TRX Suspension Training Review – Is this the Best Resistance Band of 2020?

Having an effective gym workout equipment is good, but having a TRX suspension training system is even better. In our TRX suspension Training review, I am going to discuss if TRX is really the best resistance band that you can get. Is it just good for Beginners or if bodybuilders can also take advantage? We also are going to show you what other super enthusiastic reviewers are saying about this brand.

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What is the TRX Suspension Training System?

The TRX products are made by Fitness Anywhere, one of the most popular brands in the resistance bands industry, and the reason is simple, their resistance bands work and offer premium quality construction.

With TRX resistance bands you are not limited to workout only a certain part of your body. This piece of equipment provides a total-body workout for anyone, either indoors or outdoor. I found this band one of the best for men, women, or seniors beginning a fitness journey or pushing for better health.

The fact that the suspension training is compact and light makes transportation easy and efficient. Do you want to do some lunges or pulls ups before you dive into the water at the beach? I would say, go for it!. Do you want to do some stretching before heading for work? You can do that too!

I truly believe this is one of the best workout equipment to invest in for an effective home workout. Did you underwent surgery or suffered an injury? Or do you need to improve your mobility? TRX resistance bands are used as a rehabilitation tool! This is an all-around workout suspension for everyone.

All this shows that the TRX suspension training system is suitable for people who want to lose weight, tone, rehab, and build muscles when targeting different body parts.

TRX Main Specifications

  • All-round workout equipment

The TRX suspension training is meant for all workout moves. Whether you want to build muscles, tone the body, and lose fat, this equipment will push you to get fast and effective results. Some workouts you can incorporate are: push-ups, pull-ups, planks, squats, lunges, hinge and rotate, to name a few.

  • Heavyweight compatibility

Another feature that makes this a high quality and reliable workout equipment for most people is the high weight compatibility. The resistance training band set has quality construction materials and it is made of Industrial grade nylon webbing with adjustable non-slip cam buckles that can support up to 350 pounds.

  • Portable

This TRX suspension training is foldable for easy transportation. This makes it a convenient system for travelers since you can conveniently workout from anywhere, including the hotel room. The package comes with a bag for carrying the system for easy access and organization in your travel bag.

  • Lightweight

I recommend this TRX suspension training system for all people, including older adults, since it is super light. With a weight of around 1.7 pounds, carrying this suspension system kit for a workout is easy and comfortable for all people. People who need to travel don’t need to worry about their travel bags getting too bulky.

  • Multiple user guides

The TRX suspension training system comes with various workout guides that you will need for effective results. The package has a 30-day free trial app, a 35-page booklet, and 2 bonus workouts to ensure your success in this journey.

Benefits Of Training With TRX Suspension Bands

Resistance bands in general are an excellent way to diversify your home workout. It will help you improve your balance and at the same time strengthen your muscles. The best part is that it can boost your motivation to workout and as a result, you can become healthier and sexier than ever.

Moreover, it reduces the chances of injury and would let you train for longer than using dumbbells. Because of that, you will be burning more calories and in better shape.

The versatility of this fitness equipment allows you to perform more varieties of workouts than a set of dumbbells and you can use them even when you don’t have time for a full workout.

You can Tone and Maintain a Lean Sexy Body

It is easier to get a lean and sexy body when using the TRX suspension bands. Especially when following the workout resources available, which also add to the fun of working out. Note that you are going to be training using both the resistance band and your own body weight.

The band works because it will be constantly increasing muscle tension. As a result, your muscles will adapt, and can eventually increase their mass. However, as with any goal in life, you need to train, you need to master the workouts as well.

For example, performing push-ups will help you build strength since you will be targeting the triceps, pectoral muscles, and shoulders. When you do it correctly you can even engage the lower back and the abdominal muscles.

Doing these exercises three or four times a week will leave your body looking great.

How to Get the Most From Working Out With the TRX Suspension Training System

Are you a beginner who has never worked out with a suspension training system? Well, you don’t have to be skeptical about buying this one. Besides giving great body workout results, you are guaranteed to get long term guidance on how to work out with it.

The suspension system comes with a 35-page workout book with multiple workout forms to follow for effective workout results. You will also get a one-month free trail guide from their app. All these guides will teach how to work out with this TRX suspension system and the right forms to follow when working out.

Common Mistakes When Training with TRX Suspension Trainer

  • Keep Tension on the band: It should never go slack while working out with it.
  • Avoid Band Rubbing your arms: workout can become less effective and may cause discomfort.

Note: TRX recommends applying even pressure all the time on both handles or foot cradles of the band to avoid sawing or premature wear. This also will help you maintain core stability.

TRX Suspension Training Reviews From People Who Train With it Every Day

Here are the top reviews from customers. You can also read additional customer reviews at various websites where the bands are sold.

Many customers recommend using TRX when performing toning and muscle-building activities since they hugely engage the major body parts like the core, back, arms, and more. Besides, these suspension bands can hold a resistance of up to 350 pounds, which is quite compatible with a large range of people.

How TRX Bands Stand Out From The Competition?

TRX Suspension Training Review  - Exercises

Although this resistance band kit may be a bit more expensive than the competition models, you are guaranteed to get great quality and if you put in all the work, you can also see amazing results. The suspension bands are safe and suitable for all workout levels starting from beginners to pros.

On top of that, the package comes with various workout guides to use when doing various workouts, which is a plus for beginners and people who need assistance. I would recommend this suspension kit for anyone looking for multifunctional workout equipment for different exercises.


  • The suspension training bands are suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • These suspension workout bands are good for weight loss since they help burn fat
  • Can support up to 350 pounds
  • The suspension bands have quality materials construction
  • Offers full-body workout results
  • The suspension training bands are portable
  • Comes with a carrying bag


  • Some customers have complained about the adjustment of the bands not holding well
  • These resistance bands can only be connected to a space of 6.4 feet high for convenient workout results
  • Still, these suspension bands are quite pricier than similar competitive models

Comparison Between the Gorilla Bow and TRX Resistance Bands


Both these resistance bands have adjustable resistance levels for choosing the most comfortable resistance to workout with. However, TRX resistance can support more weight, up to 350 pounds while the Gorilla Bow resistance bands support a resistance level of up to 300 pounds.

The workout equipment targets the full body to give an all-around workout result. You can use them for various workout results, including weight loss.

Even Though both resistance bands are versatile and durable, we have come across some quality issues relative to the durability of the Gorilla Bow that is not present on the TRX.


  • Weight

The Gorilla bow resistance bands weigh 6 pounds, which is a comfortable weight to carry, but the TRX weight is insane with only 1.7 pounds, Super lightweight if you need to carry it anywhere.

  • Support workout guides

As indicated above the TRX suspension training system comes with a robust workout guide. On the other hand, Gorilla bow resistance bands offer some workout videos you can follow on their website.

  • Workout mode

The TRX suspension training system requires being suspended in a doorway, branch, or a stable space for safety and an effective workout. But Gorilla bow resistance bands are more flexible to use. You can workout effectively even without suspending it to any place.

Final Thoughts

The TRX suspension training bands system is worth investing in. The equipment will yield excellent training results, with safety, quality, and guidance in mind. You can carry the bands wherever you want since they are portable. For beginners, use the provided user guides to get the most out of the system.

Now is your turn, have you trained with resistance bands before? What has been your experience? Has it helped you define your major muscles? Does it help you with your weight loss journey?

Let us know your experience so we can all grow together on this journey.

To your workout success!


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