hardest tension is also preferred by bouncers looking for the most advanced workouts or for heavier weight users.

Note: High repetition (more bounce per minute) is the main factor to burn calories and move the lymphatic fluid. The harder your bounce is, the more strengthened and toning effect you receive. The longer you jump the greater the aerobics and cardio effect. Bouncing on a sitting position can give you the 6 pack abs you are looking for.

Now, let’s check some of the drawbacks of this model.

JumpSport rebounders do not come with the balance bar or any extra accessory. The unit is also not foldable. They do include a basic start workout DVD to introduce you to the bouncing exercises so you can keep the momentum depending on your fitness level.

For the fitness club owner, these rebounders are stackable to save space, and no maintenance is required.

JumpSport PRO 370 is Our #1 BUNGEES Rebounder Recommendation. See Our Main Reasons:

  • JumpSport has the ability to adjust the bungees cords tension to suit everyone’s weight (great for all the family)
  • Offer a top-Quality mat (Permatron polypropylene fabric ) and this feature with the right tension will give you a very stable, safe, and comfortable bounce.
  • Your feet do not pronate even when doing higher bounces
  • Built-in sturdy frame and lasting durability
  • Effective for the health bounce so your body gets the benefit of the lymphatic being drained
  • Less expensive than other quality rebounders
  • Very quiet, safe and fun to use
  • It gets the job done exercising every muscle and cell of your body

JumpSport Frame:

JumpSport frame design is focused on safety, hands down!. With the arched legs and the steel frame you can jump without worries, this rebounder is safe and reliable. They also offer a mat extension skirt with petal designs to protect jumpers from stepping on the cords.

Although the company says it adds extra space to jump, we found that it is not stable enough to jump on top of the skirt. The trampoline is lighter than other high-quality trampolines at 22 pounds, which makes it easier to move around the house.

How is the Bungees & Mat Bounce

The JumpSport 370 PRO comes with 30 adjustable cords that allow 7 different tensions and is all achieved with the same set of cords. You can choose between the settings to change the mat firmness for a customized bounce.

The “EnduroLast” elastic bands’ are highly advanced bungee cords. The company has tested it for up to 1.2 million Bounce Cycles which is ridiculously awesome. They back it up to a 4-year warranty.

The total surface area measures 35.5” in diameter with a jumping surface of 27 inches. For people with a height of 6 feet and over the jumping area may feel a little too small, especially when bouncing with open legs.

But, don’t get me wrong, many bungees rebounders our there offer bigger mat surface but the bigger the mat the less support it can give you. The 40” frame is a perfect measure for solving the problems of inversion and pronation of your ankle.

For users under 150 pounds, the larger bungee mats definitely add more fun.

In our experience when heavier people jump on large size bungees mat their weight just brings them pretty fast to the center. The bounce is not always likely which makes it harder to control. This can happen especially when jumping higher.

Some pull to the center is OK but too much is when you start inverting your ankles and it is not a good experience. This is another reason I appreciate and support the Jumpsport 370 and is my #1 bungee rebounder of choice.

Weight Limit

There is no fear of bottoming our, the bungees cord, together with the high-quality mat, support up to 300 Pounds. Just make sure you select the right tension for your weight.

Is the Stabilizer bar Included?

JumpSport does not include the handle bar on its package but you can always purchase it separately. In our experience when people buy the handle bar they say they will never use the trampoline without one. But if a person never uses one, they feel they don’t need it.

In my personal experience, the handlebar expands your rebounding experience. I use it all the time to perform legs and abs exercises and other advanced workouts.

If you are not getting the stabilizer bar, I would definitely consider the 370 PRO instead of the bigger mat JumpSport model. It is hard to keep balance on the bigger mat compared to a smaller bungee rebounder especially when watching TV unless you are getting the bar.

For those who have kids or seniors at home, it will also improve their safety plus add stability for getting in and out.


Unfortunately, the JumpSport 370 PRO doesn’t fold and the legs cannot easily be removed to do it on a daily basis. What you can do instead is stand it on its side.

For whom is the JumpSport 370 PRO Rebounders for?

For Whom is JumpSport 370 Pro Model?

Honestly, if you are looking to rebound for the long term or want to ramp up your existing workout with more enjoyable routines, the Jumpsport 370 PRO model is a great solution.

I recommend it for everyone who wants quality and a completely silent bounce and of course for people with no space issues.

I found that this rebounder is a great option for the entire family as well as the triple tear springs rebounder. With the 370 model anyone can switch the bungee cord tension to suit either heavy or lighter people.

It is excellent equipment if your goal is to boost your energy, detox, or shape your body in a fun and convenient way. I never engaged that much with any workout routines as with my mini-trampoline. Rebounding on this model will give you that pleasant experience.

I also recommend the JumpSport for people looking to properly activate the lymphatic system. It allows you to jump high without sacrificing stability and does not pronate your ankles. This is a common issue on Bungee rebounder brands.

When bouncing close to the mat it gives you more bounces per minute than many others, as a result, you get a good and effective cardio workout. Believe me, jumping for health will make you feel happier and will help engage more with your home workout. This has been my personal experience!

We found your money will also be better invested on a Jumpsport trampoline than any other higher priced BUNGEE rebounder. In terms of quality and silence bounce, this rebounder is worth every penny and it is more affordable than other brands.

If you are taller than 6 feet, I would go for a triple tear spring rebounder (CELLERCISER) or pay a little more and gets the 550F JumpSport model which has a bigger mat and also have the folding capability.

What do Customers Say About JumpSport 370 PRO Rebounders?


Online Reviewers who use the Jump Sport Mini Trampoline regularly found it very well-made. They love the fact that it is truly quiet and doesn’t make the squeaking sound that spring rebounders make.

JumpSport 370 review02-22

Some find the mat a little too small for taller people and a bit stiff for a very light one. Others who have had the experience of bad quality mini trampoline find it better to spend a little more for something you’re going to use for a long time with no regrets later.

How is the JumpSport 370 PRO Rebounder Warranty?

In our research we found the PRO model coverage is as impressive as the quality of this rebounder. For home users the steel frame and legs have lifetime warranty. The mat and the elastic bands’ are covered for 4 years and the rest of the parts 1 year. In our experience, it is one of the best warranties in the rebounder market.

Commercial Use Warranty:

  • Steel Frame & Legs – 5 years
  • EnduroLast 4 Elastic Cords – 18 months
  • All other components – 1 year

What We Liked and Didn’t Like

What We Like…

  • The sturdy steel frame that supports up to 300 pounds
  • A quality Permatron mat that doesn’t stretch with use
  • EnduroLast bungee cords capable of 1.2 million bounce cycles
  • FlexBounce connectors to accommodate a desired firmness
  • Super quiet and smooth bounce as typical of bungee rebounders
  • Suited to target most if not all health benefits and fitness goals
  • Excellent warranty
  • Good Customer Service
  • Competitive price

What We Don’t Like…

  • Not Portable
  • Don’t have versatility for storage
  • Replacement parts are currently not available online so you will have to call their Customer Service Department if you want to buy a replacement part.

Final Thoughts

JumpSport 370 PRO is our top pick of all Bungees rebounders on the market because it gives you the safer and most stable bounce. We also love the fact that it allows you to accommodate the desired firmness making it suited for everyone in the family. We recommend this rebounder for people looking for a smooth but silent bounce. If you have back, knees, or ankle problems then this bungee rebounder is your best option so your feet don’t pronate or invert while bouncing.

Start taking action and you will see AMAZING results!


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