The Best Natural Way to Detox Your Body- Rebounding Exercise

Are you looking for the best natural way to detox your body? Escaping toxins has been a hard feat for even the most careful person. Skincare products, household cleaners, and even the food we consume are filled with toxic chemicals, making our health vulnerable.

Like a mentor would tell me:

“You can’t get rid of the effects caused by chemicals with more chemicals.” Natural is the way, so read on.

Before we dive deep into the solution, you might be wondering about the effect of these toxins on your body. Studies have in fact proven that allowing toxins to thrive in your system will put your body at great risk of shutting down its activities.

Heavy toxins in the body cause imbalances and restrain hormones. 

If you suffer from constipation, dizziness, confusion, or inability to concentrate, extreme fatigue even after a sound night’s rest, chances are that toxins are already messing with you. Aching joints, muscle pains, insomnia, hair loss, and bad breath are also signs of toxins in the body.

The Best Natural Way to Detox Your Body

Naturally, the human immune system is meant to fight toxins in the body but sometimes the chemicals might be too much that it would slow down your immune system’s response. Not to mention that more toxins are joining every minute.

But, how can you help your immune system in the fight against the toxic chemicals that won’t give up hurting you? 

 Exercising and eating healthier may sound like a typical cliche, but I will speak for myself and my experience.

I always felt that I need to drink more water than everybody and I know for years I was living a sedentary lifestyle. The negative effect was always constipation and physical exhaustion. Constantly feeling exhausted forced me to seriously consider a change in my lifestyle.

I started eating healthier, drinking more water, and added exercise to my routine. I feel more invigorated than ever and my goal today is to encourage you to do the same.

If feeling exhausted is your daily occurrence, then you don’t have to continue with that path. There is a better way to live and eat and I am happy you found this article. You can help remove toxins and wastes from the body to return to full normalcy and general wellbeing. 

The first thing you have to do,

You got to eat healthier…

Fresh Food To Naturally Detox

I am not talking about eating food that is not tasty, and I know this is a prevalent thought for many but it is a misconception. Natural food can be delicious and also can be prepared easily. Keep reading.

We need to be aware that our American typical diet is full of processed food, and often too low on natural items such as fresh vegetables and fruits. If your goal is to boost your energy, you can start being more conscious of what you eat on a daily basis, seriously doing so will allow you to start seeing how simple changes make your days more pleasant.

I understand, life is busy and the lack of time is often tough but to ensure success, do the following:

  • At the beginning of the week make a meal plan and do a bit of prep work.
  • Always start with a simple meal plan that takes minimum time. Vegetable and fruit smoothies for breakfast and salad for lunch are great options, to begin with.
  •  If it sounds too complicated, look for pre-made healthy lunches at your favorite grocery store.

What would you get from this effort?

You will even lose a few pounds without even trying. But most importantly you can start feeling a lot better physically and mentally. You will feel more active, and enthusiastic than ever. The most notable change you are going to see right away is the regulation of the digestive system.  30 days is a good amount of time to set a healthier habit.

Exercise and Detoxification

Honestly, exercising and eating healthier would give your immune system an upper-hand against the fight against toxins and that would help detox your body. This healthy habit is helping me and can boost your energy and overall health. It takes time to develop a habit, I know! but if you stick to your goal, you would be making progress.

What else would you gain following this advice

You will feel less sick, more energized, and more productive after detoxification; and to be honest, isn’t that just what we all want? 

One more thing, the exercising habit doesn’t need to be complicated. You don’t necessarily need to go to a gym, you can start working out from home and if you need motivation, please read through this article for help.

Misconception! – Does Sweating Remove Toxins?

There’s a great myth when it comes to exercising as a means of detoxification. Most people assume the sweat that comes with exercising is the toxins excusing themselves from the body.

This is wrong.

But why? You ask.

According to research, sweat is 99% water, with small amounts of proteins, salt, carbohydrates, and urea. The skin is not an excretory organ, it doesn’t push out toxins from your body.

Sweat only acts as the body’s air-conditioning system, cooling it off through evaporation. Heavy metals such as mercury, lead, arsenic, and cadmium which are abundant in our environment and sometimes somehow find their way into our body need to be released, but the human skin isn’t the pathway for that.

Now, what is the pathway?

The lymph system is probably the most important in your body when it comes to detoxing. It is where your body sanitation is conducted. Poisonous wastes from all the cells, tissues, and organs are filtered and carted away by the lymphatic system.

Poor lymphatic drainage means your body finds it hard to push out wastes and toxins; meaning body cells, tissues and organs soon start harboring harmful wastes and toxins.

Brain fog, swollen lymph nodes, recurrent sore throats, inability to lose weight, ear ringing, itchy skin, soreness in the morning, and lack of energy are the common underlying signs of poor lymphatic drainage. It’s a horror you do not have to go through.

How Can I Naturally Activate the Lymph Flow?

Exercise helps the muscles contract and push lymph through the lymph vessels which encourages drainage. When you exercise, your muscles and joints are stretched and this tends to eliminate lymphedema swelling, muscle/joint stiffness, and generally makes you feel better.

Starting exercises with deep breaths clear up the lymphatic system in your chest, allowing lymph to flow into the lymph system and back into the blood. Slow deep breathing for a couple of seconds about ten times, relaxing your shoulders and upper chest are simple activities that can set you on track for a wonderful lymph flow.

Increased movements that come with exercising also stimulates your Lymphatic System

It accelerates your blood circulation and lymph flow which in turn allow organs to cleanse body fluids, expelling toxins and wastes. Hydrating during and after exercises ensures that your body detox through the kidney which has more liquid and can filter toxins easily.

 Exercises such as crunches and abdominal twists target the core of the body which is extremely important in detoxing, as organs such as the kidney, colon, and livers are located in this zone.

Constipation, indigestion, and all other digestion issues are taken care of with an improved and healthy digestive system. Exercises such as yoga promote blood flow to the bowels and strengthen the intestines ensuring that you have healthy digestion, which in turn makes sure that wastes pass through your large and smaller intestines faster and out of your body.

**Rebounding Exercise and Detoxification

A rebounder or mini-trampoline is a very efficient way to stimulate lymph flow and reduce lymphatic congestion in your body. There are various testimonies, and in fact, studies have shown that rebounding increases lymph flow by up to 15 to 30 times.

As shown by the research done in this journal, rebounders are super awesome in your journey to detox. So, here you have it, rebounding exercise is one of the best natural way to detox your body on top of that has other great benefits.

**How Does Rebounding Work Against Toxins?

The lymph function is charged by the up and down bouncing, while the gravitational pull caused by the bouncing would cause the lymphatic valves to open and close moving the lymph across rapidly.

To engage in this exercise, build up the intensity slowly with gentle and simple movements as rebounding is known to release too many toxins if you jump in too fast. Following a strict daily routine of rebounding would help you go to great lengths in keeping toxins and harmful wastes out of your body system while maintaining a proper and healthy lifestyle.

I own a rebounder myself and I can tell you I always feel refreshed after each session on it. I always end each training session with a smile plastered on my face. If you don’t have a rebounder already or wanna change yours, the Cellerciser is my #1 recommendation. This rebounder is an efficient machine that ought to be in your arsenal.

You can see our Cellerciser Full Review Here.

Exercising is a great way to START TAKING ACTION, it saves you money and offers the best results in keeping toxins out of your body. Hydration and healthy eating habits should also be implemented as you look to stay healthy and in great shape.


It is essential to get rid of toxins in our bodies in any way we can. A little change in our lifestyle and eating habit can help. Many people believe toxins can be excreted by sweating but that is in fact wrong, only proper exercise can save you from this menace and rebounding comes forefront when it comes to that.


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