Needak Rebounder Review [Is it Really Worth the Money?

Are you looking for a quality fitness trampoline? great because in our Needak Rebounder review, I am going to show you everything you need to know about this brand so you can make an informed decision.

We will reveal if this rebounder is worth the money or not? What customers are saying about it? the materials they use, and if the company stands or not for its product. Following the review, you will find a buyer guide to help you decide which Needak Rebounder best suits your rebounding style or workout goals.

I believe you are on the right track to becoming your better version. Rebounding is a fun exercise that will fix your workout motivation woes. It can transform your fitness experience, moreover has endless health benefits. To name a few, rebounding can help you reduce stress, boost your energy, lower your cholesterol, and more.

Without further ado, let’s begin.

Needak Rebounders Review (Summary)

Needak Soft Bounce Rebounder
  • Brand: Needak
  • Product type: Rebounder
  • Model: Hard Bounce & Soft Bounce
  • Weight Capacity: 600 Pounds and 300 pounds
  • Size: 40″ Solid Steel Frame
  • Best for: Anyone who want to ramp up the home workout and gain the health benefits of rebounding
  • Recommended: Yes

Are Needak Rebounders Worth it? If you’re looking for a quality rebounder or commercial-grade mini trampoline, Needak will exceed your expectations, and to respond to your question, Yes! this rebounder totally worth your money.

I know you might be tempted to buy a cheaper version, but if you know you’re in it for the long run and want a comfortable bounce style, quality material that’s made to last is vital.

Needak features a robust steel frame and Permatron mat that is also weather resistant. When people bounce on one of these units, it absorbs an estimated 85% of the ballistic impact. That means it will not hurt your back or joints while bouncing.

Needak is manufactured in the United States and is one of our top quality for a reason. It provides a comfortable and consistent bounce, can easily be stored and, is relatively quiet.

This rebounder unit is solid and offers, depending on which version you purchase, the unique soft bounce model, and the hard bounce model which I found to be the best for anyone overweight. For people with more than 250 pounds, Needak Hard bounce is our #1 Recommendation. Hands Down!

The Needak rebounders are easy to setup. In fact, it comes fully assembled where you just need to pop the legs into place to start bouncing. They also offer a foldable version for portability and an outstanding warranty.

This Rebounder Could be For You If

  • You’re looking for a Gentle Exercise for your joints
  • You want to strengthen and tone your body
  • Looking to Improve your Posture
  • Detoxify your body by activating your Lymphatic System
  • Increase bone density or Prevent osteoporosis
  • You want to increase Your Blood Circulation
  • Boost you Energy
  • You’re looking to exercise every muscle and cells of the body
  • Boost your Mood and Happiness
  • Helps your heart and your lungs
  • Exercise in a fun and effective way at home

Needak Rebounders – Key Specs

Mat Size: 30 inches in diameter
Frame: 40 inches in diameter
Height: 10 inches
Maximum load capacity – Soft Bounce Model: 300 lbs
Maximum load capacity – Hard Bounce Model: 600 lbs

Needak Rebounder Folding and Non-Folding Model

I really appreciate that Needak offers a rebounder with the ability to fold. This feature gives you flexibility to easily store your rebounder in a closet, or even under your bed. You can bring it in the trunk of your car or carry it out on a plane while traveling for vacation or business.

Some people find it is a little stiff to fold when new but later it gets better with use.

With either version of these rebounders, you don’t need to worry about losing quality or durability.

Included With the Rebounder

  • Bounce Before You Jump” DVD
  • “Immune System” DVD
  • Rebounding article
  • Spring Lubricant
  • A generous limited lifetime warranty including five (5) years on the mat, two (2) years for the springs, and leg springs, for the frame is a lifetime warranty.

Not Included in the Rebounder

  • On the fordable version, the carrying bag is not included.
  • The balance bar & spring cover/frame skirt are sold separately

Needak Rebounders Features

* Smooth Springs System*

The Needak “Soft Bounce” Rebounder makes this rebounder stand out from every other brand. The springs give you a smooth and gentle bounce so you don’t have to worry about jarring.

As with other spring rebounders, you can expect a little squeaky noise but is not enough to discourage buying it. Make sure you properly lubricate the springs at least twice a year.

with the goal of achieving silent bounce, Needak has made some modifications to its design. Now it has introduced the drill hole pattern to its design which reduces the noise coming from the pin movement.

Needak is overall a high-quality rebounder. It uses the entire coils of its springs every time you bounce, and this is the formula for its smooth bounce on the soft bounce model. However, in the same way you change the tires of your car, you will have to change springs every two or three years to get this incredibly deep and comfortable bounce. And if you want to know, you can buy the full 36 springs set for around $80.

* Circular Solid Steel Frame

Needak rebounders have a standard circular shape. It measures 40 inches in diameter and rests over 6 legs that are 10 inches long. The frame is made of steel instead of aluminum which makes this product very durable.

Remember that if you are looking to rebound for the long term and to make this form of exercise a habit you will prefer the equipment to last. We do not see rebounding for short term goals worth it, but instead as being part of your life’s journey.

*High-end Permatron Mat*

All the high-quality rebounders on the market use a Permatron mat instead of nylon or PVC and Needak is not the exception. The mat measures 30 inches in diameter. It is UV resistant and doesn’t spread this unwanted toxic plastic smell.

Using Permatron fabric ensures that your mat will not stretch over time. Needak’s hard bounce model is the only rebounder that support up to 600 lbs. and it doesn’t matter how high you jump; it will give you the stability and comfort you need for a safe and healthy bounce.

*Weight Limit*

Cheaper rebounders are not strong or firm enough for heavier users. Needak can support users up to 300 pounds on the “soft bounce” rebounder and up to 600 pounds on the “hard bounce” rebounder.

What do Customers Say About the NEEDAK Rebounders?

In general, users who regularly train in a Needak are very happy with the smooth bounce and the quality of the equipment.

Many express they are happy they paid a bit more for a quality product that will last them far longer than others. Needak also comes with excellent customer services band I would suggest you buy from their website.

Some users do complain about the spring squeaky noise and the reality is the springs do become squeaky upon use if you don’t lubricate them. We use Lithium Grease Multi-Purpose Lubricant but Needak also includes its own in the rebounder package so you can do your maintenance without a problem.

See more customer reviews from Amazon Here…

Needak Rebounder Accessories

To enhance your workout experience Needak rebounders offer a variety of accessories and here are three unique ones:

Spring Cover

Do you need the springs cover on your New Needak Rebounder? With the latest model, you don’t need to buy the spring cover. People sometimes opt to buy if the rebounder is going to be used by kids or to give a rebounder a better look. The springs of all the new Needak models now use safety cleats to connect the springs which are enclosed by the fabric tab.

The covers come in a variety of colors and has a standard fit for all rebounders, including the ones that fold.

Stabilizing Bar

Best for beginners, seniors, or people with infirmities. The stabilizing bar is very useful as it not only helps you with stability and balance but it helps you do more advanced exercises.

The bar can easily be adjusted to your rebounder and can be set at your comfort level. You can adjust from 29 inches, 34 inches, up to 41 inches in height.

Carry Bag for Folding Rebounders

For users that opt for the folding rebounder having the carry bag is very handy and useful if you’re planning to take wherever you go. It will make you look chic and sporty when you go on vacation or long business trips.

Where are Needak Rebounders Made?

If you are looking for quality control as well as reliability and safety, all Needak parts are made here in the US.

How is the Needak Rebounder Warranty?

The warranty of Needak rebounders is generous. The company stands very well for its products. For home users, you get lifetime covered on the frame hinges, platform pins, and legs. 5-years on the mat, mat cleats, and for the spring pins, the springs, leg tips, and leg springs you get a two-year warranty.  That ensures your purchase is both safe and reliable.

What We Liked and Didn’t Like

Based on our experience and research we have things that we like or dislike. Here are our thoughts:

What We Like:

  • Excellent quality
  • USA Made
  • The Mat is made of Permatron Fabric
  • Non-toxic and lead-free
  • High Weight Limit
  • Competitive price
  • Their website has multiple accessories available
  • Multiples color Spring Cover you can choose from
  • Capability to fold
  • Great Customer Service
  • Instructional workout DVD + Spring Lubricant included
  • Generous Limited lifetime warranty

What We Don’t Like:

  • Spring cover not supplied – sold separately
  • Springs need to be replaced every 2 years
  • Unfolding does take a little force on foldable version

Needak Rebounder Buyer Guide

You need a firm rebounder when looking for the healthy bounce. The more bounces per minute you can get the better for detoxifying your body. The same is required when planning to do weight lifting or the most intense exercises.

All of this is so that you find the best rebounder for your bounce style. Longer springs like the one Needak uses for the soft bounce will make the bounce smoother and less jarring but sacrify G-force applied to your body.

Soft Bounce Rebounder

The Soft-Bounce model is the most popular Needak Rebounder, as it applies to beginner exercise. I recommend this unit for people with joint or lower back issues, and who prefer the gentlest bounce. With this unit, you sacrifice a few bounces per minute which makes it a little less effective than other brands that offer a firmer bounce but you get a great bounce experience.

Hard Bounce Rebounder

This is the best option if you are more than 300 pounds or you are looking for a more lymphatic flush. The hard bounce rebounder has a weight limit of 600 so it is perfect for vigorous or intermediate workouts for the most advanced exercisers.

The reason some people don’t get much benefit from exercising on a rebounder is that they usually pick one that’s cheaper, thinking they all are the same and deliver the same results.

Where to Buy a Needak Rebounder

Like all high-quality rebounder manufacturers, Needak has an excellent and well secure website where I suggest you purchase your rebounder. This will ensure you are receiving the latest model for the same price plus personalized support.

>>>>Click here to buy straight from Needak Manufacturer >>

You can also find their rebounders at stores like Amazon.

>>>>Check the latest prices on Amazon here >>

Final Thoughts

Jumping on a mini-trampoline is a fitness trend and the favorite exercise equipment for many. I personally use it and found it so convenient and its health benefits are so profound.

The Needak rebounders are high-quality rebounders, worth every penny. – They are built in the USA with top quality materials and offer a foldable and non-foldable version.

The Needak soft bounce is their most famous version. However, the hard bounce model supports heavier users, suited for the expert user or people interested in the healthy bounce.

If your weight is more than 250 pounds, go for the Needak hard bounce. It is the best in this range. But if your weight is less than that my #1 recommendation is the Cellerciser. The Cellerciser rebounders come with a patented TriDaptable system that suits everyone’s weight and height. You can check my Cellerciser full review Here.

But as I said, both of these rebounders provide quality and I believe you will be more than satisfied working out at home with either of them.

If you have any questions about Needak rebounders, please don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments below.

To your workout success


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