The joy in people’s eyes when they walk out the door with their bikes is simply beautiful. Have you been wondering why biking is good for you?

Biking or cycling is one of the most rewarding sports that women can participate in, irrespective of age. The activity is relaxing and cheap to get into. Moreover, the combination of nature and the workout you do is excellent for your general well-being. 

Today, I will share everything you need to know about why women should get into cycling. And, if you ask me the reason why I ride my bike, is for the quality of life I earn.

For all of you Congratulations! _You are on the right track to improve your state of mind and your physical health.

Without further ado,


Cycling makes you stronger, boosts your energy and mood, as a result, you become a happier and more optimistic person. Riding your bike rejuvenates the immune system and is also a natural medicine for the heart. Moreover, it is a natural relief for arthritis and comfort for obesity. Guarantees perfect sleep, reduce the risk of breast cancer and improves self-esteem. In addition, it can improve your social life and the opportunity for quality time with the family.

I know how good cycling can be for you, that’s why I am here!. I do not only want to encourage you to bike but to do it with purpose. Riding a bike is an excellent form of exercise and when you do it as a habit you can enjoy a better quality of life.

One the video…, The Amazing Way Bicycles Change You by _Anthony Desnick

To give you a little bit of cycling background,

  • The participation of women in cycling as a sport is on the increase all over the world. More women continue experiencing the vast health and social benefits of cycling.
  • A 2020 poll of 1,000 Americans showed that 50% of Americans plan to ride bikes more often post-pandemic. why? becuase they have experienced the goods.
  • In 2009, research carried out by the National Household Travel Survey showed us women make up 24 percent of the people biking or cycling in the USA. We can improve that numbers.
    • In Germany, it has been recorded that women make up 49 percent of cyclists.
    • The same goes for the Netherlands where more women cycle than men.

The following goodies are the reasons women want to participate in cycling:


We all know lack of physical activity especially in middle-aged adults often results in a risk increase of health issues. But, you don’t want that!, so cycling is an easy way to workout and keeps you active.

When you ride a bike for either stamina or weight loss, you have the flexibility to do it in your own time and intensity. This physical aerobic activity is excellent, convenient, and very effective for your heart and lungs.

If you do not feel strong enough yet for longer rides, a lot of women are also getting electric bikes because of the opportunity to ride greater distances and keep going for longer with less effort.


The feeling of standing with other cyclists in the morning or afternoon at the green light gives you the energy boost you need for the day. Seeing and conversing with friends is a vitamin for the mood. It’s amazing what you can do with the support and camaraderie of your friends.

Riding a bike is an activity you can definitely try to see the results yourself. The experience coupled with the nice smell from trees and flowers, clean air, and captivating sound from pedaling, is an immeasurable feeling you shouldn’t want to miss.

One’s social life is greatly improved when cycling is done with people around. Choosing weekends is sometimes enough to revitalize with friends and families. However, if you want to take it seriously as a sport or form of exercise, you might want to bike with added resistance.


Cycling is an excellent way to build confidence in yourself. It often challenges your strength to climb a hill or ride the extra mile. Many women have developed an adventurous spirit because riding a bike often pushes us to research new bike trails. In addition, once you start seeing how your body is changing it will automatically improve the way you feel about yourself.

As Kate Courtney says (the first American woman to win a world cross-country mountain bike title): “I think at the end of the day, I love riding my bike, I love tracking the progress and trying to be better at it. I think it makes me a better person and helps me grow in a lot of ways”. That’s exactly what cycling can do for your self-esteem.



Riding a bike is also a great green alternative to commute, excellent for picking items at the grocery, getting to work, touring the countryside, and defeating traffic while helping the environment.

We have to take care of our home planet. So, the fewer cars we have on the road, the better it will be for the environment in addition to less crowded/Parking Problems. Cycling also builds a more social city because of how easier it is to view, share and interact with others who do the same thing as you. Riding your bike is indeed not only an excellent hobby but a healthier way to commute.


If you are a mother of one or more kiddos, you could have fantastic and fulfilled days biking regularly with them. You could have plenty of time for chatting, laughing, and get optimistic about the best items life brings. This will aid bonding and build a more social life between you and your children.

Riding a bike is also a normal activity for most children. So, biking with your kids is a good way to help them keep in good shape or lose weight. I personally find it an excellent source to share quality time with family and friends. You could also do the same.


Have you ever heard the slogan BIKE BETTER SLEEP BETTER?. It is usually assumed by people that the exhaustion from cycling alone is the cause of good sleep. This could be possible but there is more to it.

Cycling is one great exercise that contributes to a good night’s sleep. How? The brain regains its power after much composure and eases while biking. It is unequivocal that Insomnia is one health issue faced majorly by people who experience stress regularly. But don’t feel alone, a lot of people are tossing and turning at night because of high levels of stress.


I know the worries about good looks and body shape. In that matter, cycling is also a green light for you. A healthy diet and biking 30 minutes a day can really shape your body and as a result, will make you feel more confident and happier.

Riding a bike IS A GREEN EXERCISE, so it significantly improves positive mood and a general increase in well-being. The fact that it allows you to connect with nature gives you this wonderful experience as well as the opportunity to destress and relax.

So, what do you need to start? Just a comfortable bike and the investment will last you for years!.

In addition, the emotional benefits of cycling embrace your mental health too. 


We all have our own mountain to claim, our own wind to face, our own challenges. I personally have chosen to improve the quality of my life by opting for a more active one. You can also do the same!

Cycling allows you to catch fun or just do something to disconnect from an entirely stressed day. As previously mentioned, biking helps tackle anxiety, it is then crystal clear that cycling is a natural remedy for stress.

In fact, several studies[1,2] link this activity to potentially improve cognitive function as well as decrease anxiety levels and depression symptoms.


Why Biking is Good For You- Why Biking is Good For You- women cycling

Cycling boosts the body with powerful transmitters, chemical compounds targeted by anti-depression medications. So, engaging in regular aerobics like cycling prevents and alleviates anxiety and depression.

Resourceful information also revealed that after some minutes of pedaling, the cortisol levels (stress hormones) in a depressed person drastically declined. Cycling activates the endo-cannabinoid system which gives cyclists the same high feeling a smoker or consumer gets from marijuana.


Have you ever imagined what your heart does when cycling? It’s unequivocal that cycling activity makes the veins and vessels more active to provide an adequate amount of oxygen and nutrients to the heart to help pump more blood to the entire body.

Women tend to be free from all kinds of cardiovascular health problems when they cycle. This is evident in a recent study published in the journal circulation that women who biked or cycled regularly had about 15 percent fewer heart attacks than non-cyclists.

Also, the Physical Inactivity Report from the British Heart Foundation supported the claim that adults, especially women, who undertake at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity a week or two have significantly lowered risks of facing health issues.

How cycling remains beneficial to the heart cannot be over-emphasized as it tends to build physical activity into their lives thus improving the general or overall health, wellness, and fitness of every female gender.

So, if you were wondering how effective riding your bike was to your heart, cycling is on top of the list.


The easy movement of the legs and hips during cycling is a relief for women who suffer from any type of arthritis. Arthritis is a great threat and natural factor faced by many women owning to their generic dispositions and hormones.

A study published in the Journal of Rheumatology found cycling exercise significantly reduces any pain, stiffness, or limitations experienced in your legs. It also enhanced the quality of life of both middle-aged and older adults with Osteoarthritis (OA), especially in women.


Riding a bike it’s a part of the obesity solution. It’s part of the global warming crisis. Cycling limits, the tremendous stress on weight-bearing joints like the knees, hips, and feet.

As you start developing strength in your muscles:

  • Cycling makes it easier for the muscles to be in a balanced position to control body weight.
  • The soft movement of the legs when pedaling helps to lubricate the joints which as a result reduces pain and stiffness.
  • It may improve your balance which is essential to avoid falls and fractures.
  • The movement from cycling also helps preserve the cartilage. This is advantageous especially for women who suffer muscle strain, knee troubles, and back pains.

Lan Yin Tsai, an expert cyclist, prods the essence of the movement in cycling with her popular saying that continuous movement of the body can only make the body not stop – “The body stops moving because you decided to stop moving. Everybody’s system works better when they ride”.


One great exercise that helps to combat illnesses fights off some viruses, and makes the immune system stronger is cycling. A study found out that cycling can help women hold back the effects of aging and rejuvenate the immune system.

The research includes 125 amateur cyclists aged 55 and above in comparison with a wide range of healthy adults who do not exercise regularly. The outcome revealed that the cyclists preserved muscle mass and strength with age.

Also, an organ called Thymus is known for making immune cells shrink from age 20 was defeated after findings showed that the thymuses of older cyclists generate more cells. This means that people especially women who cycle or bike are generally in better overall health and tend to age in a healthier, appealing, and more graceful manner.

This explains the overwhelmingly positive effect cycling provides on the immune system.


Cycling or biking has been perfectly suggested as a way women can increase self-esteem. By increasing this physical activity, which helps keep a perfect body, you also fight against cancer risk. Women who actively engaged in cycling as children and teens may have a lower risk of breast cancer compared to women who participate less.

The 2005 Nurses’ Health study found that breast cancer survivors who exercised as little as three hours per week after diagnosis showed a lower risk of a fatal recurrence than survivors who did not exercise.

Also, another recent study confirmed by oncologists in Journal Cancer found that obese people who survived certain types of cancer were 40 percent more likely to have recurrence without active physical activities.

Owning to the above studies, women should embrace cycling as a way to improve the entire health system. Active movement of the body is the only solution to keeping the body safe to fight whatever can become harmful to the body like stress and cancer thus the reason to cycle.


Riding bikes is about the fun, the adventure, and the stories we have to tell when you get home. If you are a beginner, start with leisure rides and don’t set any unrealistic goals.

Engaging in cycling either alone or as a family can truly make your body healthier and fit. I hope you can experience the same. Don’t forget, _Electric bikes are also a good opportunity, they are really changing the game for older riders.

Now, it is your turn, when was the last time you enjoyed a bike ride? Share your biking experience. And, if you have any questions, please leave us a comment below, we are here to motivate and help you become your best version.

Go out and ride your bike so you can experience the good feeling your body and mind deserve!


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