Spring vs Bungee Rebounder- Which Is Your Best Option?

Jumping on the trampoline is fun and effective, and it is also a great option to strengthen and build your muscles. You may think all mini trampolines are the same but in reality, there are two major differences: Spring vs Bungee rebounders. Spring-based trampolines have been in the market for years while bungee cords trampolines are the latest trend in the industry.

Many are wondering about which trampoline is the best? and the answer is very straightforward. Neither is better than the other. The best trampoline is the one that fits your bouncing style and needs.

Not everybody experiences the same amount of comfort while bouncing and here is the reason: People have different weights and height, and often don’t have the same strength in the joints. Moreover, people like to work out differently, some prefer jogging and running in places where they need a faster response system while others prefer aerobic bounces and jumping high.


I have to admit the competition is fierce between brands and is because trampoline workouts are very popular again. The quality of a fitness trampoline is essential and it is not just for durability. A good rebounder needs to offer you a comfortable bounce, and if it doesn’t? it defeats the whole purpose.

A good mini-tramp not only should give you a soft and smooth bounce but also should provide enough resistance for an effective workout. Some rebounders are too sluggish for certain exercises while others may end up being too firm.

If the springs are long enough it will give you a smooth bounce with no jarring effect. Quality Spring systems can last you a lifetime and some auto-adjust to the weight of the bouncing individual. However, avoid mini-trampolines with springs that are too short as they do not have enough coils to stretch properly and give you a smooth bounce.

Bungee trampolines usually allow you to jump higher and give you a quieter bounce without maintenance needed. However, trampolines with elastic cords usually give you less bounce per minute.

If the bungee trampoline gives you a sluggish bounce is not that effective for working out. A good bungee system should provide a deep and gentle bounce but also a fast response. You do not want a mini-trampoline that is too stiff but neither too soft to absorb all your workout effort.

If you want to burn real calories with rebounding exercises, push down to the mat and avoid jumping higher. A fitness trampoline works differently than a recreational trampoline. To break a sweat you need to push down to the mat and do as many repetitions as you can. The more repetitions you do, the faster the result in terms of the calories you burn per minute.

A lot of people get confused and try to use a fitness trampoline the same way as a recreational trampoline. For an effective workout, there is no point in spending time in the air while jumping.


  • The mats are tied to the rim of the trampoline with steel springs allowing them to go up and down with complete support.
  • Are Often more affordable than bungee cords
  • Offer comfortable but firmer bounce style
  • Lubrication on the springs is required for a quiet bounce
  • Many brands offer foldable designs for easy storage
  • Faster bounce response time especially handy for running and jogging in place
  • The bounce area is more stable and easier to maneuver,
  • Firmer than bungee rebounder which is good for avoiding ankle or foot pronation while jumping.
  • Quality spring systems can last you a lifetime.
  • Cheap spring trampolines often come with smaller springs which results in a hard bounce, that will in turn affect your back. Avoid Cheap spring mini-trampolines


  • Designed to connect the mat of the trampoline to the rim with a firm elastic cord.
  • Allows you to jump higher and to perform a wide variety of aerobics.
  • The Jumping style is often softer than springs, by absorbing much of the impact when going up and down.
  • Usually don’t have the foldable capability for easy storage and are more expensive.
  • They are usually quieter and smoother than the spring system and no maintenance is required.
  • It gives you less long-term value. Elastic bands stretch out with use and the bounce style becomes unpredictable, necessitating replacement bands upon the amount of use.
  • Ideal to have a customized bungee tension according to your weight for an effective bounce and safety.

NOTE: If your husband is 75 pounds or more than you, it may require a different tension to ensure an effective and safe bounce especially for seniors. You do not want to touch the ground while jumping high but you also want a good resistance to take the most benefit.


Choose the Springs system trampoline, if you want to have a faster response while jumping (more repetition per minute). Go with a spring trampoline if you have a balance issue or want to use it for jogging and running on the spot.

Avoid bungee cord trampoline if you have issues with balance since the bounce style is more unpredictable.

People with limited space will enjoy a foldable version a feature that is more common on a tramp with a spring system. Since you have more resistance with spring trampoline the advantage of the Lymphatic cleansing in your body is more effective.

I would choose a TriDapatable spring trampoline IF YOU WANT YOUR INVESTMENT TO LAST YOU MANY YEARS OF USE. The disadvantages of going with a cheap spring system will reside in a stiff bounce style.

On the other hand,

For people looking for a QUIET BOUNCE WITHOUT THE NEED OF SPRING LUBRICATION, you will be better served with a “Bungee Cord Mini-Trampoline“.

If you wish to jump higher for certain aerobics, a bungee rebounder is more enjoyable. Moreover, if your budget is tight for a high-end spring trampoline and you don’t have strong joints, I will definitely choose a bungee rebounder instead of spring.

It is better to choose a bungee rebounder with the ability to change the tension on the elastic cords. If the rebounder doesn’t have the right tension, you can easily touch the ground.

Your feet also can cone in the middle when the mat or the frame is too big, and the elastic cords don’t provide the right tension. In other words, the different tension points allow for a false jump with one foot on the edge and another on the center, impacting your balance.

To achieve a safe bounce, you must jump with your feet closer to the edges all the time. Therefore, overweight people should opt for the firmest rebounders for a smooth bounce. Not the one that allows you to jump higher.

But you should also avoid a cheap spring trampoline if you have back or knee injuries.

The downside of a cheap bungee rebounder is the loss of elasticity too soon but if it provides the right tension and you jump with shoes your workout can be really fun.


  • Make sure the trampoline legs are well-balanced prior to starting.
  • Bounce with caution and always pay attention to your form.
  • Make sure you have enough head space to the ceiling especially if you are using a bungee cord rebounder. Some bungee rebounders are not safe to jump indoors.
  • When jumping, slightly bend your knees and have your back straight while bouncing.
  • Warm up before starting your workout routine. You can begin by stretching your main muscles and/or by doing the healthy bounce for at least 2 minutes.
  • It is recommended to wear tennis shoes for rebounding routines. Only some fitness trampolines allow jumping with bare feet safely.
  • Use a handlebar if you are a senior or beginner for added stability and extra protection.
  • If you have any injuries try consulting your physician to prevent any complications.


We have taken a look at the difference between spring vs bungee rebounders. Based on our experience and research, both types of mini-trampoline have pros and cons that we have carefully discussed. The best for your choice will be determined by your bounce style and needs.

If you ask me what is my #1 recommendation, I personally use the Cellerciser rebounder. Its triple-tier spring system and the Permatron Mat provide a smooth and comfortable bounce independently of your weight. Moreover, the quality and the personalized customer service are remarkable. You can see our Cellerciser full review here…

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