Recommended Home Workout Equipment

Welcome to the Pro Better Version Resources. Over the years, I have invested in many tools, books, and programs to help me grow. So I thought it would be helpful to share on a single page the programs and equipment I use so that everyone can take advantage of the at-home workout. 

Best Spring System Rebounder Overall


This is the rebounder I use daily as part of my home workout routine and the equipment that motivates me the most. I personally believe it makes my days more productive, and happier. Moreover is a one-time investment for fitness equipment that can last a lifetime.

Even though spring rebounders need maintenance at least twice a year to make the springs noiseless, they are also way more durable.

100% recommended for anybody who what to boost longevity, de-stress, detox, lose weight, lower blood pressure, improve balance, and more.

JumpSport 370 Pro

Best Bungee Rebounder Overall


If you want to avoid maintenance for a quiet bounce then JumpSport 370 is the way to go. With this unit, your workout will be effective and also fun.

JumpSport rebounders is a very well-known brand for the quality of its trampolines. This model provides a comfortable bounce since it provides excellent resistance and can accommodate people up to 300 pounds.

Moreover, JumpSport includes 60 Days of access to JumpSport Fitness TV to ensure you reach your fitness goal.

Best Portable Home Gym Equipment - BodyBoss Gym System

Best Portable Home Gym Equipment for Strength Training


As rebounders have the most impact on your lower body, you want to balance your workout by giving love to your upper body as well.

For Strength Training I recommend the BodyBoss 2.0 resistance bands. This top-quality system also comes with very good qualified trainers support system to help seniors, women, or anyone looking for a strength training plan.

I like it because, besides quality, you also get access to a 3-weeks program (optional) FREE to ensure you get the most from your training.

If you are ready to take ACTION I suggest you get these home gym resistance bands.

Have you experienced any workout program or books with the power to help you with your home workout motivation? Share it with us so we can all learn together.

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