What is Rebounding Exercise & How Does it Help With Stress?

After NASA discovered how efficient and beneficial the act of rebounding is, more and more people have started taking this type of exercise more seriously. You might have been wondering “What is rebounding exercise?” Well, put your mind at ease and enjoy the ride as I provide answers to the questions that might have been lurking in your mind.

What is Rebounding Exercise?

Rebounding exercise is any activity performed on a rebounder or mini-trampoline. Different forms of exercise can be performed on a rebounder, the most common ones are bouncing, running in place, hopping, aerobics, and so on.

A fitness-trampoline also is known as a rebounder measures less than 4 feet in diameter so is easy for storage and can be adjusted to any fitness plan.

The correct technique and the quality of the trampoline are very important to succeed with this type of exercise. You will agree that in the end is all about your health, safety, and comfortable workout.

Rebounding has been gaining popularity these days and has transformed from the unused gym equipment in the corner of a gym to most people’s favorite form of aerobic exercise.

Most, if not all of us, once used a trampoline while we were young. Do you remember how fun and exhilarating the experience was? I’m sure you probably do, especially when you get the “Thanks-for-coming” gift.

Exercising on a rebounder (or fitness-trampoline) provides a low impact form of exercise that makes it friendly on joints and easy to use.

The rebounder can fit right into your home giving you the chance to get exercise in whenever you want to. 10 minutes of rebounding a day have been known to work miracles. In order to lose or manage weight, ACSM recommends burning 200 to 300 calories in a 30-minute workout. If we do the math translates to 6.7 to 10.0 calories per minute.

What makes the trampoline a great option?

According to ACE rebounding is so powerful that women can burn around 10 calories per minute and men on average of 12.4 while performing aerobics on a fitness trampoline.

So whether you are a busy mom with a lot of jobs and little time to spare or your job has made you led a sedentary lifestyle, the rebounder is your perfect companion. You can put it closest to your bed and bounce for some minutes whenever you walk into the room, there’s no limit as to how much you can use it.

Why is rebounding different from other forms of exercise?

You might have been wondering what makes rebounding special or which is better between rebounding and running. Well, here you have it:

Fun to use

As mentioned earlier, the rebounder is fun to use compared to other gym equipment or forms of exercise. You might think only kids can enjoy bouncing around but that is wrong as adults do too, making rebounding everyone’s favorite form of exercise.


Most rebounders are portable, making you get in the desired amount of exercise you need anywhere. When compared to other pieces of gym equipment that deliver the same result you would immediately see why the rebounding is gaining popularity. A treadmill or elliptical can also provide cardio exercise but can’t be moved around easily as you would a rebounder.


Rebounding is generally low-impact and friendly on joints. This feature makes it the favorite of those rehabilitating and who want to get some aerobic exercise. If you are wondering if seniors can also use it, the answer is yes. Seniors can use it without worrying about their joints. You can check out this article to see more about how senior citizens can use a rebounder. Runners or joggers who don’t want high impact on their joints also use the rebounder to keep fit.

Immediately accessible

Rebounders are portable equipment that can be acquired without straining your pocket, making them easily accessible when you have it in your home. Besides, rebounding does not require the use of other pieces of equipment apart from the rebounder. This allows the rebounder to be used anywhere and at any time.

Use not affected by weather conditions

Since the rebounder can be purchased and used at home, you need not worry about unfavorable weather conditions as outside joggers do. You can literally use it anytime you want. If you work from home, you can set reminders on your phone and take 5 minutes to bounce before going back to work.

Stress and Physical activity

Stress is something we all go through in our respective lives. Many things can be the cause, it could be work, family issues, personal life, or even just worrying about how stressed you are –ironic right?

For a long time, stress has been known to be the harbinger of many unfavorable health conditions like type-2 diabetes, depression, Alzheimer’s, cancer, and obesity, just to name a few. Stress not only affects your physical health but has negative effects on your mood and behavior too.

Because of its nature, eliminating stress is kinda impossible, but it can be managed. In my personal experience, stress can turn your life upside down, causing you headaches, muscle pain, and more. You can improve the quality of your life by managing your stress and keeping it in check. Now, how can you manage stress?

By exercising! In this article, we extensively talked about exercise as a stress reliever. Mayoclinic also shared their view on the relationship between exercise and stress, emphasizing how helpful even a little exercise is.

The researchers found out that a 10-minute bout of brisk walking and meditation both improved mood when compared to an inactive control group. Lastly, the America Institute of Cancer Research (AICR), listed physical activity as a crucial part that should be incorporated into our day to day lives. It might help prevent cancer in the long run according to AICR.

Rebounding and Stress

Since it has been established that physical activity relieves stress, rebounding does a good job at that. Rebounding is not an ordinary stress reliever like other exercises, it’s the best one. Did I hear you ask why?

  • We’ve already affirmed the fact that rebounding is a form of aerobic exercise that we all find fun and exhilarating. When you find exercising fun, doing it won’t seem like work and thus you’d be likely not to miss a session.
  • Rebounding like other exercises stimulates the production of endorphins. Endorphin is the feel-good hormone that elevates mood. Elevated mood means happy you.
  • It can make you look good with its muscle toning ability. With toned muscles, your self-confidence and self-esteem are sure to fire up. An increase in self-confidence and self-esteem has been linked to happiness.
  • This is also a form of meditation in motion. Do you find sitting in an immobile position, like a monk, difficult for you to get into the zone? Try rebounding. The weightlessness you feel while rebounding relaxes your nerves and makes you feel calm, tapping into the zone from that state is very easy.
  • Rebounding also increases bone density thereby making the whole skeletal system stronger.
  • Lastly, we all know that people who exercise sleep better at night. After rebounding, you’d get the desired amount of sleep you want and your stress level would be kept in check.

Other Benefits of Rebounding

Asides from its proficiency in reducing stress levels, rebounding also has many other benefits. Below are a few.

  • Rebounding helps flush the lymphatic system of toxins.
  • Since it’s an aerobic exercise, rebounding helps increase heart and lung strengths, building endurance.
  • Rebounding improves balance, posture, and spatial awareness.
  • Reduces cellulite. Check the benefits of rebounding to get rid of cellulite here.
  • Rebounding may support pelvic floor health.
  • Rebounding can also be used to build and strengthen muscles. Rebounding generally works the whole body but focuses more on the thigh, glute, legs, abdominal, and core.

What Else Can You Use Rebounder For?

The perk of using a rebounder is that anyone can use it no matter what your fitness level is.

  • A rebounder is a multi-purpose machine that can be used to achieve any fitness goal. Be it weight loss, strength building, or muscle toning, get a rebounder for positive results.
  • You can use rebounder for post-pregnancy stress. The exercise would shoot up the production of endorphins in your brain and would at the same time support your pelvic floor. It would even help you get firmer skin and eliminate the flabbiness left by pregnancy.
  • You can use it if you are just recovering from an injury that is preventing you from engaging in high impact exercise,

Choosing a Rebounder

So, you have decided to get a rebounder but don’t know which one to get or what to look for in a rebounder? Let me give you a few tips about getting a rebounder whether you want to order online or buy it in person.

  • First, you want to check if the rebounder can support your weight. Getting one that can’t support your weight would render the equipment useless and might cause injury during use.
  • The rebounder should have stable and sturdy legs to prevent an accident.
  • You might want to get one with a balance bar if you are new to rebounding or still finding it difficult to regain or maintain balance, maybe due to injury or old age. You don’t necessarily need it though.
  • You should get one that lasts and performs silently.

Many people like to think about their pockets first while getting gym equipment. While it is not wrong to do that, you should know that quality doesn’t come at a cheap price. Yes, you would see cheap rebounders and they would work a short time but they are not really delivering what we need of them.

They are made of cheap materials that are inefficient when it comes to the goal in mind. It is better to invest in quality and get the desired result than spend meagerly and end up disappointed.

If you want my advice, go for the Cellerciser bi-fold rebounder. I use it personally and have no complaints whatsoever. It is built to last a lifetime and you also get a 5-years warranty. Moreover comes with a DVD that shows how to use the rebounder and some techniques you can implement in your workout.

How Long Should You Rebound?

The America College of Sports and Medicine recommends doing 30 – 60 minutes of exercise 5 times a week. You can try to aim for that or more than if you are capable.


However tight your schedule is, I would implore you to get some physical activity as it would prevent a lot of unwanted health conditions and this will save you from a lot in the long run.

Committing to a workout routine is not easy but starting simple is the key and commitment is a matter of mindset. Make a plan, you can even get a friend to join you in your mission to attain physical fitness.

Rebounding comes with a plethora of benefits and relieving stress is one of them. Besides, the rebounder can help you achieve your fitness goal is. Be it weight loss, muscle gain, muscle toning, detoxification, the list is endless. So why not get your rebounder now and start bouncing your way to a healthy life (don’t blame me, I know the pun is a cliché but I couldn’t help myself).

If you have questions or any other contribution, drop them below in the comment section.


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