Al Carter Rebound Air Trampoline Review [What Customer are saying about it]

A gym is a good place to exercise, but if you are looking for an effective workout at home, rebounding is a great option. Getting a quality trampoline takes a little research but we are glad you have found our Al Carter Rebound air trampoline review.

We are going to show you what to expect from this rebounder, is your money well spent? What customers are saying about it, and why numerous people are using it?

What to Expect From ReboundAir Rebounder in the First Place?

The Al Carter ReboundAir trampoline is a well-known rebounder on the market. Al Carter is recognized as one of the world’s leading authority on Rebounding Exercises. His multiple types of research and its innovative studies on rebounding have helped thousands of people around the world. Inf fact, he was who initially introduced the distinction between the “health bounce” and the “aerobic bounce”.

This brand offers high-quality rebounders. It delivers the right resilience for a good workout while at the same time protecting your knees. They are built to last and can fold for easy storage.

As other springs rebounders, they can produce squeaky noise without proper lubrication, but with oiling the springs at least twice a year this is no longer a concern.

All models from ReboundAir come with a nice workout DVD series for beginner, intermediate, and advanced rebounding routines. All models feature the same bounce style and the stabilizer bar can be purchased separately on the manufacturer website. Overall, we found ReboundAir a great investment for a lifetime of benefits.

Let’s now check which model is your better fit.

With ReboundAir, you can choose between three different models, the ultimate quarter fold, the classic double fold, and the standard non fold.

The Ultimate Quarter Fold Rebounder

This model is the premium version of ReboundAir, an excellent option for people looking for portability.

It features a full 40″ metal frame with high-gloss enamel paint (the frame is dipped, not sprayed). The material they use for the mat is Permatron; a UV resistant material that does not stretch or rip with use.

It folds in quarter. In other words, you can fold it twice so it fits inside the custom carrying case. When folded, it measures 29x12x16 inches, it also comes with a nice and durable case PLUS a convenient pull dolly for an even better experience when taking it with you.

The premium quarter fold rebounder can hold more weight than other top-quality models, supporting users up to 400 pounds.

Portability and weight capacity are what make this rebounder stand out, just keep in mind that some users find it very hard to fold but otherwise welcome the sturdiness.

I am not a fan of the durable plastic frame though but agree on the advantages of traveling with a lighter rebounder, weight 28 lbs.

The legs don’t fold as traditional top-quality rebounders. With the ReboundAir Quarter fold you have to unlock the legs and then fold to stow perfectly into the frame. Other top-quality rebounders pop off and down the legs from a spring system.

This is not a drawback but they could have used the simpler way other brands are following.

Personally, I am not quite a fan of the springs exposed without cover. The quarter model doesn’t come with the springs protection and the company claims there is no need for it but, if you have kids like me, a spring cover is a must-have.

The Classic Double Fold Rebounder

I found the double fold is the best option for home workout. It doesn’t become that small as the quarter fold but double folding still gives you a lot of flexibility for storage or even carry on.

It is made with an indestructible 40″ metal frame, Permatron mat and is available in two different colors, red and black. I like the variety because it adds extra fun to your home workout.

Some people find this model easier to fold and unfold which translates into an improved folding capability. It can support up to 300 pounds.

When comparing this unit with other cheaper rebounders I find the Double Fold ReboundAir has much more to give and a better feel.

Unpacking the unit no assembly is required. You just unfold the unit and jump on it.

The Standard Non-Fold

If you have room and don’t have issues with space, great! you can save some money with this model.

I relate to the saying “what is out of your side is out of your mind”. Seeing this rebounder on your living room or workout room at all times will help you have more opportunities to use it.

The ReboundAir non fold version comes with all the features of the Double fold model and the difference is the folding capability.

Al Carter Rebound Air Trampoline – Key Specs

Ultimate Quater-Fold

  • Support weight: Up to 400-lb
  • Frame: Plastic 40” diameter
  • Mat: Permatron
  • Color available: Black
  • Height: 10″
  • Weight: 28 lbs

Classic Double-Fold

  • Support weight: Up to 300-lb
  • Frame:  Metal frame 40″ diameter
  • Mat: Permatron
  • Cover available color: Red and Black
  • Height: 10″
  • Weighs 34 lbs.

Reasons Why People are Using ReboundAir Rebounders?

  • Increase blood circulation through your entire body. It gives great bounces per minute with less time in the air
  • Activate your Lymphatic System to Naturally Detox
  • Boost Your Energy Levels. You will be using even less energy to get the right number of bounces as it is designed for the Health Bounce
  • Increase bone density
  • Prevent osteoporosis
  • Helps your heart and your lungs
  • Improve proper posture
  • For a fun Cardio Workout
  • Can be done from the comfort of the house

What do Customers Say About Al Carter ReboundAir?

Overall, users who regularly workout on the ReboundAir are pleased and happy with the quality and benefit of this exercise equipment.

For whom is the Rebound Air for?

If you are tired of being tired and sick, this is a great rebounder for people looking for a lymphatic flush. The focus of this rebounder is not necessarily for high jumps or to perform vigorous aerobics exercises, but to perform the healthy bounce.

If you are looking to rebound for the healthy bounce or want to perform a moderate aerobic exercise where your feet barely leave the mat, ReboundAir will not disappoint you.

ReboundAir gets the job done, it can give you a good workout without ankle pronation and without killing your knees. However, when comparing it with the Cellerciser rebounder or Needak soft bounce model, people find the ReboundAir a little stiffer.

The Cellerciser and the Needak soft bounce are my #1 and #2 recommendations for people with knees or back problems.

With a reboundAir unit, a person with less than 150 pounds would get a totally different bounce than a much heavier person as the springs do not auto-adjust to the weight or a higher jump.

Using this rebounder for what it was designed for, it gives you all the benefits you are looking for and it won’t have the problems with inversion that the longer coiled springs often give.

What We like and Didn’t Like

What we like….

  • Well-constructed
  • Durable Frame
  • Quality mat that doesn’t stretch or rip with use
  • Rebounding workout DVD
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Competitive Price
  • Limited Unlimited Warranty

What we don’t like….

  • Bounce style a little stiff for people with knees or back problems.
  • The quarter fold uses a plastic frame and doesn’t come with the cover of the springs.

ReboundAir Vs Cellerciser

We found ReboundAir and the Cellercise to be high quality Rebounders. They both use a Permatron mat and are easy to fold. However, all Cellerciser models are built with a solid steel frame while the ReboundAir’s Quarter fold of is plastic. The bounce style between these two brands is their biggest difference.

The Cellerciser patented TriDaptable springs are more resilient. In other word, Cellerciser has a deeper and smoother bounce for a more enjoyable workout. Based on our research, people tend to enjoy the Cellerciser or Needak soft bounce rebounder more.

This doesn’t make this rebounder a bad product, in fact I prefer ReboundAir over Needak for the healthy bounce.

The design of ReboundAir is focused on the healthy bounce and mild aerobics where users barely lift the mat. Cellerciser is a little more versatile, you can effectively do the healthy bounce but also allows you a deeper bounce. As a result, it offers a more comfortable bounce style.

ReboundAir Vs Needak

Needak soft bounce has a different approach than ReboundAir but both are good rebounders. Needak Soft Bounce gives you less resistance while bouncing but it is also less effective for lymphatic drainage. It also gives you fewer bounces per minute. However, I like Needak if you are at or under 130 pounds or have knees or back issues.

If your body can hold a bit stiffer bounce, I also recommend the Cellerciser over ReboundAir or Needak. It is more versatile and overall, more effective.

Final Thoughts

Exercising on any of these quality rebounders is so easy that it motivates you to overcome laziness and helps provide a general sense of well-being. ReboundAir is a top-quality product and delivers a strong bounce to anybody looking for the health bounce and mild aerobic bounce.

The best model in terms of portability is the quarter fold unit, which you will find it great for traveling. If you are looking for the best one, I will choose the classic model. It folds in half and people find it easier to set up. Also, it has a full metal frame construction.

If you are looking for the most versatile one that suits the same level of comfort to anyone bouncing, check out The Cellerciser, my #1 Recommendation. It has TriDaptable springs that auto adjust to the weight, height, and movement of anyone bouncing.

Now is your turn, have you used a rebounder? If so, how has been your experience? and if you still have any questions about ReboundAir rebounders or any other rebounder please don’t hesitate to leave it in the comments below.

I am here to help and motivate you become the best of yourself by working out at home.

To your workout success,


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